Dong Qing at the host contest event (Reporter Zu Wei) On the morning of June 6, 2019, the launching ceremony and launching ceremony of the “Central Radio and Television Headquarters 2019 Host Competition” was held at the Beijing Media Center. This is the second time that CCTV has hosted the host contest. Zhang Guofei, director of the CCTV Integrated Channel of the Central Radio and Television General Administration, revealed that the competition will be a new standard for the media integration environment with a combination of talent-oriented control capabilities, news live interactive capabilities, multimedia application capabilities and personalized communication capabilities. The mainstream cultural communication has injected new power. According to reports, this host contest uses the online and offline combination to conduct the preliminary competition. Participants submit the registration form through the network. After review and screening, the passers will be in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing and Changchun. Interview. In addition, the contest also opened an online interview point to achieve full coverage of the media channel, participants through the latest network visual cloud technology to achieve online online interview.

At the event, six mouths recalled their experience at the event. Kang Hui, Hai Xia, Dong Qing, Sa Beining, Chen Weihong, and Nigelati, six presenters as representatives of outstanding hosts, also recalled their own experience. As a news presenter, Kang Hui and Hai Xia said that it is very fortunate to be able to witness the news events affecting the times. Now the media integration provides a broader platform for young people. “It is a bigger school. There are Bole and teachers who can provide opportunities and stage for young people.” Dong Qing uses his experience from local TV to CCTV stage to encourage young people and encourage everyone to take the courage, dreams and wisdom to participate, because “the host can Participate in, witness, and record the era of this great change, and spread the most valuable voice.”

One of the innovations of the host contest was the “professional + public” judging system. In order to ensure the broadness, universality and representativeness of the audience participation, Sabinin and Nigelati displayed the “Thousands Jury” on the spot. Technology. This is a new interactive technology based on artificial intelligence. Through face recognition, netizens form the network “Thousands of Jury” on the show site in the form of virtual audience. This is a new attempt at TV interactive technology and a deep use of artificial intelligence technology in TV programs. A number of multi-pure kindergartens in Luzhai County, Guangxi (hereinafter referred to as kindergartens, which were inclusive public kindergartens before 2014) reflect that the county education bureau will implement a physical reward policy from 2013 to 2017, and will present a batch of teaching aids. Physical distribution into the kindergarten.

Among them, many items are not their necessities, and some have duplicated, “three no”, high-quality products. These items have become “chicken ribs” and have been discarded by kindergartens or bundled up, causing a lot of extravagance. In the past few days, our reporter has investigated this according to the report. Monitoring of repeated installations It is understood that in order to guide local governments to actively support the healthy development of private kindergartens, Guangxi has issued documents on supporting kindergartens since 2012. For one-star and above kindergartens, subsidies of 200 yuan per school year are achieved. The kindergartens of the autonomous region model kindergartens and star kindergarten standards will be given a one-time award. In the interview, the heads of several kindergartens in Luzhai County told the reporter that between 2013 and 2017, Luzhai County implemented the policy of in-kind awards for kindergartens. Among the many items issued, there were many problems, which was heartbreaking.

On June 5, the reporter came to the second kindergarten of Luzhai County, which is a “one-star kindergarten”. Ms. Huang, the director of the park, said that the kindergarten had previously installed monitoring equipment as required by the county education bureau. However, in 2015, the County Education Bureau used more than 80,000 yuan to replenish funds, and added a set to them. Guangxi Luzhai Education Bureau’s physical subsidy policy provokes controversy: equipment is repeatedly installed, quality and price is high. In the urban kindergarten of Luzhai County, two sets of monitoring probes are installed in the same direction, one of which is originally installed in kindergarten and the other is used by County Education Bureau. Supplementary funds installed. And a bilingual kindergarten has encountered the same situation. “We used to have monitoring, and then the Education Bureau re-installed a set of 27 probes.” A bilingual director looked helpless. The monitoring of repeated installations in the kindergartens in the state of Russia also showed “shrinkage”. Because of the lack of monitoring of walkways and activities, these places had to use the old monitoring.

The reporter learned from several kindergartens that in 2015, the Luzhai County Education Bureau re-installed a number of kindergartens for re-installation, many of which were repeated installations, using kindergartens and 2015 awards. The waste formed when it is not applicable is in the interview. The kindergartens reflect that the wastes that are distributed are not a lot of waste. In the playground of the second kindergarten in Luzhai County, there are three large slides. Ms. Huang, the director of the school, said that one of them was allotted by the Education Bureau. In her office, there is still an unopened disinfection cabinet and an air conditioner. Huang said that their kindergarten was originally equipped with a large disinfection cabinet. The small disinfection cabinet dispensed by the Education Bureau is not suitable. The air conditioner is too powerful. It is also not suitable for kindergartens. It can only be piled up in the office together with the disinfection cabinet.

In an office of Luzhai County Town Kindergarten, the county education bureau issued the disinfection cabinet and air conditioner to the kindergarten after the purchase of the prize money. Since there is no place to use it, it has not been opened yet. The reporter of this newspaper, Qin Qin, was photographed in the warehouse of a bilingual kindergarten. The reporter saw the printer and computer that was “sleeping”. “The printers distributed by this county education bureau are always stuck, so I have to ‘retire’.” In addition, due to too many beds being distributed, the kindergarten has nowhere to store, and it has to be placed outdoors and exposed to the sun and rain. Exhausted. In a bilingual kindergarten in Luzhai County, the staff showed the reporter that the computer issued by the county education bureau with the prize money was distributed to the kindergarten computer. Although it is still new, it has been idle for a long time because of the bad work. Reporter of this newspaper, Wang Yuning

Ms. Tang, the former director of the Foreign Languages ​​Kindergarten in Jiangxiang Township, said that the county education bureau distributed them to 24 bookcases in 2013. In the case of no loss, the same cabinet was delivered in 2016, which was very wasteful. There are high quality and low price of the allotment items. Many kindergartens visited by the reporters complained: From 2013 to 2017, the Luzhai County Education Bureau implemented the “in-kind subsidy” policy, although the government bidding procurement was distributed to the kindergarten, but the procurement came. The use of teaching aids, large outdoor slides, books, bookcases, multimedia equipment and other supplies, many of the problems of high quality and low price.

The monitoring of 27 probes in a bilingual kindergarten was installed by the County Education Bureau with a bonus fund of more than 170,000 yuan. Through consultation, the kindergarten found that the monitoring system of the same brand and scale, the market price is about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. The former director of the Oriental Foreign Languages ​​Kindergarten of Jiangxiang Township took the reporter to see four LCD TVs, saying that this was the delivery item they received in 2017. The reporter noticed that the outer packaging of these TVs was nominally “Samsung”, but on the body of the TV, it was the nameplate of “olicai” and there was no factory name.
Guangxi Luzhai Education Bureau’s physical subsidy policy leads to controversy: equipment is repeatedly installed, high quality and low price

In the Russian kindergarten in Luzhai Town, the reporter saw the items of 21,200 yuan distributed to them by the county education bureau in 2017. It is a set of 15,000 yuan portable projectors that have not been unsealed, and more than 6,200 yuan of unknown brands to assemble small toys and small dolls. The person in charge of the park said that they found on the Internet that the projectors of the same brand were quoted at less than 3,000 yuan, and the 10 bags were assembled with small toys. The price in the wholesale market in Liuzhou ranged from 10 to 20 yuan per bag. In the Ozang Kindergarten of Luzhai Town, the staff showed the reporters a portable projector and some toys that were purchased by the County Education Bureau with a prize of 2,1200 yuan. The total price of the toys in the red circle was more than 6000 yuan. Today’s reporter, Qin Qin, photo

According to the supply documents provided by the above kindergartens, the reporter found the Feiyu Home Appliances Shopping Mall in Luzhai County. After comparison, the prices of various types of air conditioners, fans and disinfection cabinets are far from the prices on the “Contract Inspection and Acceptance of Government Procurement Projects” signed by the kindergarten. For example, the modern brand disinfection cabinet, the price on the acceptance form is 3,500 yuan, the price of the shopping mall is 400 yuan; the unit price of the US-mounted air conditioner is 5,000 yuan, and the price of the shopping mall is 2,599 yuan.

4 The release is not allowed to give the list reporters in the interview. It is also known that the price and quantity of the items distributed by the county education bureau are not clear to the kindergarten directors because the delivery person did not leave them with a list of items. Therefore, the goods, specifications, models, after-sales information sent by the merchants, the kindergarten side can not check, can only be “what to send what to receive, are confused.” As for the “Government Procurement Project Contract Acceptance Form” that the reporter saw, it was also the sneak shot of the director when he was in the business delivery in 2017. On this acceptance form, although there are cargo model specifications, standards and configurations (or service contents, standards), only “see the bidding documents”. The directors said that each time the items were dispensed, there was no list, which not only made it difficult to enter the account, but also did not know who to look for after-sales service.

The original Dongxiang Foreign Language Kindergarten in Jiangxiang also suffered from the loss of 8 electronic organ events in 2016, and it was not completed until 2017. There have also been merchants who have mixed water and fish, and want the garden to sign the 40,000 yuan items that have not been actually delivered. Finally, the kindergarten has caught the “current”. The two-level education department responded that on the afternoon of June 5, the Luzhai County Education Bureau responded to the problems discovered by reporters. Liu Jian, deputy director of the Security Office of Luzhai County Education Bureau admitted that when he was the former director of the bureau before the school, between 2013 and 2017, Luzhai County did implement a reward policy in kind in kindergarten. Liu Jian said that because the facilities and equipment of the kindergarten in Luzhai County were not perfect enough, the physical prize was taken. In 2018, it was changed to cash.

Regarding the problem of repeated installation monitoring in kindergartens, Liu said that Luzhai County has used the 2014 and 2015 award-added funds in 2015 according to the regulations of the upper-level documents for the unified installation and monitoring of kindergartens in 2015. Although some kindergartens are already installed, they are not fully covered, so there is no problem of repeated installation. As for the problem that the kindergarten reflects the high price of the item, because it is the government bidding procurement, he does not reply. The kindergarten reflects that there is no delivery list to check and after-sales service problems, Liu Jian said that they may have work omissions.

Regarding the reflection of the “three noes” of the LCD TV system in the kindergarten, the director of the office of the bureau, Huang Haozhen, questioned: Does the kindergarten have evidence to prove that the product is provided by the winning bidder? In the Luzhai County Education Bureau to provide bidding documents for the kindergarten government procurement in the county over the years, the reporter noted that in the list of successful bidders in 2017, there were no air conditioners, fans, disinfection cabinets, etc., and the kindergarten provided the remake of the year. The list of home appliance shopping malls and the county education bureau’s retention checklist contain the above items. Then, how do these items above the market price and have not been tendered by the government are “mixed” into the kindergarten at a high price? In this regard, Liu Jian said that he will report to the media after further investigation.

Regarding the policy of implementing physical subsidies for kindergartens in Luzhai County, the relevant person in charge of the Liuzhou Municipal Education Bureau told the reporter that the relevant documents of the autonomous region did not have a mandatory requirement for the kindergartens to implement the cash awards policy, but the actual conditions of the kindergartens were different. They do not encourage the implementation of the physical reward policy. For the reporter to interview the problems found in the county’s implementation of the physical reward policy, the person in charge said that it was “very serious” and said that the county would understand the situation and make a final conclusion.