For shoe fans, the shoes you wear represent too much, not only the level of consumption, but also your identity and status. The social standard of the sneaker world is around NIKE, and it also sets the selling price of the sneaker primary market (direct sales of brand dealers). Using the most intuitive data for reference, on the “Double 11” sales list last year, NIKE was the first and Adidas was second, but the difference between the two was not an order of magnitude. Prince Zizhe remembers that before 2013, NIKE’s market sales were not gratifying. “A pair of 760 shoes, I want to try, the boss has to kneel on the floor to tie you the laces, and bring you the trousers by the way. Now? You can’t test the shoes at all.”

Nike’s heavy shoes on sale on Saturday will be released half a month ago. Some shoe stores WeChat public will inform you on the website or the small program on Wednesday or Thursday. Request to register your ID card and credit card number. On Friday, these public numbers will announce random lottery results. If they are in the middle, consumers will need to wear NIKE or Jordan shoes for a specified round of time. In other words, the era of direct line-up has passed. The offline store will verify the ID card and the credit card of the same name registered by the consumer at that time. If there is no winning on the line, the queue will not give you a second lottery.

On NIKE’s official software snkrs, it is a round of draws to determine the “winning and losing”, in the middle of the mail directly to you. Senior player Cai Minghui told me that he has participated in the lottery for so many years and has once had an offline draw. Not only that, you draw the line, you line up, you get the shoes at the moment, not only did not try to wear a wear, but also heard “shoes are not quality problems, once sold, do not return.”

NIKE’s sneakers have become a luxury in a sense. Since 2012, NIKE has started to focus on marketing, launched a series of classic good shoes, and “Zhaoan” a large number of offline private shops, frequent bombing propaganda. “In the past, I sent a pair of shoes in the past half a month. Later, I sent a pair of shoes in a week. Now it is three or four pairs a week. In the past, I used to make a limit. I have to identify which limit and what kind of limit. But no matter what, as long as it is classic. “I really don’t sell it.” Taizizhe told me that he experienced the NIKE brand transformation and watched it rise all the way. The market price of each pair of shoes was above the initial sale price.

With regard to the limit, there are fewer and fewer features that you can judge. Initially, the limited shoe box is special, or has a Sample logo, and the tongue may have embroidery. Gradually, the embroidery was troublesome, and an iron tag was hung up. Later, the tag was gone. The value of the shoes is based on the story told by NIKE. Some stories are directly related to the quality of the products, while others are not.

A well-known sneaker magazine “Size Size” in the industry, its former editor Hong Xin said, “Without Jordan’s shoes, there is no sneaker culture. In other words, if there is no NIKE participation in this market, there is no such culture.” . For so many years in the sneaker magazine, Hong Xin never thought that the heat of this sneaker market is actually not a “reincarnation”, and its heat has risen linearly along the way.

He remembers that it was a shoe that was released in 2015. It was a “Tianjin Spray” designed for Tianjin, the hometown of “bubble”. With its unique Chinese characteristics, Yang Liuqing’s “Lianlianian” paintings and rare paintings. The number has attracted the attention of many people. This is the first time NIKE has combined with Chinese culture to make Chinese New Year pictures on shoes. Even though Tianjin spray is called “shou shoes” by many people – the lotus pattern is similar to the symbols used in ancient funerals, three lotuses and evergreen patterns, but this does not hinder the passion of the fans. The professional experience accumulated over the years tells Hong Xin that this shoe is going to be hot.

Hong Xin rushed past the night and arrived at the store one day in advance. The number of people in the queue has reached more than 2,000. Some small conflicts and disputes began to take place and eventually evolved into a fight. The police car directly blocked the road, and the video shot by Hong Xin broke 100,000 that night. This pair of shoes he instincted to be hot, the price of 1499 yuan, the next day rushed to 10,000. “Because of the cultural meaning attached to it, whether it is limited or not, it will definitely sell.” Hong Xin told me.

NIKE is good at propaganda. In 1985, when Jordan first violated the rules of the Basketball League – the sneakers worn by the players must be the same color as the jerseys (non-black or white) – Jordan first appeared in red and black, naturally, These shoes were included in the banned ranks by the league. However, NIKE supported Jordan to continue to wear, and he paid a fine of a thousand dollars for each game. Since then Air Jordan 1 has almost become the best-selling shoe. The actual situation is that Jordan was wearing Airship instead of AJ1. In the era when the pixels were not high enough, NIKE愣 used the method of transplanting flowers to sizzle the latter and make it a classic.

Not only that, NIKE has eaten sweetness from marketing. He began to co-brand with luxury brand designers. A well-known example is that Marc Jacobs was originally the creative director of LV, and has a joint name with NIKE. With the popularity of Off-White(tm) and NIKE, Jacobs recommended Off-White(tm) manager Virgil Abloh. Become the new LV creative director. For a time, LV’s shoes are full of “sneakers”. Not long ago, the British fashion data platform Lyst announced the world’s hottest brand rankings in the first quarter of 2019, Off-White ™ beat Gucci to become the world’s most popular brand.

The boundaries between luxury brands and trendy brands are beginning to blur. Luxury brands need to win the love of young people, they need to bend down and look for opportunities to cooperate, and the shoe market is the “place where young people gather.” But what if luxury brands don’t have experience with sneakers? Find a sneaker designer to work with. This also contributed to the previous story.

NIKE breaks the circle between luxury and fashion. Even what is the trend, now NIKE has the final say: you can wear a dress with sneakers without making people feel weird, you can also upper body LV lower body AJ1, people who understand will naturally understand your mix. Sneakers have become the common currency of the younger generation, and many people have taken it to the “Tianjin Spray” which was launched in 2015. This is the first time NIKE has combined with Chinese culture to make Chinese New Year pictures on shoes.

My love is the monetary value of the price of the shoes, and the name of Prince Zizhe is clear. He claimed to be a “trafficker” and told me: “I thought that if these shoes are not so expensive, I will not love them so much. My love has a price.” Taizizhe said that he can distinguish between business and feelings.

He still remembers his first pair of shoes, “Blue Spray”. On the day he got his hand, he was sleeping in shoes. That was his sneaker enlightenment. He repeatedly recited, “Some stories will keep circling in my head. When I look at these shoes, I can remind me of the story 20 years ago. This is called Feelings.” He never collected shoes when he was interested in Jordan shoes. In those days, this collection could not tell others, afraid of being considered a monster. “A pair of shoes bought in 2000, the price is 2800 dollars. Do you know what it means? Shenyang’s house price was 2,500 yuan / square meter, I buy 3 pairs of shoes every month, kill one bedroom every quarter. “”

And now, there is no such thing as a feeling. Prince Zizhe said one word at a time: “I confessed to you, I thought, I love shoes? Love. But it is because it is more and more valuable, so that I really value the shoes, until now. In other words, if it is not expensive, Prince Zizhe may only be an ordinary fan. It is NIKE that promotes the sneaker culture to the extreme, so that the sneaker culture is in line with the trend, and constantly enhances the value of the sneakers, so that this circle has always maintained a strong vitality.

Prince Zizhe continued to say that in 2013, Joe’s 4 value was 30,000 yuan. He did not sell it. Until 2016, the pair of shoes rose to 90,000 pieces, and he sold it. Today, the price of this shoe stays at 160,000. In most cases, no one knows the total number of sneakers that NIKE launches every time. This is a high-level secret issue. Senior players can guess one or two. If it is a large quantity of 200,000, you don’t have to stock up. Some one Look at the sale of more than 300 pairs, some shoe vendors are willing to gamble, overdraw credit card to buy on the shoe trading software. A little knowledgeable, you will know that NIKE’s replica shoes only account for a small portion of its total income. The hot part of the sneakers did not bring more money to NIKE, but instead sold the sale of ordinary mass-selling shoes, and this is the sales target that it really pursues.

Prince Zizhe himself recognized this. “The liquidity of funds is always better than that of shoes. Shoes are just a matter of staged preservation. If you have a few more years, the shoes will be glued and you can’t wear them.” He has a steel scale in his heart. “One day.” When this market crashes, you can see who really likes it, who is loading it, who just uses it as a means of earning money. I tell you directly, when the shoes are worthless, the people who are still buying are I really like it.”

Yan Tianqi, who is fascinated with the research of various trend brands, is returning to China. He has more than 100 pairs of shoes in his home in the United States. He is still guilty of selling or bringing back to China. “I love shoes, but I don’t sell shoes because of love. It’s loaded. If you open the price higher than my psychological expectations, for example, you give me 15 million, the shoes of my house, you take them all away. Yes.” I was surprised, he added another sentence, I can buy three times the shoes.