The State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the General Administration of Customs announced yesterday (10th) that the economic data for the first five months of this year showed that China’s economy’s ability to cope with external shocks has continuously increased, and the long-term positive trend has not changed. According to customs statistics, in the first five months of this year, China’s foreign trade import and export reached 12.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.1%, continuing the good momentum of steady growth. Among them, exports increased by 7.7% in May, which was 2 percentage points faster than the previous four months, and became a highlight of foreign trade development. Li Kuiwen, Director of the General Statistics Department of the General Administration of Customs: In the face of the world economic growth and the slowdown of international trade, China’s economy is stable and the long-term trend is unchanged. China’s economic development has strong resilience, great potential and stamina. The fundamentals of the feet have not changed.

The private enterprises continue to lead the growth of foreign trade. Statistics show that in the first five months of this year, the import and export of private enterprises in China was 5.02 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.1%, and the growth rate was higher than the overall growth rate by 7 percentage points, accounting for the total value of China’s foreign trade. 41.4%, the proportion increased by 2.6 points compared with the same period of last year. In addition, the data also shows that with the continuous expansion of China’s foreign trade circle of friends, the growth rate of foreign trade in China and emerging market countries is obvious, and the trend of diversification of foreign trade imports and exports is further evident. Li Kuiwen, Director of the Department of Statistical Analysis of the General Administration of Customs: The escalation of trade friction has brought pressure to Chinese enterprises, and we have brought the driving force for transformation. The pace of enterprises to develop diversified markets has been accelerating. In the first five months of this year, China’s foreign trade import and export with the “Belt and Road” countries grew by 9%, with double-digit growth with countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Poland.

In May, multiple factors such as the escalation of trade friction and the uncertainty of Brexit pushed up the market risk aversion. The US dollar index and the global bond index rose. Under the combined effect of exchange rate conversion and asset price changes, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange According to published data, China’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of May were US$310 billion, a slight increase of US$6.1 billion from the end of last month. The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said that there are still many uncertainties in the global political economy, and the volatility of the international financial market may increase. However, China’s economic development maintains sufficient resilience and great potential, and its ability to cope with external shocks continues to increase. The long-term positive trend will not change and will provide strong support for the smooth operation of the foreign exchange market. On the afternoon of June 10, local time, in the early morning of Beijing time, a helicopter crashed and caught fire on the roof of a tall building in Manhattan, New York. The pilot died.

Due to the sensitive location of the crash, many Americans were shocked. US President Trump also specially sent a special response to this matter. The accident occurred at 1:43 pm, and New York was rainy and accompanied by heavy fog at the time of the incident. The plane crashed on the top of a 54-story building with no apron on the top of the building, and the airspace that flew when the plane crashed was the no-fly zone. The building that the helicopter crashed was the AXA Equitable Center. The building is located at 787 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, between 51st and 52nd Streets, close to the Museum of Modern Art and Trump Tower.
Today, the Americans were frightened. Today, the Americans were frightened by the witnesses who were working in the building at the time of the incident. They felt that the building suddenly swayed, thinking that it was an earthquake and smelling the burning of building materials. Then I received an evacuation order. Everyone evacuated the building and several blocks around the building were blocked.

The New York City Fire Department sent more than 100 personnel to the scene. After the fire department arrived at the scene, the fire was under control. According to the New York Fire Department, the accident has caused one death. The pilot who died was named Tim McCormack and had 15 years of helicopter flight experience. According to CBS, the pilot had told him that he was in trouble on the radio before the accident. The US Federal Aviation Administration said that the US National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash. Today, the Americans were frightened. New York Governor Andrew Como said in an interview that the first reaction to hearing the helicopter crash was to think of 9·11. Although New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that there is no evidence that this is a terrorist attack, many Americans still remember the 9/11 incident that occurred in Manhattan 18 years ago.

I am on the 56th Street. 18 years ago, it still left me with a lingering fear. Obviously, the flying object can still hit the building in New York without being intercepted. US President Trump also specifically tweeted the matter and thanked the on-site personnel who were present at the scene. Life and death are the only way for creatures to live, but have you ever thought that some people will die because of “loneness.” In fact, such an example is not uncommon. Even in China, it is common for “empty-nest elderly people” to die in their own homes because of unattended care. But in Japan today, young people have begun to “lonely” and die at home…

Xiao Bian brought to you today a news about “lonely dead” reported in Japan recently. A 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness.” Every year, 300,000 people in Japan lose their loneliness because of alcohol. When a 10-year-old woman was found in a 2LDK apartment, she has been dead for more than three months… we call her A. 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness”. In Japan, 300,000 people die each year. According to Yantian, who is engaged in the special cleaning industry, after the bedroom of the deceased, it is followed by Various medals and awards hanging on the wall and on the shelf.

It turned out that A was once an athlete. On the shelf of the living room, there is a photo taken at the sports meeting, wearing a bib across the finish line, and the A in the photo looks full of vitality and vitality. A son gave birth to a daughter after marrying her husband in her 20s. But after that, because of the divorce due to indulging in alcohol, the custody of the daughter was also attributed to the husband. After divorce, I lost my financial resources. One person was addicted to alcohol at home, and even did not let go of the bottle when she died…

When Yantian sorted out the relics for A, he found a lot of books about abstinence in the corner of the room. It seems that Azi had thought about getting rid of this situation… A son died in the toilet. The toilet and the tiles in the toilet were covered with blood, which was caused by a large amount of vomiting blood. These bloodstains have been extended to the refrigerator and the entrance. A son must want to go out for help… 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness”. Every year, 300,000 people in Japan are alone and lose contact with their families. After A’s younger brother got in touch, we learned that after being divorced from her husband, A was addicted to alcohol because she was too lonely. And the younger brother has become alienated because of the quarrel, there is no one who can rely on.

On the table in the room, there are various medicines and diagnostic books for [cirrhosis]. At the corner of the shelf is a picture of the daughter who had been given to A on Mother’s Day and a photo of the mother and son in the amusement park. All of them are entrusted with A’s thoughts on her daughter. A diary fighting the disease, another woman who died because of loneliness. Ms. B, who lives in Hachioji City, Tokyo, was discovered three months after her death. A 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness.” Every year, 300,000 people in Japan die alone and die. The B son lives alone in his hometown. Her home was once a fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki, and her home is full of DVDs and CDs from Dong Bang Shin Ki. On the shelf in the living room, I found the ticket for the Shinkansen and the receipt of the hotel. It seems that B has also expedition to see concerts everywhere.

In the second half of the 20th year, B also had a favorite boyfriend, but in the first half of the 30s, he was diagnosed with a liver lesion, and B was broken and married with his boyfriend, and became more and more unfamiliar. . Parents have long since passed away, and B, who has been alienated from his brother, is fighting alone with the disease. [If I can be healthier…. If I can reincarnate, this time, I want to get married] [The stomach is sore… The diarrhea can’t stop. The body can’t move… What will I become…] This is the last diary that B has tried his best to write down.

B eventually died at the time of defecation. A 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness.” Every year, 300,000 people in Japan died alone. Yantian, who cleaned the remains of B, said: [Miss B has not been able to spend time with her boyfriend, and she has not been able to rely on her parents. The erosion of her illness on her illness made her leave the world so early. 】

Men also need to pay attention to loneliness and death. People who die at a young age like A are not uncommon in Japan. According to the latest report published by the Japan Small Short-Term Insurance Association and the Lonely Death Countermeasure Committee on May 7, the average age of lonely deaths in Japan is now 61 years, and the proportion of those who have not reached the age of seniority exceeds 50%. The lonely death between the ages of 20 and 60 accounts for nearly 40%.

The ratio of male to female is 8:2. The 30-year-old Japanese woman died of “loneness”. In Japan, there are 300,000 lonely women who are more difficult to get rid of loneliness than men in the general understanding. Men are due to workplace disputes. There are many examples of falling into self-denial and dwelling homes, but women like B, who live at home because of lovelorn and loss of marriage and disease, are also in the minority. As long as women are isolated from society, they will become difficult to recover, and they will pretend that they are okay. But in fact, when you encounter rainy days, you don’t want to go out, your body is weak and you can’t move. I feel aversion to such self and fall into self-denial, and eventually the spirit collapses.

The isolation of women is often more difficult to get rid of than the isolation of men. The Tokyo Metropolitan Medical College defines loneliness as “living alone and causing abnormal deaths at home.” According to the statistics released by the agency: In 1987, the number of lonely people in the 23rd district of Tokyo was 788 males and 335 females. In 2006, 20 years later, there were 2,362 men and 1,033 women. It has grown by about 3 times. By 2015, there were 4,995 males and 2,683 females. In just one year, there were as many as 7,678 people who died in loneliness in the 23rd district of Tokyo. About 21 people died of loneliness one day.

Lonely death occurs mostly in the summer? According to this report, we can also find that lonely deaths occur in January, July, and August. It can be seen that lonely death is also related to the heat of the weather. Workers in a special cleaning industry like Yantian often do not get a breather from the end of the rainy season until September. In the homes of people who are found to be alone in the past three days after death, only a large amount of garbage is piled up in the home. In the summer when it is prone to solitary death, a large amount of heat is accumulated in the garbage. The lonely person gradually loses his breath in the environment surrounded by garbage, so it is corrupted together with the garbage until the surrounding residents notice the abnormal taste. .

The average number of days in which the bodies of lonely people were found was 17 days. Only 40% were found within three days, and 15% were discovered only one month after death. It is not unusual to find out more than half a year. These corpses become a mummy-like state after a long period of placement and stop emitting odors. In addition, the rent is directly debited from the bank account, and there are not many examples of being discovered after several years of death. Everything around the room was running normally. Only this room was isolated from the world. It was like another world. No one noticed that the owner of the room was no longer alive.

One-tenth of Japan’s population is isolated. According to the survey, about 10 million people in Japan are now isolated. You may not have a real sense of this number, but in Japan, with a population of about 100 million, this figure is close to 10 percent of the total population. Aging, less child, plus loneliness. Perhaps these problems are the negative impact of a high level of social development.

The economy has been developed and infrastructure has been developed. The country, society and cities have changed at a speed visible to the naked eye. But why are we neglecting something important? -END- If you like our work, please continue to pay attention to Japanese Story and our Zhiri Circle App here to thank all readers, we need everyone’s support, your support is our driving force!