The “beautiful” thing was displayed to the camera by the Huanong brothers, and the next fate was basically eaten. Most of them are bamboo rats, and they may also be mountain fruits, vegetables, chicken and duck fish. Although the Huanong brothers are more willing to admit that their identity is a bamboo rat farmer, they have scored 2.46 million and 3.038 million fans respectively in the watermelon video and station B, making them become the “net red” in the modern sense.

Similarly, there is also the chef Wang Gang who is also in the watermelon video and the B station, as well as the handcuffs on the fast hand and so on. Wang Gang’s video background is single, as if he always cooks in a restaurant. He often reports the name of the dish straightforwardly, and the process of cooking the ingredients is quickly presented. The dry goods are called the earthy hard core cooking. Let him sit on more than two million fans. The handcuffs on the fast hand created something that seemed useless in the village—for example, using a screw cap to make a slingshot and a kitchen knife into a comb—and attracted 3.19 million fans.

These rural net reds find coordinates on different platforms. In essence, they show another cross-section of rural life, which has an impact on the people in different living circles, so that the other party can obtain a scarce perception. On the other hand, their own lives have changed. Almost after the short video wave in 2016, they gradually changed from ordinary migrant workers to those who returned to their hometowns. Through the lens, they collected revenues from major platforms and even further developed channels for e-commerce.

Liu Suliang in the flow lens has a natural sense of simplicity. He was the one who appeared in the Huanong brothers’ group. He began to record when he was looking for his daily clothes. Sometimes he was even covered with dirt jeans and big slippers. Hu Yueqing, the younger photographer in the group, looks calm and steady. He holds Liu Zuliang with a tripod and a camera. He is free to play and rarely speaks.

There are many tacit understandings between the two. They are the hometown of Gujiaying Village in Zhangzhou, Jiangxi. Liu Suliang wants to sell bamboo rats, and Hu Yueqing is exploring the media business. The scenes in the video are basically within the three-kilometer range of the abandoned pig farms they rented from the same villagers and the center of the circle. Thousands of bamboo rats live in the brick-and-mortar room in between, and more than 300 square meters of space is separated by hundreds of square squares from the board. As soon as they go to the bamboo rice, it is like a thousand saws running back and forth. factory.

Liu Suliang opened the door lock, patrolled the bamboo rat field, and picked up the bamboo rat that could be eaten. It was a plot often found in the video. The next scene is often the riverside, where the bamboo rat is lying on the barbecue net, sprinkled with pepper, and so on. Growing too ugly, eating too much, heatstroke, bad stomach, will be the “death cause” of bamboo rats. The barrage of station B constantly rushed out, drowning the screen, “unlocking the new cause of death”, “forcibly passing away” and “the devil’s smile” – Liu Suliang’s smile on the bamboo rat that was slaughtered was the most joyful moment for netizens. They laughed by “Huaonong. It’s hard to imagine life and death.

In fact, the earliest filming of Hu Yueqing was only about his childhood fun, and most of them were fishing in the river to catch fish. At that time, he did not know Liu Suliang, and his appearance was his junior high school classmate Tan Haiyang. He first saw someone taking a country video on the headlines today. I thought it was very interesting. I thought I could shoot it myself, so I registered the headline watermelon video account in April 2017.

At that time, short videos have entered the white-hot stage. As early as 2013, the short video platform was initially formed. The mobile video technology service provider that cooperated with Sina launched the product “second shot”, and the star boosted the original user volume. Then, Tencent also created a short video application “microvision.” In contrast, the fast hand is a staged breakthrough, directly sinking the user base to the countryside, grassroots, spoof, and earthy taste become the positioning of capturing similar groups.

Two months after Hu Yueqing released the video, he also continued to receive bonuses – 10,000 traffic can get twenty dollars. At the most, they earned more than 10,000 yuan a month and deducted 20% of the tax. He and Tan Haiyang once had thousands of people. The increase in powder and income allowed him to see the space that could be sustained. However, less than half a year, Tan Haiyang forced the family to work again under the pressure of his family. After this, Hu Yueqing discovered Liu Suliang, who was breeding bamboo rats in the same village, and found a new core theme—the later bamboo rat.

On August 23 last year, Hu Yueqing opened up the platform and began to operate the “Hua Nong Brothers” account of Station B. Mainly the voice of the fans, they summed up the Huanong brothers “100 reasons to eat bamboo rats”, want to see more about the bamboo rat. On that day, Liu Suliang bakes a bamboo rat injured in a fight and videos hundreds of hits. After that, the fans grew rapidly, breaking through 20,000 on the first day. In September, they grew by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands every day, and soon broke through a million. From the zero fans to the present more than 2 million concerns, basically determined in the same period of the year.

Also in 2017, Wang Gang was in a restaurant in Zhuhai, Guangdong. He took a break at noon and watched his quick hands with his colleagues. He brushed the video of “Calling the Brothers” while cooking and shouting out the process. He immediately brags the boss. Say that you can do better than others. On the same day, the boss helped him to record a video of cutting the eggplant and sent it to the watermelon video. The recommended amount reached more than 200,000, and the reading volume was more than 10,000. Wang Gang felt a sense of accomplishment in an instant, and managed the account and gradually expanded to B. station.

In October last year, Wang Gang appeared on the farm of the Huanong Brothers. He showed the surprise of seeing the bamboo rat for the first time. The Huanong brothers baked a bamboo rat to entertain him. In the second month, in Wang Gang’s video, he picked up a “heart-wrenching” bamboo rat in front of the camera and showed a Sichuan cuisine version of the “wide oil bamboo rat”. The number of views became the first place in the whole station.

This meeting was made by the watermelon video. In September 2018, Watermelon Video signed Wang Gang and Huanong Brothers respectively, assigned a broker in Beijing, arranged activities, arranged advertising and publicity. I found a lot of platforms, and they all chose to sign the first one. In the words of Huanong Brothers, there is a platform to avoid the risks they do not know, and “If there are no media reporters, we will be buried by the Internet twice.” What specific visibility is raised, they can’t say it, and they don’t understand it.

4K pixels, although the two positions do not know much about technology, they have noticed the texture and position of the video. The picture should be clear, with 4K pixels, there must be different positions. It looks a bit professional, but it is not difficult. Wang Gang’s grasp of the position is that there must be two perspectives, just like when he is an apprentice, ask other masters, one is the perspective he sees, and the other is the perspective of the master. At first, he only used the mobile phone to record the video of his own cooking with the help of the boss and his colleagues. He edited it slightly and uploaded it. In order to apply for the chef in other hotels in the future, you don’t need to try the food frequently, you can directly give the other party. Watch the video.

He updated a video in about three days and didn’t expect the number of hits to keep rising. Under the influence of this effect, he became interested. After thinking about doing business, he spent a month’s salary to buy a Sony camera. It was probably more than 20 days after he recorded the video. Not long after, I also added a micro-single of nearly 5,000 yuan for shooting two seats, and self-study for ten days of editing.

He will go to see the video on the fast hand and today’s headline until he finds his position. Today, Wang Gang believes that the current success is attributed to his simplification of the complicated cooking process, and also because of his unique understanding of the dishes under the years of cooking.

Hu Yueqing also spent more than ten thousand for the high-definition effect of the video. He bought Sony DV, two SLRs, three cameras, and two drones. From the original one shot, Hu Yueqing slowly began to think of taking close-up shots and taking pictures of some animals. For Liu Suliang’s play, the basic one has been, and the real effect is to be achieved. Liu Suliang likes to interact with animals. For example, when grabbing a pig to weigh, he just talks as usual. “Hello, come and call you, see if you can make a few pounds of roast suckling pigs.” “Don’t call it so badly.” Your mom is coming to bite me…”

Going up the mountain to climb the tree and shake the bamboo fruit, Liu Suliang will hand it to you in front of you to taste, “very beautiful this”, his mouth is such an adjective. Netizens have summed up that Liu Suliang’s mouth is very beautiful and will always be eaten. Liu Suliang did not realize that “we describe things here as beautiful”, this is his natural and true expression.

Hu Yueqing realized that Liu Suliang had a sense of humor. This kind of humor is not reflected in the life they are used to, but in the perception of students who are far from their city and far away from their age. The young fans felt that Liu Suliang looked at the bamboo rat, and the smile on his face was a kind of joy and simplicity, which was ridiculous and not vulgar. Hu Yueqing let him play naturally, and the flow really kept.

They will go to see the netizen’s barrage. The netizens gave the animals a name and they used it. No one has taught them, they naturally interact. They took a video in a day or two, Hu Yueqing used the night time to edit, and the 5-minute film usually took four or five hours.

The people who get angry are getting more and more diverse. The flow of millions of people is not the focus of the whole people, but they can live alone and earn their own money. The Huanong brothers did not want to disclose how much they earned. I was afraid that the rural youth would think too much about making a video. But at this stage, the days are beyond their previous plans.

Back to the village youth, they did not differ from the second generation of migrant workers who went to work in the city. They dropped out of school, left their villages, and went to the coast to become the most tired labor. Running head is, one month to work hard, get four or five thousand yuan will be very happy, and then vaguely look into the future, telling yourself that life will slowly get better. To say that there are so many different places, that is, they have the expectation of returning home, and how many skilled and unique crafts, and inadvertently can be combined with the short video form.

But this is not a high proportion among Chinese farmers. Abandoning part-time work requires cost and courage to face failure. In 2013, when Liu Suliang returned home from Dongguan, he bought 42 bamboo rat seedlings in the farms in Guangdong – that is, the newborn cubs, which cost more than 7,000 yuan. He kept them in his old house. When it rained, he didn’t pay attention. The water that came in came up, and the bamboo rat was soaked in it for a long time, and he died a lot.

After four years, I started to build a wholesale business by raising a thousand in 2017. When Hu Yueqing returned to his hometown, he collected more than 100,000 yuan to plant the Dendrobium Dendrobium, waiting for two years to mature, and sold it as a medicinal material. But the price of this thing has risen and fallen too fast, it is not easy to do, and it has been put there. Nowadays, the young people in the village know that they are making money at home to make some money, but no one is willing to give up the work outside and do the same. Because the risks are not affordable, the income from working is meager but at least fixed, and there is no need to bear the ridicule of the folks in the village.

Returning to the countryside at a young age is not accepted by the modern village. It is the default way to leave the village to make money. When Hu Yueqing and his original partner Tan Haiyang uploaded the first video, they were not optimistic about the surrounding. The family and villagers were very negative. When Tan Haihai returned to the village, he had not yet married. His father said that he was idle and he quarreled with him every day. He persisted for half a year and went out to work.

Wang Gang returned from Zhuhai to his hometown of Fushun County, Zigong, Sichuan. He rented a storefront as a studio next to the vegetable market, specializing in video of cooking. In the neighborhood opposite the store, he rented a private room for editing. The short video traffic successfully brought up the sales of Taobao shop. He started a studio, hired an assistant and camera to help, and Taobao shop gave it to the brother who learned the trade. When the monthly sales volume is good, there are hundreds of thousands of yuan. The e-commerce revenue and the platform’s traffic share have become Wang Gang’s stable income sources. The debts owed to marriage and home purchases are basically on the rise. The recent plan is to open another restaurant and focus on the industry.

Last year’s National Day, the Huanong Brothers’ bamboo rat field came one after another with more than a hundred fans, as well as driving a RV and bringing children. The child is a user of station B. It is very happy to see the Huanong brothers. To see the bamboo rat, take a photo with Huanong. 80% of Gujiaying Village is a mountain, and the village groups are far apart. Because of the road repair, there is no shuttle bus now, and entering and leaving the village is a ride in the neighborhood. The village group where Hu Yueqing’s old family is located, because the road was not repaired, the inconvenience was inconvenient, and the materials for building the house were difficult to transport. Everyone moved away. There are many empty houses. An old village group at the entrance of the village was originally a small mining area. The mine was hollowed out and people were gone.

Although compared to urban life, Huanong brothers still like the landscape of their hometown, but the children’s education problems still have to be settled in the county. The price of the county town is four or five thousand. Buying a good house is their next plan. They also want to focus on making money in the industry of bamboo rat breeding and sales.

The short video brought them online orders, but they could not process the sale because they did not obtain the national quarantine certificate. But not slaughtering production, live delivery is also a problem. They feel that the heat of short videos will pass sooner or later, netizens are never long-lasting people, and may soon be no longer interested in the content they upload.

After experiencing the identity transition from migrant workers to “stars”, rural net reds also understand that they will eventually face the inevitable fall from high places. However, when the thrill of the audience and the loss of benefits, how do they face themselves again, this is something that no one has ever experienced.