In July last year, the incident of “Men’s Man in the Street after 20 Years” occurred in Luanchuan County, Henan Province, which caused continuous attention after media reports. The reporter from was informed by the lawyer Chang Jing (a pseudonym), lawyer Guo Jingchao, that the case will be heard in the People’s Court of Luanchuan County today. Guo Jingchao said that he would plead guilty to Chang Hao in court.

Net video screenshot: The party often beats the teacher and beat the teacher 20 years later, “revenge”, he is the head of the class, and let the companion take a video. After graduating from the experimental school in Luanchuan County, Henan, more than ten years later, the 32-year-old Chang Hao used a few slaps “Return” to Zhang Ming (a pseudonym), the class teacher of his second day. Things should start from a video on the Internet on December 15th, 2018. In this video of more than 1 minute, Chang Hao stopped an exercised black electric car. The car was sitting in front of his class teacher Zhang Ming.

“Do you still remember me?” The voice did not fall, and Chang Hao slaped a face at Zhang Ming’s face. Then, he went around the left side of the battery car and questioned Zhang Ming several times: “I used to smash me, still remember?” and once again slaped a slap in the face, and finally threw the next sentence: “I see you once. , hit you once.”

Before the start, Chang Hao clearly indicated that the partners around him used the mobile phone to shoot the teacher. In the video, the strong routine seems to be aggressive, and the class teacher Zhang Ming seems to be overwhelmed. After being slap in the face, Zhang Ming muttered a few words and said sorry to Chang Hao.

The video of the teacher’s incident in the video actually took place in July 2018. On the day of the incident, I often asked my friends to go out for fishing. On the way, I met Zhang Ming, the class teacher of the year. Inadvertent encounters have aroused the “anger” that has often been suppressed in the heart for more than 20 years.

According to Guo Jingchao’s lawyer, Chang Hao chose to retaliate after 20 years. Since the beginning of the second day, he was slandered in the class because he was dozing off in class. During the period, Zhang Ming had many ankles on Chang’s head and body. Later, Zhang Ming asked Chang Hao to face the blackboard and asked Chang Hao to lift a piece of wood in his hand.

“This incident has had a very serious psychological shadow on Chang Hao, so that after more than ten years of graduation, he will be excited when he sees news about teachers insulting students.” Guo Jingchao introduced that Chang Hao just looked good before the incident. Going to the news that a teacher bullied a female student was one of the reasons that triggered his misconduct.

For the incident, the reporter found that a user named “Camel Bird 009” who claimed to be Chang Hao himself posted a post on December 16, 2018, explaining the reason for his teacher. The post reads: “When I am a father, I still can’t live this hurdle, because the psychological damage you cause to me can still make me a nightmare, I must solve it.”

Five months after the incident, according to the Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau, Zhang Ming reported the case to the police on December 17, 2018. On December 20, Chang Hao was detained on suspicion of seeking trouble. The Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau informed the teacher that after being beaten, he felt that he was “disgraceful” and chose to report “retaliation” after 5 months. In the past five months, the teacher Zhang Mingcai chose to report to the police. .

According to media reports, Zhang Ming initially chose to conceal things that he was beaten by students, and even did not mention his wife. However, five months later, this “retaliation” video was transmitted on the Internet. Zhang Ming told the media: “The people all over the country know that I am going to the streets to buy food. I feel that someone is pointing at the back.”

After the incident continued to ferment, the relevant person in charge of the Zhangchuan County Experimental Middle School taught by Zhang Ming saw the video of Zhang Ming being beaten in several WeChat groups. After verifying the situation, the school submitted the report to the Luanchuan Police Station on December 16. Report the complaint.

According to media reports, the school said that “(常骁) was beaten by the teachers of the past, unscrupulous and lawless. Not only that, but he also deliberately carried out video recordings and spread them online. Strongly demanded that the public security organs find out the facts and severely punish them. The perpetrators, pursue their legal responsibilities, bear personal and moral damages, and delete the beating video, publicly apologize.”

On the eve of the trial, on the evening of June 10th, the accountant who called himself “the father of the teacher’s father after 20 years” wrote on the Internet platform that the son actually respects the teacher very much. If the son’s behavior has no intention of hurting the teacher’s feelings, I apologize to you again.

In addition, the article mentioned that after the son entered (being detained), he always wanted to apologize to the teacher and wanted to settle in private. Family and lawyers have been looking for it. I also asked acquaintances and intermediaries to ask. There were no more than twenty times, and the other side resisted. He also said that he only wants the fairness and justice of the law.
The lawyer who “played the teacher after 20 years” is now in court. The lawyer of the student said that he will be acquitted.

Self-proclaimed “20 years later, students beat the teacher” The father of the party posted on the online platform. The lawyer should be a public security punishment. It is not applicable to “seeking troubles.” After more than five months of detention, Chang Hao will appear in court today.

Regarding the behavior of Chang Hao, the prosecution accused in the indictment: Chang Hao in public places for retaliating motives, to vent their emotions, to make a living, to intercept, insult, beat the middle school teachers in public, and to intentionally record video for others to watch; This led to the widespread spread of the video on the Internet, which seriously affected the teacher’s work, life and family peace, and triggered the criticism of the whole society’s respect for the traditional virtues of respecting teachers. The impact was bad and the social order was seriously damaged. Criminal responsibility should be pursued for the crime of seeking trouble. . Chang Hao was captured by the investigating agency on the way to the case and can be regarded as an automatic case. If the crime is truthfully confessed after the case, it can be lightened or mitigated.

In this regard, Guo Jingchao told the reporter of that the so-called “borrowing the wrong” can be understood as “the cause of the incident.” He explained that it is not for no reason to beat the teacher often, but because of the past, the teachers have been punished and left a psychological shadow. As for the recording of video transmission, Guo Jingchao said: “At first I only wanted to spread it in a small group of students, but I didn’t expect it to be put on the network.”

“We must admit that Chang Hao’s behavior is definitely wrong. He himself expressed regret during the criminal detention and wrote an apology.” Father Chang Lei also responded: “The son’s beating is wrong, but this should not be a crime. In the media, the Chang Hao apology letter was publicly reported. Guo Jingchao also suggested that Chang Hao’s behavior and fault should not be in the criminal law category of “seeking troubles”, but should apply the law on public security management.

In Guo Jingchao’s defense letter to reporters, he wrote: “The behavior of Chang’s law is the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which does not reach the level of crime.” Therefore, Guo Jingchao said that he would do it in court. Innocent defense.

Looking for guilty of nuisance, supporting guilty impunity for 20 years later to retaliate against the teacher’s “revenge and hate” behavior, is it sensible or guilty? With the outflow of video, this topic has also caused controversy among netizens. Some netizens believe that the act of violent violence is obviously a crime, but some netizens said that students should have a reason for playing the teacher and should not be punished.

Weibo message screenshots How often should the behavior be characterized? According to Fan Chen, a lawyer at Beijing Jingshi Law Firm: “The act of violent violence is definitely not right, but the degree is not enough to identify it as a trouble.”

Lawyer Fan Chen proposed that in the face of the value orientation of respecting the teacher, even if the teacher had acted aggressively in the past, after choosing to retaliate and beat his teacher after many years, this kind of behavior certainly should not.

However, in Fan Chen’s view, the prosecution’s “search for troubles” is not a part of the behavior of Chang Hao. He explained that on the one hand, Mr. Zhang did have problems with the behavior of the students. On the other hand, the frequent beatings did not cause serious harm to the teacher, and he also expressed his apology afterwards.

Fan Chen believes that Chang Hao’s behavior is more in line with the “guilty impunity” approach. He proposed that in accordance with the “compensatory principle” of criminal judgments, criminal punishment should be minimized when dealing with disputes. Fan Chen explained that the so-called principle of humiliation of criminal law means that the maximum penalty effect is obtained with the least amount of punishment.

“This means that only in the absence of other appropriate methods that can replace the penalty, can a certain violation of the legal order be set as a criminal act.” Fan Chen said. Therefore, in Fan Chen, it is believed that the practice of revenge for teachers should be based on critical education.