Riding a 4000 yuan domestic motorcycle to travel to Tibet? Yes, you are not mistaken, that is, a new car sells 4,000 yuan of domestic motorcycles, and the engine displacement is only 125cc. Are you thinking about: Can such a motorcycle go to Tibet? Next, I will share with you why I will ride a 4000 yuan motorcycle to Tibet and my wonderful experience on the Sichuan-Tibet line. The idea of ​​going to Tibet, I don’t know when I started, I was planted by various travels on the Internet in Tibet, but I have never had time to go. I always want to wait for the money to go again, wait until I have time to go, wait for the marriage. I went with my wife, but this seems to have no money and no time. For a while, I saw more on the online poisoned chicken soup, my brain was hot, I handed over my resignation book, and started to prepare for Tibet, so! Nothing less to see those poisoned chicken soup.

How do you go to Tibet? After a fierce ideological struggle, I finally decided not to take the train or the plane, but to ride a motorcycle. The reason is very simple. I usually like to ride a motorcycle, and I have seen many travel notes of the Mozambique in Tibet. As for why I would choose to ride a 4000 yuan domestic motorcycle to Tibet, the reason is very simple, I only had that motorcycle! It is a Jinlong motorcycle from Rongxin, a 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. This motorcycle was officially launched by the public at that time, so it cost only about 4,000 yuan. It was just used to commute to work. I didn’t intend to use it to run Tibet. The wonderful experience on the road of Mobi traveled with the mentality of the newborn calf not afraid of the tiger. My route starts from Guizhou to Chongqing, then to Chengdu, Sichuan, where I set foot on the Sichuan-Tibet line. In fact, my original plan was to go directly from Zunyi to Ya’an in Sichuan. At that time, I signed up for the test drive of Chongqing Zongshen Motorcycle, so I changed to Chongqing. Then I will not share the other ones. I will share my wonderful experience of riding this motorcycle on the Sichuan-Tibet line.

Experience 1. Motorcycles have altitude sickness, and the first step of the motorcycle rides up the mountain is the altitude sickness. It is not the high-reaction of the people, but the high-reaction of the motorcycle. Maybe many old drivers are watching the previous content. I guess I will encounter high anti-this problem. The first time I discovered that the motorcycle produced altitude sickness, it was in the mountainous area of ​​Kangding, which is about 4,300 meters above sea level. This is also the first mountain on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. Maybe a friend will ask what is the symptom of a motorcycle? I was found in the process of climbing mountains and mountains. The more I climbed up, the more powerless the motorcycle was, especially the motorcycle with ultra-small displacement. At the beginning, I can ride around 4th gear, and I can only switch back and forth between 2nd and 3rd gears. I have to go to a 1st gear to upgrade the speed of the super car, which is super-fashioned. Can’t understand.

More exaggerated is the one who met me in Dongda Mountain. He could only push the motorcycle up. His motorcycle is not bad. It is an imported Honda motorcycle that sells for nearly 40,000 yuan – CB125T, commonly known as “Honda King”, a two-cylinder air-cooled engine, but the displacement is only 125cc.
Riding a 4000 yuan domestic motorcycle to travel to Tibet? Sharing the wonderful experience on the road on the road, you may have discovered that this is a motorcycle 20 years ago. According to the information, the CB125T is a motorcycle developed by Honda in 1978 based on CB125. This one of Moyou’s watches is a modified model released by Honda in Japan in 1991. The new model released in 1993 is not the one.

When I rode Dongdashan, I saw him pushing the motorcycle up and down. I stopped to understand the situation. It turned out that the motorcycle produced an altitude sickness, not only did not have the power, but also could not catch fire. I think he can’t even remove the air filter. An imported motorcycle of nearly 40,000 yuan, pay attention to this is the price 20 years ago (can buy a house in the county), it is so serious, it is very strange. This car has such a serious high reversal, mainly because the double-cylinder 125, which was originally low-twisted, is not a strong product. It was a product of 20 years ago. Although Honda’s technology is very good, it was not designed at the beginning of the plateau. Car! Therefore, it is not surprising that such a situation occurs at high altitudes along the Sichuan-Tibet line. However, I am thinking about how such a car 20 years ago, how to escape the traffic police uncle, and also rode to Tibet.

Why do motorcycles have altitude sickness? In fact, most of the fuel vehicles go to high altitudes, and altitude sickness occurs, but the effects of different displacement vehicles are different. This is mainly because the engine of our vehicle relies on oxygen to fully burn to provide sufficient power. At high altitudes, the oxygen content in the air is low. At this time, the engine will be deficient in oxygen and cannot be fully burned, which will lead to a decrease in vehicle power. This is actually a normal phenomenon. For the high-reverse, I learned about it before I went there. I also decided to find a famous maintenance technician (Deng Shi) on the Sichuan-Tibet line to adjust the carburetor. I did not expect it to be affected. Therefore, remind the little friends, try not to ride a 125cc motorcycle to Tibet, or you will feel the same feelings as me. Can climb up, but a bit slow.

Insert more words here, whether we are driving by car or traveling, we must legally take the road, bring a driver’s license, driving license and ID card. In addition, some gas stations in Tibet must register these three certificates in order to give motorcycles. The car is refueling. After the 2nd and 6th years, the old man rode a motorcycle to Tibet and cried in the scissors bay. The famous Buzhu Sanxiu Inn on the Sichuan-Tibet line was at the foot of the Shewan Bay Mountain. I lived in this inn, Buzhu Inn. Mainly known for the beautiful three sisters, many friends who ride across the Sichuan-Tibet line know. Shearing Bay Mountain is not far from the Buzhu Inn. It is a good place to watch the sunrise (Rizhao Jinshan), but unfortunately I am late. When I arrived at the Scissors, I saw a 6-year-old man who was having a video call with his daughter. The old man was very excited. He kept saying: It’s beautiful, very shocking, very spectacular, I never watched. In such a rare scenery, for decades, I finally did it, and finally realized it…

When the old man said something, he cried. He didn’t cry because he was sad, but he was happy, and he cried so much. The excitement may be difficult for ordinary people to understand. The old man wiped the tears in his eyes and continued to share the highland scenery here with his daughter. “Look at the road below, there are many beautiful turning backs, you see the mountains in the distance, there are clouds above…”, The daughter on the other side of the video is constantly encouraging him, and he must pay attention to safety along the way. Seeing this scene, people feel so warm and moving. The happiness of an old man is not necessarily to live in a big house, to take a luxury car, to take them to do what they want to do, to see the scenery they want to see, I think that spiritual happiness should be better.

Later, I found out that the old man was riding a motorcycle, and not only him, but also five or six old people who were almost as big as him. One person rode an ordinary motorcycle and formed a team. This surprised me a bit. At this age, I am still chasing my dreams and I have to admire them. Seeing here, young people, what reason do you have to lazy? Of course, our young people’s dreams can’t be limited to poetry and distance, but also have a career that allows you to realize the freedom of money, so that you and your family can live a poetic and distant life. Due to limited space, this “ride a 4000 yuan domestic motorcycle to travel to Tibet? Sharing the wonderful experience of the Mozambique Sichuan-Tibet line will be shared here for a while, this is just a small part of my experience in the Sichuan-Tibet line, and I will share more travel experiences with my friends later! What kind of way would you choose to travel to Tibet? Welcome to leave a message!

I am Guo Xiaolai, a little guy who likes to travel and photography. I share the stories of the journey and the invisible niche scenery with you. Follow me! I will bring your eyes to travel. “12-year-old Li Yi is a child of a single-parent family, and her mother is working outside. Li Yi is taken care of by her grandparents.” “Yu Mei told reporters that the four girls who fell into the water and her classmates were together. They were going to go together after lunch. Playing with water by the river, she was stopped by her uncle and father in the middle of the road, and returned home.” “Three dolls, you are holding me, I am catching you, the moment the children come out of the water, my tears slammed out and rolled out.” Lao Wan said that this scene made him too sad.

On June 8, Sichuan Province Yibin City Public Security Bureau Lingang Economic and Technological Development Branch issued a briefing: At 21:25 on June 7, 2019, the Shigu police station received a report from the masses that their children had not gone home in the afternoon. Three or four children’s shoes and clothes were found in the small stone name “Shibaoyu” in Shigu Township, Huangsha River, which was suspected of drowning. In the Shibaoyu section of the Huangsha River, the red area was the accident waters. The Shigu Township Party Committee Government and the public security police searched and rescued. Four students were no longer entitled to life when they were salvaged. After verification, all four students were students of the sixth grade of Shigu Township. At 15:30 on June 7th, four people went to the Huangsha River in the small name “Shibaoyu” to play in the water and accidentally drowned.

The reporter visited: The water depth of the incident and the back of the Huangsha River is a crooked small river. After flowing through Yibin Cuiping and Nanxi towns, it flows into the Yangtze River at the Quxikou of Shigang Township. The stone baggage was located in a calm waters of the Huangsha River, so calm that people could not see where the water was flowing. At about 11:40 on June 8th, when the Red Star reporter rushed to the scene, the victims had been salvaged for more than 10 hours. On the roadside of Shibaotun section of Laoyi (Bin) South (Xi) Highway, the local villagers are still looking at the Huangsha River outside the bamboo forest, and the expression is dignified. The police pulled up a warning line at the location where the students got off the water to prevent the crowd from entering the danger zone.

Opposite the bow is the red water news site of the children’s launch. The incident was covered by dense bamboo forests. The stone-clad and highway roads are separated by a height of ten meters. They are very quiet and difficult to be discovered. The place where the students get into the water is a slope. In addition to the narrow yellow water, the underwater yellow mud is visible. The deeper the water is, the more the water becomes blue, and the bottom is not deep. On the shore, a kitten left by the students was trembled and hiding in the cardboard box, but unfortunately it could never see his little master. Two bricks were hung on a green bamboo raft, which was a tool used by rescuers to salvage students who fell into the water. Wan Chuanqing, an old fisherman familiar with the water-based Huangsha River, told reporters that the calm Huangsha River Shibaoyu section can reach a depth of seven or eight meters.

Parents stopped a girl from escaping from the introduction of the villagers. The four girls who died unfortunately were all students of the sixth grade of Shigu Primary School. They were Wang Mouzhu, Li Jia, Li Yi and Cao, respectively. Xiangguishan, Daping and Xinxing Village people. If it is not a sudden accident, they will soon graduate from elementary school and enter junior high school. At 15:00 on the day of the incident, Wang Xiaoming (a pseudonym), a fourth-grade male student of Shigu Primary School, met five sixth-grade girls, including Li Jia. “They have rode a battery car and brought a carton. There is a yellow and white kitten in the carton.” Wang Xiaoming said that Li Jia proposed to give him the kitten, but he refused, and then five girls. Go in the direction of the river.

On the shore of the waters, the fishing tools and the kittens of the victims “on the road, Yu Mei (a pseudonym) was discovered by her uncle, and she was not allowed to go and took her home.” Wang Xiaoming remembers. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the 8th, 12-year-old Yu Mei stood alone at the door of her own house, her expression was tense and lost. Yu Mei told reporters that the four girls who fell into the water and her classmates were the same classmates. After lunch, the five of them were going to go to the river to play with the water. She was stopped by her uncle and father and returned home.

Yu Mei said that four of the five of them could not swim. The classmate Cao said that she would swim, but she never saw her swim. Yu Mei told reporters that this is not the first time the girls have gone to the river. She has been at least once with a few classmates. Yu Mei said that she went there that time, neither stepping on the water nor swimming, but they found that there was a bamboo raft at the riverside, and the girls climbed the bamboo poles and the kittens of the martyr were still on the shore. The four girls who fell into the water all died and there were no witnesses, so no one could tell what they were all about. “The reason for falling water can only be speculated.” Wan Chuanqing said.

The rescue of the old fishermen On the spot, Yu Mei said that she got the news at 8 o’clock in the evening. At that time, four parents were looking for children. Yu Mei knew that her classmates did not return home. The death of Li Yi and Yu Mei is a neighbor. Yu Mei’s family is behind Li Yi’s family. The locals call it “the hurdles” and the two are both classmates and small. After the students were killed, Yu Mei was frightened. His father said, “The child is so scared that he can’t sleep that night.”

Li Yi, 12, is a child of a single-parent family. Her mother is working outside, and Li Yi is taken care of by her grandparents. Li Yi’s seven grandmother’s house is separated from Li Yi’s house by a wall. Li Yi’s daily exit is from the house of Ms. On the day of the incident, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. Ms. Yu remembered that Li Yi and her grandmother bought the food in the morning. At 11 o’clock, Li Yi began to make lunch. “After eating, the door is about three o’clock in the afternoon.” Ms. Yu said: Li Yi will not swim.