China Overseas Network June 11th According to the US “World News” report, the 2020 census form plan version has been released, the Chinese community concerned about the Asian ethnic subdivision. However, if the historical data of the Census Bureau is inquired, since the Chinese ethnic group began to appear on the questionnaire since 1870, the ethnicity has never had a separate “Asian” category. Asians have always been subdivided. In 1870, “Chinese” became the first Asian classification to appear on the US Census Form, alongside whites, blacks, mulattos and Indians. In 1890, Japanese descent appeared again. Since then, during the last century, different types of Asians have been added or modified. The classification of Asian-Pacific Americans has been: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Other Asian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Chamorro, and other Pacific Islanders options are sorted by population size. These options are juxtaposed with other large ethnic groups such as whites, blacks or Africans.

Quite a coincidence, after the Chinese people were listed as separate census statistics in 1870, the US Congress passed the notorious “Chinese Exclusion Act” in 1882, which is the only single-ethnic discrimination in American history. bill. The Hispanic and Latino populations were filled out separately before the ethnicity. According to the plan’s instructions, the ancestral home of the Hispanic region may be of any other ethnicity. Compared with the 2010 questionnaire, the only difference between the 2020 Asian-Pacific part is “Guam or Chamorro” and became “Chamorro”.

In 2020, other ethnic groups have changed a lot. Especially whites and blacks, although there are no subdivisions, they are required to fill in the subdivision. For example, if whites are selected, the ancestral homes must be filled in Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Italy, etc. or others, if the blacks or African Americans are selected, they need to be subdivided into African Americans, or from Jamaica, Haiti, etc.

As for why Asian Americans were subdivided from the beginning, Lydia Lee, the Chinese Community Commissioner of the Federal Census Bureau, said that every time the questionnaire was added or classified in the history, it was decided by Congress, and it was passed before that. Discussed by committees of various ethnic representatives in Congress. However, if you check the information on the website of the bureau, you can choose the Asian option to see the overall data of the Asian ethnic group.

She has worked in the Census Bureau for many years. I personally believe that the ethnic classification of the questionnaire is not intended to be directed at a single group, but rather that the data that is expected to be generated can be used to obtain the information that is really needed when the query is used. For example, the same Middle Eastern community also said that they did not like to be classified as white, and did not like to be classified as Asian, but there may not be enough people, or strong enough to promote, so there is no separate category for the Middle East.

She said that some ethnic groups may not have the strong need for the correctness of these data, while other ethnic groups may need numbers to do more understanding and analysis. For example, Asian-American languages ​​are different. The census office has added questionnaires on Asian languages ​​such as Japanese and Filipino to the people based on the needs of the population. Including communities, parliamentarians, organizations, school districts, and even business and business, you also need to use subdivided data to adjust your language and services. (Li Xue) Chongqing mother Zhu Xiaojuan suffered a roller coaster for decades. His son was abducted when he was born 1 year and 3 months old. Then a DNA identification of Henan High Court made their family “reunion.” However, what shocked her was that in March 2018, an authoritative DNA identification report in Chongqing showed that her truly abducted son had been living in Nanchong, Sichuan for years, which meant that the previous identification report was wrong.

On May 27, she sued the Henan High Court for a case of infringement of the wrong DNA identification report. She conducted evidence exchange and pre-trial mediation in the Yuzhong District Court in Chongqing. She claimed various losses totaling 2.95 million yuan.
Sued the Henan High Court for a claim of more than 2.95 million yuan Zhu Xiaojuan is 55 years old this year. When he was in the incident, he lived in Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, and currently lives in Chongqing Nan’an District. In September 2018, she filed an indictment with the Yuzhong District Court in Chongqing. She said that 22 years ago, based on the infinite trust in the conclusion of the Henan High Court, she thought that she had recovered the lost son and thought that she had healed the pain of losing her son. Then Chongqing A paper authority’s appraisal conclusion, tearing her bloody mouth away from the wound that had already healed, made her suffer.

When she was studying in Chongqing 53 and 29, she was a famous school flower. When she was in her 30s, she looked very young. When she was 40 years old, she was still beautiful, and her big eyes sparkled. In order to raise her children wholeheartedly, she has not remarried since she divorced in 2008. Today, 54 years old, face no longer, who can hold hands? “The best youth in life is devoted to the baby.” If you want to count, this will be a huge loss that is difficult to calculate. Back to Zhu Xiaojuan’s old saying: the real damage can not be made up, the real loss can not be calculated. She sometimes talks to herself: If I can’t do this, how good I am now!

“You can also hold the babysitter’s responsibility and ask her to pay compensation.” Lu Lei said. “Forget it.” Zhu Xiaojuan said. “Why?” “She has raised Liu Jinxin, no matter how good she is, she always raises it. I don’t want her to go to jail, and I don’t want to hold her accountable. Liu Jinxin has repeatedly asked me to let her go.” Zhu Xiaojuan said that she The idea of ​​the son should be respected. She said that everything proved that the DNA identification conclusion made by the Henan High Court was wrong. The wrong behavior of the other party caused irreparable damage to her.

She told the reporter with tears that the fact that the damage caused by the incident and the fate of the whole family was rewritten and will never be repaired and reversed. She sued the Henan High Court in the Yuzhong District Court in Chongqing for claiming economic losses. More than 10,000 yuan, at the same time asked the other party to compensate for the mental damages 1 million yuan. On March 25 this year, the Yuzhong District Court found that her lawsuit was in compliance with the statutory acceptance conditions and decided to open the case. The Henan High Court acknowledged the mistake and apologized. On the morning of May 27, the two sides conducted evidence exchange and pre-trial mediation in the Yuzhong District Court. In terms of the amount of the claim, the two sides were disparate and the mediation was unsuccessful.

Zhu Xiaojuan showed the reporter a civil reply with the official seal of Henan High Court. The time for the above payment was May 10. The Henan High Court said that they attached great importance to this and consulted relevant experts to actively find out the reasons for the error in the identification conclusion. They learned that DNA fingerprinting technology was introduced to China in the early 1990s. Due to the complexity of the experimental process and the strict technical requirements, especially the experimental methods are difficult to standardize, the technology has limitations. Since the mid-to-late 1990s, with the promotion and application of PCR-STR typing technology, DNA fingerprinting technology has gradually been replaced by more mature technology.

They believe that due to technical limitations, they have made a mistake in the identification of the parent-child relationship in 1996. To this end, they apologize to Zhu Xiaojuan for “fully understanding the feelings of Ms. Zhu Xiaojuan as a mother and respecting her legality through litigation. “Everyone” has always had a deep apology for Ms. Zhu Xiaojuan, and she persisted in negotiating and reconciling with Ms. Zhu Xiaojuan in the whole process of litigation; respecting and accepting the results of legal and fair judgments, and willing to bear corresponding legal responsibilities.”

Extended reading: daughter is taken away by strangers Couples relying on DNA to find relatives 31 years finally found in December 2018, 57-year-old Fan Chengjuan sitting on the living room sofa, a black long coat, with a brooch on his chest. For nearly 20 hours, Fan Chengjuan will see her daughter she has not seen in 31 years. Luo Xiangping is also a bit nervous. This dark-skinned middle-aged man, I don’t know if it’s too excited, and the scorpion is hoarse.

When she received a phone call from the police to find her daughter, Fan Chengjuan was making dinner. She did not wait for the braised squid in the pot to cook, and she gave up the pot. The button for rice cooker rice was forgotten. Luo Xiangping came home from work, and his wife told him that he had found it! “This is the best meal I have ever had in my 30 years.” When Luo Xiangping said this, his voice trembled very badly. It is no wonder that since the daughter disappeared in 1987, Luo Xiangping’s family never gave up looking for it, but it has been fruitless. Finally they waited for the dearest daughter. Yesterday, Wenzhou City kicked off the ceremony, and the relatives of four families including Luojia were able to reunite.

“My daughter is like me”, she cried and laughed “Wife, your biological parents found it.” Sichuan local police contacted Chen Hao’s husband. Chen Hao could hardly tell the mood at that time. She told the mother and her brother and sister in Putian. When I heard everyone saying “go to recognize, this is a good thing”, Chen Hao finally settled down. . Luo Xiangping and Fan Chengjuan have not slept well for several days, and Chen Yu is also. They all came to the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau. When the police read the names of the two sides and announced the results of the DNA comparison, this moment finally came.

“Daughter, mother miss you very much, my mother has been looking for you for so many years, and finally found you!” Fan Chengjuan clung to Chen Hao, tears could not stop flowing. “I believe that my biological parents will not throw me away. I have been thinking about these years. I was deceived when I was a child.” In the face of the enthusiasm of my biological parents, Chen Yu was somewhat under-prepared and slightly cramped. Unconsciously, the tears flowed down. Luo Xiangping’s family and friends surrounded Chen Hao and asked about her life in the past few years. Her brother took a paper towel and wiped the tears on Chen’s face. Chen Hao hesitated for a while, and took the paper towel and reached for her mother Fan Chengjuan.

“My daughter is like me!” Looking at Chen Hao, Fan Chengjuan cried and laughed. She suddenly turned around and looked for it. She held Chen’s 2-year-old son in her arms. “I have a grandson. It’s so good, it’s good. After the ceremony, Luo Xiangping arranged lunch, and recognized it, just started. “Let the New Year, especially hope that my daughter’s family in Putian and Leshan will come to my house for the New Year. After so many years, I finally have the opportunity to have a whole dinner.” Luo Xiangping’s eyes flashed.