Wang Laobo is 70 years old this year. The family has been living and working in Ningbo for many years. On June 8, the old man went to a hospital for medical treatment because he felt “depressed”. Wang Laobo’s symptoms and actions are rather strange: irritability, sweating, spitting on the wall and ground, after being referred to a top three hospital, no abnormalities were found in the head CT. At this time, the elderly showed symptoms such as fear of water, fear of the wind, fear of light, drooling, etc., which are typical symptoms of rabies.

On the afternoon of June 9, Wang Laobo was transferred to the National University of Science and Technology Hospital. The staff of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Institute of Ningbo CDC also rushed to the hospital. The old man was diagnosed with rabies and his condition quickly worsened. In the early hours of the morning, Wang Laobo died.

“Modern medicine is powerless for rabies. Once the disease is ill, the mortality rate is 100%. Most of the time, the patient is conscious, knowing that death is approaching step by step, and knowing some behaviors after his illness, but it is impossible to control, and the heart is extremely Painful,” said Yi Bo, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control of Ningbo Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The family has only mentioned that Wang Laobo was bitten by a stray dog ​​on a country road two months ago. Because I didn’t bite deeply, I didn’t take it seriously. I just went home and washed the wound with tap water. I didn’t go to the rabies vaccine. The family looked at the old man as usual and did not advise him to vaccinate. Until two months later, the death came unexpectedly. Being scratched by cats and dogs must be vaccinated. Many people are scratched by cats and dogs. The reason why they are not vaccinated is because they are bitten “not very bad”. The wound looks very small and there is not much blood.

“The wrong concept kills people.” Director Yi said that the people often judge that the risk is not big because they are not heavy. In fact, this is not always the case. For example, a deep bite on the thigh and a shallow bite on the finger should cause enough attention, and even the latter should be given a higher degree of attention because the number of nerves on the finger is much more than the thigh.

According to experts, rabies virus is a kind of neuro-environment virus. It is the most nerve-intensive place where it will multiply and grow in geometric progression. The fingers, toes and face of the human being are the parts where the nerves are concentrated. They are also the parts that are most easily bitten by animals such as cats and dogs. However, after being bitten, people tend to think that they are “not very powerful”. The paralysis of the mind paid the price of life.

Experts remind the general public that although the rabies vaccine is better, the sooner, even if it is over 24 hours or longer, the parties should re-inoculate the vaccine as soon as possible. If the whole vaccination can be completed before the onset, it can still avoid the tragedy. The claim that the disease has occurred only a few decades after being bitten is not based on the introduction of disease control experts. The incubation period of rabies can last for several months, but it can be as short as several days. Judging from the existing cases of rabies in China, the incubation period of most cases is less than one year, usually from half a month to three months. The claim that some dogs have been ill for decades after being bitten by dogs is currently lacking a clear basis.

Almost all warm-blooded animals can be infected with rabies virus, but the most important ones are cats and dogs, and some wild animals such as bats, crickets, etc., cold-blooded animals such as turtles and snakes do not transmit rabies virus, and are bitten by birds or chickens. There is no need for rabies exposure, but wound treatment is required.

No treatment is required for normal contact with the animal or for feeding the animal, and for the skin of the bedding to be intact. If the skin is bitten or has only slight scratches or abrasions and no bleeding, it is a Class II exposure and needs to be treated with a rabies vaccine. Class III exposure is caused if the skin is bitten or scratched, or if the wound is damaged, or when it is contaminated with passive mucous membrane fluid. Anti-rabies passive immunization preparations are also required to be injected around the wound after wound treatment and prior to vaccination.

In summer, the clothes are thin and the skin is bare. Everyone must be careful! An apple 10 yuan, three peaches 18 yuan, a watermelon to 80 dollars … now the cherry has a netizen spend 1 2 buy one. Can we still eat fruit happily this summer?

Just when everyone can’t afford to eat fruit, a large number of cherries from Yantai, Shandong Province will be launched in Alibaba in June. The sweetness of these domestic cherries is no less than imported cherries, but the price is half cheaper. Realize “cherry free”. A large number of Shandong Yantai cherries landed in Tmall Taobao. This summer, “Cheese Freedom” finally realized that “Shandong Yantai Cherry is no less than imported cherries in quality.” Liu Lili, chairman of the Fushan District Xianpin Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative, Yantai City, said Yantai’s abundant sunshine and sea breeze, as well as the natural conditions of large temperature difference between day and night, nourishes the outstanding taste of Yantai Cherry, in which the early sugar content is not less than 14, the fruit diameter is more than 25 mm; the black pearl has a sugar content of not less than 16, fruit The diameter is more than 28 mm.

Although it is the most important cherry producing area in China, in the past, because of the backwardness of the industry, the quality of the cherry on the market was uneven. “How much has affected the judgment of consumers, and I feel that there is no imported cherries.” Liu Lili said, this year, Yantai Cherry In cooperation with Alibaba, we have put together a set of Taoxiang sweet supply chain standards in the planting end and sorting processing, so that each cherry on the line has more than the imported cherries in fruit shape, fruit diameter and sugar content. By sorting, the diameter of each cherry can reach 28 mm and the sugar content is not less than 16

Although the flesh is full and the juice is full, but because of the superposition of brand premium and logistics cost, the imported cherries are worth six or seventy yuan, and even netizens spend one and two to buy one. Compared with imported cherries, the price of domestically produced Shandong cherries is more close to the people. In May, the cherries that were sold online in April were around 40 yuan per catty, and the cherries that will be on the market in June were only about 30 yuan per catty.

The choice of many foodies also proved the counterattack of the domestic cherry. According to Alibaba data, in the past two months, the national food consumption through the purchase of domestic cherries through Tmall Taobao reached 380 million yuan, nearly 20 million jin, not only more than doubled year-on-year, but also exceeded the consumption of last year, including Shandong The consumption of large cherries is 340 million yuan, accounting for 89%. Chile imported only 35 million yuan in the past two months.

Through the fully automatic integrated equipment, the quality of the listed cherries is unified, the taste is better than the imported cherries, and the price is also half of the imported ones. Yu Hualong, a villager in Zhoujiatun Village, Fushan District, Yantai City, is one of the cooperative members. He said that although Yantai cherries are not for sale, fruit farmers do not understand planting standards and branding. After working with Alibaba, the orchard not only regulates the fertilization and harvesting standards, but also categorizes the cherries to make the plants more professional.

It is understood that Alibaba Digital Farm also plans to land Yantai, by increasing the soil organic matter, improve the quality of the cherry, so that the cherries can be free. Southeast Asia entered the rainy season in June and July. Just like the rainy days, the old wounds will itch. At this time, the anti-China forces in some Southeast Asian countries seem to have a seizure. Recently, the Philippines has had several incidents related to China in succession. Some of them are obviously planned by the anti-China faction, while others are taken advantage of the opportunity to stimulate the Filipinos.

The latest thing was exposed yesterday. Yesterday was the 121st Independence Day of the Philippines. On the big day of national celebrations, Philippine Defense Minister Lorenzana issued a notice, but nothing to do with Independence Day, but reported a collision accident in the “Western Philippines Haile Road Beach” three days ago: A Chinese fishing boat crashed into a Philippine fishing boat and ran.

Here, the Philippine Defense Minister’s “Recto Bank” is actually our South Sea Reed Bank. In order to strengthen its territorial claims, the Philippines deliberately called it. According to Lorenzana, the incident occurred on the evening of the 9th. The Philippine “Gimver 1” fishing boat parked near the Ritual Beach was hit by a Chinese fishing boat and sank. 22 fishermen on the Philippine fishing boat fell into the water. Lorenzana said that after the incident, Chinese fishing boats did not rescue the drowners in time, but quickly “escaped” the scene.

In the announcement, Lorenzana condemned the behavior of Chinese fishing boats, saying that fortunately a Vietnamese fishing boat was nearby to rescue the Philippine fishermen who fell into the water. The day of commemoration of independence broke out the “big material” that was bullied, and the effect can be imagined. The anti-China forces in the Philippines, which are so eager to move, are excited. The first is some anti-China media. The Philippine Inquirer, the Star and the well-known new media website Rappler quickly put the collision incident on the front page.

Opening the websites of these media, I can’t see that yesterday was the independence day of this country. It is more like the Philippines has just suffered a shameful humiliation and is full of how tough China. There are also some famous anti-Chinese characters who immediately jumped out. The former Foreign Minister of the Aquino III, Rosario, made his voice for the first time. He said that China is a “bully neighbor” and “will continue to bully Filipino fishermen in the future”, so this time China must be responsible.

This is not enough. He also lost the opportunity to “remind” the Filipinos to take multiple measures to achieve their goals, such as … ask the Duterte government for not asking China to implement the South China Sea arbitration ruling. Scythe: The Chinese and Philippine fishing boats collided and accidentally knocked out a group of Filipino anti-China Philippine media and Rosario who worked hard, but they apparently “make the wrong” the nature of the collision.

A scholar who studied Southeast Asian issues told Knife that the collision of such fishing boats is like a traffic accident. In some disputed waters of the South China Sea, fishing boats of different countries are fishing there. Even if there is a shackle or a serious accident, it is also “civil” in nature, and it is not related to state behavior. However, the anti-China forces obviously do not care about this, they are not able to find the head, of course, this matter must be on the line, make full use of it. Moreover, during this time, they are also trying to find ways to pick things up in the Philippines and encourage Qiuhua to fight against China.

One incident that caused a lot of attention before this was that several hawkers were photographed a few days ago in the Rizal Park in Manila, the capital, to “sell a five-star red flag.” Related videos and photos have spread on social media, causing many Filipinos to be dissatisfied. The Philippines has clear laws prohibiting the sale of foreign flags in public places, except in certain circumstances. And is Rizal Park a place? It was built to commemorate the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and is a symbol of the independence of the Philippines. Selling foreign flags in Rizal Park will certainly stimulate the national feelings of some Filipinos.

Some Philippine netizens said: “Do we really want to be a province of China?” It is full of criticism and irony. But as the event ferments, things quickly reverse. The Philippine National Park Development Committee released a live surveillance video on the 10th, confirming that these photos were actually a “trap.” A man paid the hawkers money in advance and asked them to “pretend to sell a five-star red flag.” That is to say, some people are planning and speculating behind the scenes. The purpose is obviously to target President Duterte’s friendly policy toward China, thereby affecting Filipinos’ emotions.

At the same time as the “selling the Chinese flag” incident was fermented, there were still people who organized protesters to stage demonstrations in front of the Chinese consulate in Manila, protesting against China on the South China Sea issue, asking the Duterte government to “do something” and stop China from the Philippines. Impact”. However, some people in the Philippines who are concerned about developments have simply looked at the list of protest organizations: youth rebellion, shoulder-to-shoulder youth, and the Philippine Student Council, etc., and they found out that these organizations are all opposition Liberal Party, former President. Supporters of the party where Keno III is located, they are funded by the Liberal Party, and almost no one knows.

Some people may ask why the anti-China faction in the Philippines has always been there, why do you feel a bit concentrated in the recent period? In addition, you said that every six or seven months, the anti-China forces in some Southeast Asian countries will attack, is it casual? It’s really not based. The anti-China forces in the Philippines have shaken the storm at this time and have a complicated background both at home and abroad.

What is the domestic background? The most recent one is the mid-term election of the Philippine Congress one month ago and May 13, and the opposition is not generally miserable. The end result is the 24 seats in the new Senate, most of which are backed by the support of Duterte, with only 4 left in the opposition.

For the sake of real national interests, Duterte agreed to shelve the dispute and jointly develop the position on the South China Sea issue, and tends to solve the problem through negotiation. He did not support the opposition’s proposal to promote the so-called South China Sea arbitration ruling. . But the opposition does not care what the Filipinos do, no matter what they do. They are holding on to Duterte’s attitude on issues such as the South China Sea and relations with China, trying to strike a precise attack on Duterte, and these problems happen. There are still some markets in the Philippines.

What is the relationship with the international situation? Every June and July, there are several major international conferences in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia. For example, Singapore’s Shangri-La Dialogue, and ASEAN held two summits each year. The middle of the year is probably held in June and July, and the ASEAN Regional Forum is also held at this time.

The opposition in the Philippines is mainly the Liberal Party that was defeated in the general election. Of course, there are still some pro-American forces that will not let go of these “international opportunities.” They tried to stir up issues such as the South China Sea. In order to include these multilateral issues in these issues, they also sought to “lead the way” to the big countries outside the country and provide an excuse for their intervention in the South China Sea.

It is determined that there are so many things related to China in the Philippines in a short time. What do we think? In a word: Everything looks at the mainstream. The Philippines is a multi-party system, and it is normal for the opposition to seize every opportunity to “black” the government. Moreover, June 9 is just the “China-Philippines Friendship Day” to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines. It is also the Philippine Independence Day on the 12th. At such a dense node, it is not surprising that the opposition has provoked China-related issues.

However, no matter how anti-China forces are noisy, the current attitude of the Philippine government toward China is generally stable, and public opinion, most Filipinos have a positive attitude toward Duterte’s administration, otherwise there will be no overwhelming elections. victory. The rainy season in Southeast Asia has come, and there are some wind and waves on the South Sea. This is a natural phenomenon. We can see the general trend through the storm and the wind, and we can sit on the Diaoyutai.

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