The shoe circle, everyone is a few days ago, a shoe with a price of 1299 yuan, the shoe vendor Taizi Zhe was priced at 5200, 5600, 5800 yuan in different time periods, and the shoes were sold out at a second speed. The next morning, he sold a few pairs at a price of 6,500 yuan, and then sold it in the afternoon. This time, the price was priced at 7,000 yuan, and some people still bought it. The price of sneakers has been rising, and Prince Zizhe has been selling. Other shoe dealers also found him one after another. “They don’t bargain at all, just ask me to ship them.” Prince Zizhe said, “The market for sneakers is not stocks, it is futures, because it can rise indefinitely, or it can fall indefinitely.”

Regarding these shoes, Prince Zizhe was helpless, and he suspected that he was selling too fast. “I know it will go up, but I don’t realize this speed. I sold 7,000 pieces in the afternoon and rose to 9000 the next day. If it is 50 pairs of shoes, I will lose 100,000 pieces. This is not just a Rolex. “This futures shoe” is called “Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1” and is available in limited quantities in China. The number is roughly 10,000 pairs. Taizi Zhe received 48 pairs from various channels. He told me: “This pair of shoes, China can transfer more than 50 pairs of goods, no more than three people.” Taizi Zhe is quite famous in the shoe circle, since 2012, 30,000 yuan to officially start selling shoes, no In the past few years, he bought two suites and two cars in Shenyang. With the promise of “regardless of what the shoes are, I sold them at the price agreed at the time”, he accumulated a large and stable customer base. He repeatedly stressed that as long as you are willing to study, selling shoes can make you full of food and clothing, but also make you well-off, but the rich still need to work hard.

There is a reason for Prince Zizhe to say this. Although his customer base has been fixed in recent years, the group of shoe sellers is also growing. Prince Zizhe said without hesitation that his heyday may be slowly moving away. “Now I have not done it before, let me come back again, I may not be able to do so well.” However, the era of young people is coming. Hong Kong had a TV show earlier to investigate what young people can support themselves. The concentration of the answers surprised the group: using leisure time, pumping shoes and selling shoes. The so-called “sucking shoes”, that is, through Nike’s official mobile phone software Nike SNKRS draw, because the number of sneakers issued each time is limited, the probability of drawing is not the same as the probability of lottery winning, the shoe circle called this software “finance software” – Earn when you buy it. Just straightforward, as long as you win, you can sell and make money.

In a blink of an eye, it seems that everyone in this circle has become a “trafficker.” This made Prince Zizhe feel the pressure. For a long time in the past, the seller’s market was controlled by a few physical stores and several traffickers; nowadays, young people rely on various channels of the network, whether it is a poison APP or There are always places to sell shoes for leisure fish and Taobao. Even if the junior high school students’ pocket money is not enough to buy shoes, but the shoes are a necessity after all, their common operation is to “sell and suck” – wearing shoes on the feet, selling first, if you sell it, just use it. Start with the money to buy new shoes.

Young people started to buy shoes with pocket money. Soon, the shoes brought them more pocket money. Yan Tianyi, who is studying at Columbia University, is not too expensive. Born in 1995, he is already an old man who has been in the shoe circle for 10 years. He analyzed Nike’s financial report, clearly understood the company’s marketing methods and company strategy, and he also used the products of the Sino-US sneaker market, which is relatively good and bad. During his studies, he took the time to sell shoes and earned $80,000 in 2018. He believes, “I really like shoes, shoes are now a currency, but cash is better than all currency. I played for 10 years, I know which shoes will go up, I will stock up. If a pair of shoes are now up 1000 pieces, it is expected to rise to 1500 after half a year. I don’t make sense to wait until half a year to earn the extra 500 pieces?”

Travis Scott, the futures shoes of Prince Zizhe, is not bought at the original price. “I bought about 5 pairs at around 5400 and 5700 yuan. In fact, not many people know how much the shoes are worth. For young people who don’t know shoes, they have different psychological expectations from the traffickers. They don’t have money or liquidity. They check the reference price on the drug app and they will soon sell it. “The poisonous APP” in his mouth was launched by China in 2015, the largest sports community in China. After four years, it has grown into a unicorn, with a recent post-mortem valuation of $1 billion. A few days ago, some media reported that the monthly trading volume of “poisonous” was on the order of 2 billion yuan. According to the data released by the drug, as of May 7, 2019, there were 15 appraisers on the platform, and the total number of appraisers exceeded 16.2 million. The unit price of shoes was about 1,300 yuan, which can be roughly estimated.

On this platform, the price change of the shoes is open. Different models, different colors, and the total amount of sales determine the price of the shoes. Cai Minghui is a veteran player. He usually studies the shoes in a K-line chart. He told me: “Generally speaking, a pair of limited-selling shoes are on sale (assuming the original price is 1299 yuan). In the secondary market, you Need to increase the price to buy, as the consumption of the price will slowly increase, after half a year or so, the pair of shoes rose to 3,500 yuan, due to the reduction in heat, although the volume is consumed, but the shoes will be at the price of 3,500 yuan It has been stable for a long time, almost 1-2 years, but the subsequent increase will not be too big.”

In any case, as long as you take the shoes and want to sell them, this is almost a business that only earns no money. The original price is drawn, how to sell is earned, and the difference between earning more and less is lost. Yan Tianyi is particularly optimistic about a pair of shoes, Air Jordan 1Off-White Chicago, because the heart of the game that these shoes have market potential, he bought two pairs, wearing a pair of collections. At the same time, Off-White and NIKE’s joint name The Ten, he also bought 9 pairs of all, and bought 2 sets, a total of 22 pairs of shoes. But he sold one of them, which is 9 pairs. “The market price of The Ten is currently 1 to 1.5 times the market price at that time. I can earn 100% to 150% when I sell it. Why not? But this kind of high-profit shoes is just a few pairs a year. It is a special case. “”

He really likes that shoe. “Those who look at Jordan’s retirement, I can’t understand Jordan’s emotions. For me, in the case of limited economic strength, you will definitely sell shoes. In the end, it’s just a thing, I don’t believe it to you. How much is the spirit of the sustenance.”
Sneakers have become the common currency of the younger generation. Many people rely on it to get rich. Ge Bing takes his beloved AirJordan1 OG Chicago. In his collection, 80% of the shoes have never worn street shoes. It looks better than anything. Since NIKE has been a shoe for decades, its shoes have never been more expensive than now. However, in the eyes of many young people, shoes that wear shoes must be expensive.

In the past, the logic of people going out to wear is that you first put on your clothes and then wonder what kind of shoes you should wear. Now is not it, you have to put on your shoes first, and then figure out which clothes are worthy of these shoes. On May 16th, Yang Mi attended the dinner party, and the dress of the upper body dress and lower body sneakers sent himself to Weibo. But this does not make the shoes friends unexpected, the shoes have long torn off the “sports” label, got the recognition of the trend. Ge Bing of “80s” will not forget his first pair of shoes. “In junior high school, I saw the shoes worn by Jordan when I retired, 999 yuan. I went home with a thick face and my mother. At that time, they could pay 1,500 yuan a month, but my mom really bought it for me. I I can’t forget the feeling I felt when I was wearing the Air Jordan 13 (Panda).”

Ge Bing’s dazzling sneakers were also eye-catching by senior classmates. Several high school students called him at the door of his class: “When you wear ‘Panda,’ you come out.” Ge Bing and the other party disputed a few words and went back to the classroom. Several boys did not give up, continued to block him at the school gate, want to wear his shoes. These senior students are still heterogeneous, and the more common “post-80s” generation, if the family is ordinary, and put too much emotion on the shoes, so they developed the habit of cycling to the physical store to watch shoes every week, what do you do? Then look at the shoes in your hand and then go home with satisfaction. I couldn’t afford it at the time, but after the gang grew up, I waited for the sneakers I liked at the time to “re-engraving” (for the re-reduction of the shoes in the past, to show my nostalgia and respect), I immediately bought them.

These shoes are too important for Ge Bing. He also waited until the “Panda” was a replica and immediately bought it back home. When the weather is good, Ge Bing will open a bottle of beer and remove the shoe box from the closet. Take the sneakers closer and closer, touch it here and rub it there. “When I drink alcohol, I feel very happy when I touch my shoes.” After finishing the details, stack them one by one, stuff the antioxidants, put on the anti-oxidation bag, and put them back in the shoe box. Every shoe box is placed with care, and Ge Bing’s most beloved shoes will be placed on the top, and he is afraid that other shoes will press it.

More than 80% of the dozens of shoes in the house, Ge Bing did not wear the street. There are even some shoes that have not been tried at home. “When you walk, your shoes are prone to wrinkles.” He couldn’t bear it. However, after the “95s” Yan Tianqi pursued, it is meaningless to wear shoes. He still loves shoes. One day at the age of 19, Yan Tianyi’s mother let him pay back because he bought too many shoes. He didn’t have a look, looking at several pairs of yeezy2, he asked himself: “Is I going to wear these shoes one day?” The answer is no. He sold yeezy 2 solar (1 pair) and yeezy 2 redOctober (4 pairs) in one go and sold more than 120,000 yuan. Before selling, he put these shoes together and took pictures, and he took pictures, and he couldn’t bear it. He first gave some money to his mother, but this did not stop him from continuing to buy shoes.

Yan Tianqi thinks that he thinks very well. “I don’t care much about the stories behind these shoes. When I was a kid, I bought shoes. It was for cool. It is more important than anything else! Let others think that I wear this shoe.” Recognized. “In this case, the sneaker culture does have a major change on the intergenerational level – “80s” buy shoes, at least have a passion for basketball, worship for Jordan, and have a obsession with basketball culture. of. “Post-95” people buy shoes, and some people like Yan Tianqi, love to play basketball, understand shoes and understand culture, but in their eyes, shoes are the trend, is an important and must look good mix. More people are influenced by stars such as Bai Jingting and Quan Zhilong, so as to follow the aesthetics of the stars. Among them, the pair of astronauts 2.0 that Quan Zhilong put on his feet rose from the original price of 1499 yuan to 25,000 yuan. There are more extreme examples. The 15-year-old high school student doesn’t understand shoes, but he knows that Dad’s collection of warehouses has shoes on the market that are quite expensive, and they are stolen and sold to classmates. “Even, I asked if I bought a shoe, took a photo at home, showed off, and asked for a return.” Prince Zizhe is helpless.

Sneaker culture is in the circle. In Shenyang, she did a 7-year sneaker business. Prince Zizhe said with a smile: “I have to go to the offline store to line up. There are 97 years behind and I sell shoes. He looks at Joe 8 on my feet and asks. I am what kind of shoes. I went directly to him: ‘When I wear this shoes, you may still be in bed. ‘The generation gap, there must be, the shoe circle is changing.”

The sneaker culture and the hip-hop culture and the star traffic of the entertainment circle all have an intersection. There are a lot of “post-95” and “after 00″ on the B station, the vibrato, and the small red book. The shoes are in their hands and they are introduced in a serious way.” The color of this pair of shoes is red, it is limited to 3,000 pairs worldwide… Some stars have passed through the endorsement…” They are anxious to become the KOL of the shoe circle, and they are anxious to become the brand side, especially the young people favored by NIKE, the leader of the shoe market. Representatives, do their best to make every effort. All the statements point to one core: I have, you don’t (I bought these shoes, and you didn’t see my video). It even became a kind of community culture. “If you don’t understand, you can’t enter this circle.” After “95” and “after 00”, what they want is how to buy a pair of limited-edition shoes to integrate into this community.