Xiaoxiang Morning News June 11, 2019 News In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security and other 12 departments jointly issued the “Opinions on Improving and Regulating the Issuance of Certification Work by Public Security Police Stations”, which stipulates that 20 types of certificates will no longer be issued by the police station. Since then, the issuance of various types of certificates has become more standardized, but some units are still going further and further on the road of asking the masses to handle the “extraordinary proof.” Recently, the Zhangbojie Cili County Public Security Bureau Yanbodu Police Station experienced the process of being asked to issue a certificate of “Yang’s grandson is his grandson.”

In the hot sun, the old man Yang took a car for nearly an hour from the county seat, and made a special trip for the issuance of the certificate. When the policeman Liu Yuci looked through Yang’s household registration book, he found that his account with the same household registration was clearly registered with Yang and The relatives of Sun Tzu are also stamped with the special seal of the household registration of the police station. According to the relevant regulations, the relatives of the same households will no longer issue relevant certificates. Looking at the wrinkled face of the old man and the eagerness in his eyes, the words of the policeman Liu Yuci refused to squat in the throat, and finally swallowed, and opened the certificate for the old man that did not need to be issued. However, in order to “warning” the staff of the elderly, Liu Wei attached a paragraph after the “proof”:

Your unit requires the Yanbodu police station to issue a certificate of the relationship between the three generations of the grandparents and grandchildren. It is strictly forbidden to issue a wonderful certificate from the central government. Zhou and Yang and Yang Mou Ping are the same households. Zhou’s resident residence registration card has registered the owner or the relationship with the head of the household, and has a special seal for the household registration of Yanbodu police station, which has legal effect. . Why do you still ask the people to go to the police station to issue relevant certificates, and ask your unit to think twice.

Links: The following 20 categories prove that the police station will no longer issue 9 types of household registration books, ID cards, and passports: 1. Names of citizens; 2. Names used by citizens; 3. Gender of citizens; 4. Citizen ID number (including 15) 5, the citizen’s national composition; 6, the citizen’s date of birth; 7, the citizen’s birthplace; 8, the citizen’s place of origin; 9, the citizen’s household registration address of the local party in the use department’s personal statement, the resident’s household registration can prove Matters:

1. Status of account migration; 2. Change of address; 3. Change and correction of account registration items; 4. Status of cancellation of accounts; 5. Relationships between the same households shall be issued by the competent department, verified by the department or according to law. For notarization: 1. The marital status of the parties; 2. The degree of education of the parties; 3. The normal death of the party or the abnormal death of the medical and health institutions; 4. The retirees living in different places apply for the pension from the social security department; If you fill in, enter errors, etc., you need to prove that the two are the same person. 6. If you need to prove that the client has not registered the account, the situation will be handled separately.

The following 9 types of certificates require the dispatch of the police station, the certificate of the change of the contents of the household registration project; the cancellation of the household registration certificate; 3. The proof of the relationship of the relatives; 4. The proof of the relationship of the abducted child; 5. The proof of the report of the abandoned child (child); , abnormal death certificate; 7, temporary identity certificate; 8, no criminal record certificate; 9, other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations issued by the police station issued by the US quartz financial network June 10 article, the original title: Chinese automotive companies today The rocket launches have been sponsored this year, and at least two Chinese auto companies have sponsored rocket launches. Car companies say the partnership will pave the way for their automotive technology advancement – ​​it’s not clear what improvements these companies hope to achieve.

The most recent – ​​and perhaps the first – example was the first time China launched a rocket from the sea last week. Great Wall Motor’s luxury SUV brand WEY funded the launch of the “Long March 11-WEY” rocket. WEY called it the first car company to have a partnership with China’s space industry, and it was the first time that a company brand was printed on a rocket made by the state-owned rocket developer, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. WEY also established a joint technology research center with the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Rocket launches typically cost millions of dollars, but WEY is unlikely to cover the full cost. An industry observer in China, who asked not to be named, said: “The cost of the Long March 11 rocket launch is about 5.3 million US dollars, and the sponsorship amount will be lower than this number.” Brian, the founder of the Hong Kong Space Business Consulting Agency Orbital Portal Consulting Company Cousio said that the cooperation between large state-owned aerospace companies and large private companies may be an interesting way to develop China’s “military-civilian integration.” China has been guiding private capital and technology to participate in the development of national defense and military industry. It is hoped that this will help promote national scientific and technological progress.

Also last week, Changan Automobile passenger car brand Auchan said it would assist private rocket company iSpace to launch a rocket named after its brand in July. Auchan said that this is a call to respond to the national space privatization policy. At present, Sino-US trade is tense. China’s telecom equipment supplier Huawei is banned from using US chips and software. Changan Automobile’s move is to show that China must become an independent and technological power. The company also said that if the rocket launches successfully, it will issue 10 million yuan red packets to consumers – this is a big “if”, because so far no Chinese private space companies have successfully launched rockets.

The funding of rocket launches coincides with the fact that China’s world’s largest auto market has shrunk since 1990 – whether such practices can improve automotive technology, whether it can achieve the effectiveness of advertising, may help promote this highly competitive market. Sales. The first technology company in response to Trump’s ban on Huawei’s call for Google’s warning to the Trump administration: If Huawei continues to be completely banned, the result is not conducive to US national security.

Google is quite successful? The reason behind Google is not so simple: If Huawei’s own new system is released, no Android system is mature, the risk factor of attack will be greatly increased, which means that global Huawei mobile phone users including the United States will be deep. It is a danger to the United States. Do you think this is Google’s “practical” for Huawei? NONONO~ First of all, the global industrial chain has been formed, cutting a link, and the remaining broken links are difficult to loop again, so Google is helping Huawei.

This point has been mentioned many times in previous series of articles, here we are just a brief overview. The normal competition of technology such as chips and operating systems is not a bad thing. It promotes the promotion of each technology as much as possible in the case of survival of the fittest. At the same time, because of the maturity of the industry chain, every one who participates can get a share. . For example, chip design, architecture, lithography, assembly, etc. are not concentrated in one enterprise and one country, and each family competes on their own. The sharing and monopoly are separated by a wall, but the normal situation will not go out of control.

In the short-term, the US government seems to be able to use technology “monopoly” to disrupt other people’s positions. However, in the long run, the industrial chain will be broken, and other rings will be implicated in different degrees. Once the industry chain is interrupted, technology companies such as Google will lose many customers. In addition, due to the US ban, Huawei cannot cooperate with US companies. At that time, technology still has no communication and sharing. Whether it is technology or working capital, it is not conducive to the normal development of American technology companies. Second and foremost, the reverse conspiracy theory, the science and technology war has already started, and it is better to train opponents than to numb opponents.

After the United States first shot, what they did not expect was that Huawei’s independent research and development capabilities and product progress were above their estimates. This not only gives Huawei users and partners a national confidence, but also gives China’s independent scientific and technological confidence. This time, the US technology companies and the US government have begun to calm down. Actually, they are really a bit flustered. This is to use the current monopoly opportunity to suppress Chinese technology. If it is to promote its “Jesus”, it will be worthless for the United States.

Take Huawei as an example. At this time, Google is pleading with the US government. In fact, it is very selfish. Wait until the Huawei product “熬” has passed the transition period and it is too late to go through the maturity period. It is too late to say that it is to train a competitor in the US technology field. This kind of good thing can’t make China take advantage of it. Now that the ban is lifted, Huawei’s independent products may be extended to the market to accept “experienced” nodes, so that US technology will always be in the leading position. It’s not just the official announcement of American technology companies, but the US government has also begun to change.

Today’s “Wall Street Journal” broke the news, the White House changed internally, and the White House Administration and Budget Bureau’s temporary acting director Russell Watt delivered a distribution letter to the US Vice President Peng last week (June 4) And 10 members of Congress, requesting an extension of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) clause signed by President Trump in 2018.

The bill signed last year ordered that all departments of the US government, units receiving federal grants and loans not to purchase Chinese companies or products from US agents of Chinese companies. This very broad limitation includes prohibiting the use of federal funds to purchase products from Huawei. According to the original plan, the bill will be implemented in 2020. Now, Walter’s request is to extend this extension to four years, during which time the potential impacts and possible solutions can be further considered.

The letter also pointed out that the bill signed last year may lead to the difficulty of maintaining government contracting companies that have cooperated with Huawei, and will have a wide-ranging impact on US companies in rural areas that rely on federal grants, because Huawei equipment is very rural in the United States. popular. What is more important of this letter is that it has been difficult to prepare all the industries in the United States after the exclusion of Huawei. This is why China has frequently warned the United States that the Trump administration seems to be dealing with other countries when doing a lot of things, but it will actually hurt itself and be hurt. In fact, let us look back. In the Sino-US trade friction, the United States always “harms others.”

The website of the General Administration of Customs released statistics on June 10. In the first five months of this year, China’s total import and export value was 1.79 trillion US dollars, down 1.6%. Among them, exports were 958.34 billion US dollars, up 0.4%; imports were 827.87 billion US dollars, down 3.7%; trade surplus was 130.47 billion US dollars, an increase of 38.3%. Google is quite successful? Behind it is not so simple China’s import and export growth in major markets such as the EU, ASEAN and Japan, and the growth rate of imports and exports along the “Belt and Road” countries is higher than the overall.

Looking at Sino-US trade, the total trade value between China and the United States in the first five months of this year was 1.42 trillion yuan, down 9.6%, and the trade surplus with the United States was 750.62 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9%. This means that the US trade deficit with China has grown. History has once again proved that the United States’ method of transferring domestic contradictions cannot solve the problem that the United States really cares about. It is said that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. I don’t know if this time the United States will continue to sleep.

The most crucial thing is that the United States killed ZTE and Huawei and alerted other technology companies. Now that the United States uses state power to suppress Huawei, the next time it may be its own company. China’s Xiaomi, OP, VO, the chips and systems of these companies are all dying of Qualcomm and Google Card, but they can be used without spare tires. The truth of the lips and teeth is still understandable. This time, the test of Hongmeng system, China’s major technology companies have sent technical personnel to participate, and the introduction of Hongmeng system, it should also be open source, then Xiaomi, OP, these Chinese mobile phone companies to replace the system, the number of users must exceed The sum of Apple and Samsung, the major software companies will naturally adapt to Hongmen for market demand.

Even China can use state power to force Chinese mobile phone companies to replace the Hongmeng system. In this way, Google’s real opponent finally debut, Apple’s IOS is a closed loop, and Google is not directly competing, Hongmeng is the biggest challenge, plus if the Hongmeng system really introduces 60% smoother than Android, and get through Mobile phones and computers and other barriers, Google does not panic. Even if the Hongmeng system just launched has various imperfections, the Chinese really need to support Hongmeng, which is the price that must be paid for not to be stuck in the neck.