Before the person “toned” People after the “urinary” 28-year-old Nanjing youth Xu Fei worked in the cultural media industry, the latest installment has opened less than a year of domestic cars “upgraded” into more than 300,000 yuan Audi. Behind the wind is the six-figure arrears on the credit card. After the “squat” from the parents to change the first car, Xu Fei’s monthly salary of less than 7,000 yuan, to eliminate the cost of wearing and wearing, only supporting the minimum monthly repayment amount, are all stretched. “Well, it is also a cultural person. If you break the car, you have to change it. If you open it, you will lose more!” Wang Ling, who was in the middle of the year, came from a small town in northern Jiangsu and worked in a foreign trade company in Suzhou with a monthly salary of nearly 6,000 yuan. In order to be tasteful in front of outsiders, she and her colleagues often enjoy a $70-70 business package at a Japanese restaurant near the company, and a cup of Starbucks coffee or a hand-made cake in the afternoon. Calculated, only lunch and afternoon tea on weekdays will cost more than 100 yuan. “The rent of 2,500 yuan, plus daily necessities, friends gatherings, gifts, etc., can not make ends meet.” Wang Ling said, the East Wall to repair the Western Wall, the current arrears of more than 70,000 yuan.

“I don’t care too much, because the feeling of money loss is not so strong because of swiping the card. Besides, finding the best angle to send a circle of friends can completely offset the pain of spending money.” Crossing the “elegant style” of social media, the mess of real life Forcing in front of you. The network allegory short film “False You” shows the huge contrast between “you on in” and “you in reality”: you wear a riding helmet on the ins, just like an outdoor sports enthusiast, Really you drive the car, see the outdoor scenery, rush to take out the helmet; – ins on the neat work station, keyboard, cup, binding machine … and the real scene is often placed next to the keyboard with half of the apple, eat Unsold take-away box, messy pen holder; – Ins on the harmonious joy of 4 people dinner, and the fact is that you just squatted to play mobile phones, told the waiter to help take a photo, turn around and immerse themselves in the phone… …

This situation is everywhere. A male netizen said that when she graduated, she helped her female classmates to move things. When she saw the real side of the female dormitory, she was a little shocked. Zhou Jie, a girl who works in a city in southern Jiangsu, almost all of her friends are dressed in white fluttering “Little Fairies”. From time to time, she still has to show her pioneering drama and grass music festival. When the reporter walked into the cottage she rented, she found that in a single apartment of more than 30 square meters, dirty clothes and dirty shoes were scattered. Her daily diet was carbonated drinks and instant noodles.

“Establishing the exquisite ‘personal’, how can the income of 5,000 yuan per month be enough, and it can only be ‘thorough’ after the ‘urine’,” she said. “Face” is above the “friends” in the circle of friends, and the years are quiet, but the reality is a mess. Why are more and more young people wearing a gorgeous coat of “fake exquisiteness”? The “exquisite camouflage” seems absurd, exposing the emptiness of human nature and the floating of social atmosphere. According to the 360 ​​Consumer Survey, China’s post-90s accounted for 49.31% of the borrowing market, ranking first among Asian peers. And 28.57% of them use consumer loans to repay other loans.

The data reveals the reality of the fact that some of the young people’s “face” is above the “ticket”. A senior criminal police told reporters that a strange phenomenon has been discovered in many recent “campus loan” cases: many “campus loan” victims, especially girls, often want to buy an iPad or do one Micro plastic surgery, and deeper and deeper in the “campus loan.” “In them, the iPad is a symbol of exquisite life and a capital that is displayed in front of the public.” Moreover, in the minds of many young people today, disunity means that they are not easy to get along with, they are equivalent to heterogeneous, and some people fall into a kind of In the symptoms of “pretending to be gregarious”, and paying for “pseudo-group”.

“Seeing colleagues are so exquisite, if I don’t pretend to mark it, I will probably be excluded from the circle.” Zhou Chao, who came to work in Suzhou from Henan, is 26 years old. He said that many of his colleagues are locals and families. The conditions are excellent, if you do not try to decorate yourself, it is easy to be squeezed out and left out. A netizen also said that the gap between people in the city is too large, and the most direct reflection is income. “Can’t accept the pressure of peers to be richer than themselves, what can we do besides ‘false exquisiteness’?”

Chen, a professor of psychology at East China Normal University and secretary general of the Basic Education Committee of the Shanghai Psychological Association, defaulted that “fake exquisiteness” is also related to the inner loneliness of this generation of young people. “The younger generation, especially after the 90s, many are only children, they came to the world with a sense of loneliness.” Chen Mo said, therefore this group is more willing to be willful to satisfy their inner feelings. Exquisiteness can’t rely on high consumption to realize life. It is not a bad thing to have a sense of ritual. However, in order to unrealistic “fake exquisiteness”, it is not worth the loss to make yourself squandered and even fall into “invisible poverty.”

A psychologist said that there must be new value judgments that change the material’s important point of view than quality. “Materials are only temporary, and quality is always with a lifetime. We don’t have to swollen face for a temporary vanity.” At the same time, objectively evaluate yourself, correctly understand your ability and level, don’t encourage you, premature consumption Something beyond ability.

It is especially valuable to be true to yourself. An observer said: “Before pursuing exquisiteness, young people can ask themselves if they have such ability, and then evaluate what it is to pursue this kind of exquisiteness. Reasonable treatment of every penny. It is the real beginning to give up some ‘looking beautiful’ consumption.” In fact, there is never a contradiction between truth and exquisiteness.

Li Yinhe, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said that exquisite life is first of all sober, not ignorant, that is, that it is self-existing; secondly, it is peaceful, not uneasy; once again, joy, not pain. . Therefore, exquisiteness cannot be achieved by relying on high consumption, but by realizing its own existence and value, it is a life attitude that is strict and unwilling.

The writer Lin Huiyin had lived a life of volatility and lived in a remote and simple room. However, she insisted on going to the thrift store to find old furniture and old books, and made a simple bookshelf; laying a little cloth on the wooden bench. Insert a lot of wildflowers into the earthen jars… Young people must strive to create a real and refined life for the future. At this stage, wearing a flat white shirt and canvas shoes, each day with a smile, is also romantic and refined. Why do we have to work hard? Because the things we want are very expensive, the places we want to go are very far away, the people who want to love are very good… look up at the stars and be down to earth. On the same day, at the meeting of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors and related seminars, the parties discussed the issues of financial crime investigation, capital liberalization rules, financial technology innovation, the security system of the aging society and financial support. .

In the latest World Economic Outlook report released by the World Bank, the global economic growth rate in 2019 and 2020 will be lowered to 2.6% and 2.7% respectively, and the global economy is facing significant downside risks and is vulnerable to trade tensions and The impact of financial turmoil. In the meeting of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, the call for strengthening cooperation to eliminate obstacles to economic growth and alleviating trade tensions has also received much attention.

Japanese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso: The current world economic situation requires the joint efforts of all countries and the need for mutual coordination. At the meeting, the participating parties reached a consensus on strengthening international exchanges and cooperation. As the venue of the conference, Fukuoka, Japan is also looking forward to meeting this new conference with a more open attitude.

Head of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Director of the Fukuoka City General Affairs Planning Bureau Li Shizhen: We hope to strengthen cooperation with China and other countries through this meeting. I believe that through practical cultural and economic exchanges, strengthen cooperation. Very important. Located in the South Fourth Ring of Beijing, the Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market is a 24-hour sleepless place. Here, more than 60,000 people inflow every day, about 7,600 adult elephants (38,000 tons) of fruits and vegetables are transported, and then dispersed to Beijing and even the three provinces.

At 3 o’clock on the morning of June 5, dark red medium-sized trucks carrying Lic, Yu, Lu and other license plates, Beijing white minivans and tricycles passed through the checkpoints of the newly-issued wholesale market and entered various trading markets. In the open space of the trading market, dealers with different accents introduce the latest agricultural and sideline products prices to buyers from retail stores, supermarkets and schools. The horn sound, the roar of the engine, and the crowd humming sounds were mixed together. Dealers and buyers are always very fast – the buyer comes with the purpose, inquiry, weighing, payment, handling on the train, the dealer price, even if the buyer says not to cut the price, choose another Buying, will not go to stay. It can be completed in one transaction within ten minutes.

Here, you can learn about the price of vegetables and fruits from all over the country. At the same time, it also supplies more than 70% of vegetables and more than 80% of fruits in Beijing. The price of fruits and vegetables in Beijing is also spread from here. Chen Qing, who sells at an Apple Wholesale Company in Xinfa, recalls the economic observation that the current price of apples is the highest in the past five years. The cheapest wholesale price of apples has reached more than 7 yuan per kilogram. 11 yuan / kg or so, compared to the same period last year, about doubled. According to the monitoring data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the price increase of fresh fruit in the first four months of 2019 has been continuously rising, reaching 11.9% in April.

Located in Beijing’s East Second Ring Road, a chain of imported supermarkets, Ni Ni, the price of Shandong boutique red Fuji Apple has been forced to import apples, reaching 16.9 yuan / kg. A staff member told reporters that since the beginning of this year, the price of red apples imported from the United States has basically stabilized at around 20 yuan / kg, while the domestic apples have been rising with the market, and now the wholesale price of good quality apples has reached 12 Yuan / kg. Time is back to 2014. Shao Gang, founder of Shandong Nancun Orchard Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., told the Economic Observer that in the second half of 2014, Apple’s price also experienced a rise of more than 40%, and the purchase price of high-end apples reached 8 yuan/kg.

Then, in 2015, the price of the apple market ushered in a round of plunge. “The apple industry is bleak, and the price of Apple has even fallen below 1 yuan/kg, and a group of dealers have lost money to die.” As an Apple purchaser, fruit grower and downstream retailer connecting Apple’s sales chain upstream, Chen Qing said that Apple’s final retail price has been increased through layers, and any problem in the chain may cause fluctuations in the price of end consumers. Will the big rise and fall of the Apple industry come back in 2014? What is the hidden relationship behind this round of fruit prices? What will happen to the future price trend? In the past few days, the Economic Observer has started a field visit to try to find an answer.

After the apples picked up by the capital in the fall, most of them will enter the cold storage room of the farmers or the purchasers, and the longest stay will last for one year to guarantee the supply of apples in different seasons. Shao Gang introduced that under normal circumstances, the high-end apple planting cost of fruit farmers is 1.5 yuan – 2 yuan / kg, the purchase price is about 5 yuan / kg, the fruit farmers’ profits are 2-3 yuan / kg, and an acre earns more than 20,000 yuan. But now the purchase price is 7.5-8 yuan / kg, taking into account the company’s 2.5 yuan / kg storage, transportation and other costs plus profits, the wholesale price will be 11 yuan / kg.

Why is the purchase price rising this year? Shao Gang said that mainly because of the weather last year, Apple’s output was low, and Apple’s demand has been very stable. Under the supply and demand relationship, the market price naturally rose. According to statistics from the China Fruit Circulation Association, the national apple production in 2018 is expected to be around 32 million tons, which is more than 10 million tons less than that in 2017.

Shao Gang also introduced that in recent years, it cannot be ignored that the fluctuation of Apple’s purchase price is also affected by capital. Previously, high-end apple producing areas took more than ten years to develop, and traditional buyers basically had stable apple farmers. But with the emergence of new sales models, such as some fresh retailers in order to grab high-end Apple supply, the high-end Apple’s purchase price step by step.

Recalling that in 2014, Shao Gang said: “At that time, every time we went to a place, the price of high-end apples per kilogram was five, and the fresh retailer had six. We had six, and they had seven. Finally, Shandong’s high-end Apple purchase price was raised to 8 yuan / kg, the price rose and then transmitted to the country. Fruit farmers have limited access to market information, can only blindly follow the trend, expectations and then look high, the general appearance of the apple originally 3 yuan / kg Can be shot, see the high-end fruit sold to 8 yuan / kg, but also began to reluctantly sell, want to wait for the price to go higher and then sell.”

Shao Gang told the Economic Observer that 2014 was a bumper year, but because of the sudden increase in the cost of acquisitions, exporters could not sell them, and they were reluctant to buy stocks from fruit farmers. By the spring of 2015, when farmers were not selling, they began to worry, and they continued to reduce the price. Apple prices began to decline in avalanche, and the final purchase price even fell to less than 1 yuan/kg. “Now is the era of traditional dealers and fresh e-commerce, capital speculation, we live very difficult.” Shao Gang said that if Apple’s high yield this year, the 2014 Apple industry tragedy may repeat itself.

Wholesale profit of 2 hair / kg “Apple wholesale price is 2 yuan / kg or 10 yuan / kg, our wholesalers per kg of apple profits are about two hair. Wholesale industry to earn money mainly depends on the amount, earn a hard Money. Now the general price of apples is about 9 yuan / kg,” Chen Qing told the Economic Observer. In the new district of Xinfadi Fruit Wholesale Market, a white building with a height of more than 100 meters and two floors is cut into nine apple refrigerators, each corresponding to an apple wholesale company. Under the row of red awnings in front of the freezer, there are samples of apples of different prices. Once an order is placed, a box of apples is pulled out of the freezer.

Chen Qing told the Economic Observer: “Now buy apples from fruit farmers or distributors in Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, etc. If it is 8 yuan / kg purchase price, remove transportation, warehousing and other costs, even if wholesalers do not make money The wholesale price has also been sold to 10 yuan / kg. But Apple’s wholesale price is cheap or not, the daily sales volume is basically maintained at 50,000 to 60,000 kg, more than one million kilograms a day can be sold, a certain percentage of fixed customers every day. To get the goods, the supply will be replenished every morning.”

As for the price increase of Apple, Chen Qing said that the price has been rising slowly since the end of last year, and the price is rare. Last year, the output of apples was small, so there was less goods in the refrigerator. “It’s been a few months since the new apple matured. It’s not accurate to continue to raise prices in the next few months, but it will definitely not fall.” Involuntary retailers

“Supermarkets, as the terminal link of circulation, can only go on the market as commodity prices continue to rise. Even if we have established long-term cooperative relationships with fruit producing areas or production cooperatives, we still need to purchase them at real-time prices. This is a market rule. Unless contracted for underwriting, In that case, the cost is too high for the supermarket, and the risk is relatively large.” Zhao Meng, deputy general manager of Beijing Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd. told reporters.