China Overseas Chinese Network June 9th According to the British “Hua Wen Weekly” WeChat public report, recently, the Chinese in the UK for many years, Ms. Chen (a pseudonym) told reporters that she also experienced a thrilling telecommunications fraud. Although Ms. Chen herself worked in a large multinational bank and had previously heard about phone fraud, when she was in a scam, she discovered that the scammers had a lot of tricks, and they couldn’t prevent them from accidentally falling into the other side. Under the trap. Ms. Chen shared with her the three-hour exchange process with the fraudsters, hoping to sound the alarm for everyone’s personal experience. According to Ms. Chen’s recollection, she received a phone call on Thursday. The other party had a Taiwanese accent and claimed to be a DHL International staff member. She said that she had a DHL parcel from London to Shanghai. The customs were detained.

Ms. Chen was confused and told the other party that she did not send any courier. The “DHL staff” insisted that the package was the name of Ms. Chen and told her that there were three fake passports and eight bank cards in the package. At this time, Ms. Chen suddenly thought that her wallet had been stolen on the London Underground not long ago, and some important items including the driver’s license were lost. Is it that my personal information has been leaked and used by criminals? Ms. Chen immediately believed it, but she still carefully asked the other party for the details of the package. The staff member told Ms. Chen that the parcel was sent to Minhang District, Shanghai, and the recipient was named “Zhou Juan”. If the package is not sent by Ms. Chen, she must report the case to the Minhang District Police Station in Shanghai, otherwise it will affect the customs entry and exit records when returning to China. Ms. Chen told the other party that she did not know how to contact the staff of the Minhang District Police Department, so the other party said that they would transfer their calls to their own international department and hand it over to other colleagues.

Ms. Chen still had some doubts at this time. The other party told her about her employee number, name, and work address. After searching online, she found that the information provided by the other party was consistent with the information of the DHL office in London. Only gradually began to dispel suspicion. The “DHL staff” transferred the call to the Minhang District Police Station, which was answered by a police officer named “Zhao Kaidan”. “This person’s attitude is still very good. Tell me that I need to go to the police station to investigate, but because I am overseas, I can make a transcript online.”

Ms. Chen provided the caller number and the result of her inquiry. Zhao Kaidan also offered to ask Ms. Chen to check their information on the 114 Know-How to confirm that they are the police station in Minhang District. Ms. Chen inquired the caller number on the 114 website and found that the attribution of the number does show “Shanghai Public Security Bureau Minhang Branch”. Ms. Chen did not doubt the authenticity of the number. She thought that her personal information was used by criminals and wanted to cooperate with the police to solve this matter as soon as possible. The other party took the opportunity to ask her to download a secure chat software Telegram (similar to WhatsApp) and ensure that she was in a quiet environment that would not be disturbed for police investigation. “It’s terrible from now on,” recalls Ms. Chen.

When she communicated with the “Police Officer” on Telegram, she heard someone on the other side of the call push in and told Zhao Kaidan that the police had traced Ms. Chen’s information and found that she had a bank account under her name. The recently cracked “Chen Xiang Extra Large Money Laundering Case” has been frozen by the China Foreign Exchange Bureau. “From this time on, the attitude of the other party has become very poor. It has almost become a trial. I asked why I was related to the Chen Xiang case.” Ms. Chen recalled, “I was stunned at the time, I said I don’t know Chen. Xiang Xiang, but because I have been dealing with DHL parcels before, I have no doubt about the authenticity of the police identity.”

Zhao Kaidan sent some so-called “official documents” to Ms. Chen, explaining to her the “Chen Xiang money laundering case” that was uncovered in April this year, and also showed her some photos of so-called “criminals.” Ms. Chen said that the other party repeatedly questioned whether she knew Chen Xiang and how to explain Chen Xiang’s use of her passport for money laundering. “They are very embarrassed. It sounds like a policeman. I have never encountered such a thing. I was scared at the time and I have been explaining that I don’t know Chen Xiang.” The other party also told Ms. Chen that they were at Chen Xiang’s home. More than two hundred passports were found. According to Chen Xiang, the holders of these passports had a money transaction with Chen Xiang, lending the passport to him and charging a 10% commission. Therefore, these people are also “accomplice”, and Ms. Chen is one of them.

“I am stupid, the other party said, then you have to cooperate with our investigation.” At the request of Zhao Kaidan, Ms. Chen sent her ID card and passport page photos, and told the other party’s own bank account information and Funding situation. In the process, the other party has been rendering the seriousness of the case. They told Ms. Chen that the money laundering case is an international crime. Even if Ms. Chen is a British citizen, she must return to China for investigation. Zhao Kaidan sent Ms. Chen a “arrest warrant” and asked Ms. Chen to read it out on a voice call to ensure she “understand the serious consequences of the case”. “The more I read, the more I was afraid. It was a very formal arrest warrant. I also had my name and official seal, which said it would take effect immediately.”

Zhao Kaidan also suggested that Ms. Chen should now contact a senior official of the Chen Xiang money laundering case, “Wang Jianxing Prosecutor.” The other party threatened Ms. Chen, she must cooperate with the Wang prosecutor to investigate and dispel the suspect early, otherwise it may be held for a long time. After getting in touch with the so-called “Wang Prosecutor”, the fake prosecutor’s attitude is very tough, not only seriously telling her that the money laundering case has a big impact, but also threatening Ms. Chen not to tell anyone, otherwise it will be because of “disclosure” Five years in prison. “I was tortured by them for two or three hours. The other party later said that I was given an opportunity to accept an investigation into the legal account that I had previously explained.” The fake prosecutor told Ms. Chen that she would now freeze her bank account. The funds will be transferred to the official account of the Central Finance Bureau. They will end the investigation within 72 hours and transfer the funds back to Ms. Chen’s account.

“At this time, I am tired and hungry, and I am very scared.” Ms. Chen said, “I am in a very weak position and I dare not offend them. Because the other party has been threatening me to say that the investigation is not serious, but the consequences are very serious. But I Always skeptical, not convinced, not dare not believe.” Ms. Chen repeatedly confirmed to the other party several times, “Wang Prosecutor” noticed her suspicion, immediately stated, “Call! We are investigating your account, put Your funds are transferred to the official account, not a personal account!” At this time, Ms. Chen proposed to contact the Chinese consulate and her own lawyer. The fake prosecutor immediately panicked and threatened her again. “So, do you want us to send a colleague from London to the office to take you away? In front of all your colleagues, let you go out with your handcuffs. What is the impact of your career?”

After she noticed that it was wrong, Ms. Chen’s attitude became more arduous. “Then I went to the personnel department to explain it and waited for you at the office. I will not transfer money until I have confirmed your identity.” Just in her When preparing the screencast and the fake prosecutor’s chat record, the other party deleted all the chat records, but still pretending to be a threat. “You wait! We will arrive soon.” Ms. Chen completely confirmed that the other party is a fraud. The gang immediately hang up the phone. At this point, Ms. Chen has been fighting psychologically with this group of fraudsters for more than three hours. The other party’s means are from soft to tough, appeasement and threats. Ms. Chen said, “I was really scared in this process. Although I have seen information about this kind of fraud in various channels before, and I work in the bank, I thought I would not be fooled, but I was almost deceived. “”

Coincidentally, Ms. Chen told her British colleague at the bank that her father was almost deceived. Her British colleague told her that his father had also received a phone call from BT, “throwing thousands of pounds out.” Fortunately, her colleagues found out in time that they would face even greater losses. “The current liar is too powerful. I have been deceived and turned around. I think those old people are even more deceptive.” She thought. Reviewing the entire communication process and summarizing some of the basic characteristics of fraudulent gangs: 1. The scammer may only know the victim’s phone, use suspicious packages and seemingly credible official information to defraud the other party’s trust, and take the opportunity to acquire more individuals. Information, and then use this information to lead to the next money laundering case, in order to require the other party to transfer bank funds.

2. In this case, at least four people participated in the implementation of fraud, respectively acting as “DHL staff”, “Shanghai Minhang District Public Security Bureau Police” and “Prosecutor in charge of money laundering”. If it is not Ms. Chen’s suspicion, Next, there may be a “Financial Bureau staff” to guide her on how to transfer money. 3. The fraudster will take the initiative to ask the other party to verify relevant information, such as the address of DHL and the telephone number of the Minhang District Public Security Bureau in Shanghai, so as to dispel the victim’s suspicion.

4. The fraudsters repeatedly stressed that they could not disclose the case information to other people, nor could they inform the embassy and other official institutions; they also asked the victims to download other chat software such as Telegram to prevent the police from tracking their own. Location and account information. 5. The whole process is interlocked, with a variety of psychological and tactical assistance, using the victim to lose the wallet before (the other victim Xiao Hu has had a private exchange experience), fear of personal information leakage, it is easy It can make people deceived.

Recently, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom has repeatedly issued a reminder on the frequency of counterfeiting of telecom fraud notices by British citizens in China. The case of counterfeiting in the name of impersonation of Chinese embassies and consulates, domestic public prosecution law agencies, express delivery companies, and telecommunications companies It is on the rise. The reporter also reminded readers once again that when receiving a similar suspicious phone call, it is recommended to hang up the phone and call the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the UK for 24-hour warranty service 020-74368294 or call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center 12308 hotline. Request to transfer the relevant information to the consulate for verification.

If you are deceived, you should report the case to the British police and the domestic public security organ in a timely manner, and contact your account opening bank as soon as possible to request the corresponding measures such as stop payment and freezing. If the victim cannot report directly to the domestic public security organ, he may report the case through the close relatives of the country and request assistance from the anti-telecom network fraud center of the report. He may also call 110 to assist him in transferring the anti-fraud center.

China Youth Network Beijing, June 10th (trainee Lu Jiayu) June 10th – 16th is the “Geriatric Health Promotion Week”. On the morning of June 10, the National Health and Health Committee held a press conference on the progress of China’s voluntary blood donation and health work for the elderly. Director Wang Haidong of the National Health and Health Commission’s Department of Aging and Health introduced the situation of aging health and publicity week at the press conference. Wang Haidong said that health is an important foundation for ensuring the independence and participation of the elderly and participating in the society. Promoting healthy aging is an important part of building a healthy China and a long-term solution to actively respond to the aging of the population. The National Health and Health Commission starts from the health needs of the elderly and focuses on building a health service system for the elderly. There are four main tasks in the near future.

First, organize the 2019 Elderly Health Promotion Week. To promote the health service policy and scientific knowledge of the elderly, improve the health literacy and health of the elderly, create a social environment conducive to the healthy life of the elderly, and organize the development of the elderly in 2019 with the theme of understanding health knowledge and being a healthy elderly person. Publicity week activities, which will be carried out once a year. This year’s event is from June 10th to 16th. The promotion content is divided into two parts: First, the promotion of the elderly health service policy, including the national policy of establishing the elderly health service system, and the policy of national basic public health services such as the health management of the elderly. There are also local policies. The second is to publicize the knowledge about old-age health, promote the scientific concept of aging, publicize the core information of 20 elderly health, and publicize the main characteristics and requirements of the elderly living environment. To ensure the effectiveness of the promotion, we developed a unified promotional kit, including a theme video, which you can see at the door, a theme LOGO, a policy diagram, two knowledge diagrams, and three posters. You can scan the QR code and you can get it. Local health departments at all levels will be based on this toolkit and will take various forms and publicize them in light of local conditions.

Second, organize the implementation of the elderly health western line project. In order to promote the elderly health service work in the western region and help the health and poverty alleviation work, in April this year, the Commission issued the “Notice on Implementing the Elderly Health West Project”, and selected one city in each of the 12 provinces and autonomous regions in the western region. Carry out the elderly health western line project. The content of this project is mainly through the publicity and education activities, the organization of the elderly health lecture hall, the organization of the clinic and on-site health services and other forms, one is to help the elderly to establish the concept of “everyone is the first responsible person of their own health” To promote the formation of healthy behaviors and lifestyles for the elderly and to improve the health and health of the elderly. The second is to establish a modern old-age health concept in the health and wellness industry, and promote the transformation from treating the disease to the health-centered. The third is to create a social environment conducive to the healthy life of the elderly, to guide the whole society to pay attention to the health of the elderly, to mobilize the power of society and individuals, and to participate in the enthusiasm of elderly health services.

Third, organize the implementation of the elderly psychological care project. In order to strengthen the construction of the social psychological service system and promote the mental health of the elderly, in accordance with the requirements of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for healthy aging, in March this year, the Commission issued the “Notice on Implementing the Psychological Care Project for the Elderly”, which was decided in 2019. By 2020, 1600 urban communities and 320 rural administrative villages will be selected nationwide, and the elderly psychological care project will be implemented to cover every province and region in the country. Providing mental health services to the elderly through two levels of training at the national and provincial levels, mental health assessment, necessary interventions and referral recommendations. The main purpose of the project is to understand and master the mental health status and needs of the elderly, and to improve the mental health service skills of grassroots staff, enhance common psychological behavior problems and early recognition of mental disorders, and thirdly, strengthen the mentality of the elderly. Health awareness, improve the mental health of the elderly.

Fourth, the second batch of national tranquillization treatment pilots was launched. As we all know, hospice care is to provide physical, psychological and spiritual care and human care for the end-stage or elderly patients before the end of life, to control the symptoms of pain and discomfort, improve the quality of life, and help patients to be comfortable and comfortable. Peaceful and dignified death. In 2017, we launched the first batch of national hospice care pilot projects across the country, and carried out this work in five urban areas. After more than a year of development, we achieved good results. This year, we launched the second batch of euthanasia pilot projects, which were expanded to 71 cities in Shanghai and other provinces. The scope of the pilot has increased greatly.