Why come to the United States? Will you stay in the future? This is the choice that every international student must make. However, the choice is forced, H1b and visas make a strength problem a fate. After Trump came to power, H1b became more and more difficult to get, so that countless people burst into tears. At the beginning of the new year, Trump began to implement new anti-immigration measures: people who have been allowed to take H1b for more than six years will continue to work, even if their green card declaration has entered the schedule. This move may even affect legitimate skilled immigrants. Leaving it, it becomes a kind of obsession. “Where is your daughter? In the United States!” Many people know that they must stay when we are not sure that staying will be better than returning home. Probably because it sounds better.

In the eyes of some domestic people, New York, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx are all famous places in the world that can make the whole family proud. “The United States has good conditions and high welfare. I will take over my parents in the future!” Of course, these strong support comes from your three aunts and relatives. The foreign students who came to see each other can clearly know what they want. . So staying, turned out to be a kind of obsession. A friend of mine, she has been in the office for 2 years, and has read 3 degrees. From three years of continuous H1B lottery experience, she told me that her ability is very strong, and the difference is only a little luck. And insist, just because I want to stay. I asked her reasons, she said that air, food, equal interpersonal, no need to work overtime, a stable life. “But are these worthy of your consumption here?” “I feel that staying in the United States is a success in itself.” I can’t help but say nothing.

For example, as a company that provides H1b, the daily newspaper will often interview some overqualified international students, one of which impressed me. Domestic TOP2 undergraduate, Penn graduated, Yan value justice. I got a full-time offer of finance on my own, but the company didn’t give H1b. She can only come to interview the editor of the daily newspaper. “You are here to really succumb!” “I just want to stay.” High salary, but at first glance many Chinese students stay in American companies because of the high salary of the code code, but in the future they don’t know how much to work in American companies. Only then can I get a green card. After three years of programming in the United States, there will be a work bottleneck: we are always in the code, but the American colleagues around us have appreciated.

Do not dare to quit, for the green card. You can only tell the employer with a heart of Zhicheng, you will be obedient, and he should buy a green card for this loyalty. More and more people choose to return to the country to directly record a VCR, which interviewed six returning workers. For example, Kenneth, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in MIS from the University of Montgomery, USA, joined the US entrepreneurial army, “holding the money to sell cabbage, and selling the heart of white fen.” Two years later, Ken spent 26 hours, rented out the house, sold the car, and 7 years of baggage race into two suitcases, then took a meal with the old godmother and decided to return home. There is only one reason: “Where there is a bigger world, where can it be vigorous and vigorous, where does Laozi go?”

Another example is Helen, a master’s degree in Florida State University. This girl who is hot on the hot pot chooses to return to work in order to keep up with the rapid development of the Internet in the domestic industry. After all, many of the latest and most grounded concepts and gameplay can only be realized in China. Helen is currently the head of commercial operations at Sina Weibo. There are thousands of reasons for returning to China, but they all come together in one sentence: dreams, must be beautiful! Dream Without Ceilings! Regarding whether to return to China. At the end of 2017, the daily newspaper spent a week and did a research period. Although there were only more than 300, it was found that the number of international students who had a positive attitude toward returning to China increased by 22% compared with last year. This also indirectly illustrates the changes in the employment situation between China and the United States.

Below we have selected a few typical answers. Mom and Dad can’t speak English. Even if they stay in the United States, parents who care for them can’t throw them into the nursing home. Ming Ming Ma Dad’s heart wants me to come back, but still says, “The money is not enough for my mother to fight for you” and “No matter what you do, your parents will support you”. I can’t put down my parents, so I plan to return home when I graduate. —— By King of the Devils I miss the spicy crayfish and hot pot in Beijing’s Guijie Street, and the spicy and roasted noodles prepared by people from the bars and nightclubs on Sanlitun Beer Street. Mala Tang, my favorite food is radish, enoki mushroom and bean skin. Yes, you have to add fans. I can’t do it, I want to go back! I went back to China after graduation and wanted to marry my girlfriend. Some people will only appear once in life. If you can’t marry her, this life will be all right.

The answer to family, love, and food is 35%, and the remaining 65% can be answered in 8 words: the world’s development is in China. Because you have seen the world, international students are more convinced of their independent judgment: If you have a restless soul, if you want to keep up with this fast-paced technology era at the age of the most struggling, if you want new challenges every day, new Progress, if you have planned the rise of the decade, then you should return to China. Because only China’s development speed can keep up with your pursuit of dreams.

The development of the world is in China! Although many developed countries are advanced, their infrastructure, equipment, and people’s lifestyles have not improved much in decades. In contrast, China, from cashless payment, to sharing bicycle sharing boyfriends, to lightning-fast high-speed rail, to go out with a mobile phone to go around the world, changing with each passing day. We are the ones who are truly standing at the forefront of the wave and the times. They are the closest people to the next vent, and they are people who upgrade their lifestyles from the time of the scientific and technological revolution (from the general to the fancy).

In the foundation of modern state power, the economy is the foundation, and politics serves the economy. The military is the continuation of politics. Under this influence, the military capability of a country is obviously affected by the economic foundation, but not powerful. The economic strength and status of a political power are also hard to imagine. However, this set of standards does not seem to apply to the UK today. As a once-in-a-day empire, Britain’s current national strength can no longer support the status of a world power. In terms of economic ability, although the UK’s GDP ranks in the top 10 in the world, the catch-up of other emerging economies to the UK is also very rapid. In terms of military strength, the British military’s ability is even more worrying. However, compared with Britain’s economic and military strength, Britain’s political influence has not been much attenuated. In fact, Britain is still one of the important political powers in the world today, and its influence on many international political affairs is also very big.

As one of the most important foundations of the country’s strength, the overall strength of military power has always been the most important criterion for measuring the status of a country’s world. Today’s British military power is also relatively embarrassing in the world. After the beginning of the maritime discovery, the British quickly grew into the world’s number one power, and its military strength was undoubtedly the first at that time. In fact, the status of the military power first, the United Kingdom has also maintained for a long time. However, in the second half of the 19th century, the overall military strength of the United Kingdom began to decline.

Since the second half of the 19th century, due to the rise of the United States and Germany, the overall military strength of the United Kingdom has also declined. Although the United Kingdom still has an absolute advantage in terms of maritime power at that time, the overall strength of the British army has been The peak period fell a lot. After entering the twentieth century, with the outbreak of World War I and World War II in Europe, the British national strength and military power were finally ousted from the first throne. By the end of World War II, Britain has in fact become a second-rate country and entered the 20th. After the first century, with the rise of emerging powers, Britain’s military strength has lagged far behind.

According to the information gathered by the media, after more than a century of decline in strength, the overall British military power has been reduced to the standard of medium-powered countries. In terms of the number of main battle tanks in the land direction, the number of tanks in the British army will soon drop to below 200. In the UK’s strong naval, in addition to the limited number of nuclear submarines that rely on advanced technology, the overall strength of British aircraft carriers and combat ships has been surpassed by emerging powers. In terms of defense spending, Britain’s total defense spending last year has not yet reached half of the world’s second military spending countries, and it is less than one tenth of the United States compared with the military-first United States. Affected by this, according to the latest news from the media, “The size of the British army has dropped to the lowest level in a century, and its full-time training combat troops fell to 75,000 in April – less than the established target of 82,000. 8.5%”.

As the most important support of a country’s overall strength, the UK’s economic data is also very difficult to see. According to figures released by the authorities, in 2018, the gross domestic product of the UK barely occupied the fifth place in the world, reaching 2.8 trillion US dollars, while France and India, which followed, have reached 2.79 trillion US dollars and 2.689 trillion US dollars. At the level, according to the public data, the annual growth rate of GDP in the UK in recent years has also been hovering around 1%. With reference to India’s annual GDP growth rate of more than 6% in recent years, the UK’s GDP will not take years. Will be surpassed by his former colonial India.

However, compared with Britain’s economic ability and military capability, the political influence of Britain is very good. In today’s world, the political influence of Britain is obviously still at a relatively high level, and it is basically impossible to be surpassed in the short term. The British military’s foreign intervention did not show much signs of reduction.

In terms of political influence, the United Kingdom has frequently spoken on many issues in the world in recent years. On the Syrian issue, on the Venezuelan issue, the United Kingdom is also showing its own influence on the Iranian issue. At the same time, the United Kingdom has never been absent in interfering in other countries’ internal affairs. In the internal affairs of many countries, including China, Russia, Venezuela, etc., the United Kingdom has repeatedly demonstrated an arrogant and rude attitude. On some issues in Africa in recent years, the United Kingdom has been active in the issue of competition among major powers. For example, on the issue of Russia and Ukraine, the United Kingdom has repeatedly attacked Russia and has deliberately sought Russian trouble on many issues. Outside of politics, in the military, the British movement is even bigger.

In line with the US’s global strategy, in the military, the United Kingdom has repeatedly cooperated with the United States in launching a direct military strike against the Syrian government. In the Libya issue a few years ago, the United Kingdom was also the most active military action participant. In the European military pressure against Russia from the United States, whether it is the military deployment of the NATO system in the Baltic Sea, the deterrent military exercise in the United States, or the pressure of the United States on Russia in the Black Sea, the United Kingdom is the most active participant, a few days ago, The United Kingdom is still proudly claiming that its fighters deployed in the three Baltic states have intercepted air operations from the Russian mainland to the European enclaves. In the deterrent action of the Baltic Sea in the US B52 strategic bomber a few months ago, the United Kingdom was also the transit point for the B52 series of strategic bombers.

Outside the European direction, in the Asia-Pacific region, which is tens of thousands of kilometers from the UK, the military operations of the British army have never stopped. Before the British Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier served and formed its initial operational capability, the British side could not wait to announce the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier’s Asia-Pacific military action plan. In addition to this, the British “Pose of the Sea” amphibious dock landing ship was publicly rushed to the Asia-Pacific last year to perform the so-called “free cruise action”, exercise the so-called “free navigation rights”, “maintain international law and international standards.” In the course of the operation, the British ship broke open into the territorial waters of Xisha, China.

However, the ability of the British military forces is clearly insufficient to accomplish these tasks, and the actual combat capability in the Asia-Pacific region is even more a joke. However, the United Kingdom did just that, and after such provocative actions, the United Kingdom was not actually punished. The reason why British political influence can still be at the world level in the absence of economic strength and military strength, the status of the British EU member states is the root cause, and the British army can provoke other big countries in the world in the absence of strength, the United States and Britain. The military security system is the most important reason.

In terms of the influence of EU member states, although the strength of the United Kingdom has long had no basis for interfering with other countries’ problems, as a member of the EU, influenced by the integration of EU politics, the United Kingdom can also take advantage of the overall capabilities of the EU to form an advantage over other countries. In many political, economic, diplomatic, and internal affairs issues involving the world’s major powers, the United Kingdom is also relying on the EU as a whole to maintain a strong ability to intervene. For example, in the intervention of other countries, the United Kingdom often instigates the EU to introduce policies that meet the interests of the UK, including sanctions. On the economic issue, with the advantage of the EU’s economic integration, the United Kingdom often enjoys the right to exceed the British national power on the world economic issue.

In terms of the military security system, the overall military capability of the United Kingdom today is no longer able to support a large-scale war. Do not say that it is a war with a big country. Even if it is a war with a medium-military power, Britain’s military strength alone is very Hard to bear. In fact, the current application of the British army has long been inclined to a wider range of special operations, and the special operations forces like the British SAS have become the main force of the British military’s external operations.

At the same time, in addition to Britain’s own military capabilities, Britain’s national security and military security has long been bound to the United States, forming a binding relationship with the Western security system. While the British army is constantly cooperating with the United States to carry out military operations against other countries, it is also enjoying the security dividend of the US military. That is to say, although the capabilities of the British army have long been unable to support a major war, but with the US military and the NATO security system as the backing, the United Kingdom can still make military provocations around the world without fear of punishment.