In other words, when we go to a strange country, there may be a feeling that others can’t understand what we are talking about and are very free. So, in this case, someone will start to communicate in their own language, and even can’t help but start to comment on the surrounding environment or the people around them! Imagine if someone else could understand what they were talking about…

Netizens shared some similar experiences, and they could feel the shackles across the screen… I pretended that I couldn’t understand foreign languages, and I heard a lot of stunned anecdotes… I lived in Korea for three years. But I have not learned too much of their language. I have a friend, she is a 100% Korean, but because she grew up in the United States and New Zealand, she has an American accent when she speaks. The teacher she worked with and everyone in the school thought she would not speak Korean, so they often discussed her face to face.

But that year she never said anything, until she had to speak at the annual meeting, she refused the translation prepared by the school, and gave a speech in the very fluent Korean language in front of the 800 teachers and students. . She spoke ingeniously the names of the colleagues who called her foreign pigs, and some people began to cry because of shame. I really hope that I can see that scene. I pretended that I couldn’t understand a foreign language, and I heard a lot of stunned anecdotes…

I have a cousin, he is a white man. When he was in college, he went to Japan to study for two years. He once worked for a person in charge of Honda America for several years. When his boss knew that he would speak Japanese, every time he had a meeting with the Japanese branch, he would let my cousin listen. After listening to what the Japanese said to each other, my cousin told his boss when he was resting. Because of this, the boss seems to be a divine person for the Japanese, because after each break, he will explain to them their concerns.

This boss will pay bonuses every quarter, and my cousin will always get a lot of money. I pretended that I couldn’t understand foreign languages, and I heard a lot of stunned anecdotes…. I used to go to a part-time job with a good friend of mine. My friend is a Chinese and I am not, but I live in China. The HR manager saw me later and said that we need people who can speak Mandarin. This basically understands that we want to choose the Chinese.

But my friend is Chinese, but he rarely speaks Mandarin. I am just the opposite. I can speak fluent Mandarin. It may be as a test, the manager of the human resources decided to ask us questions in Mandarin, and his intention is obviously to let me know. As a result, my friend’s face was white. He put together all his Chinese as much as possible. Then, the manager turned his face to me, and the expression was very arrogant, waiting for my answer.

And I am very happy to tell him in fluent Mandarin: Thank you for giving me the opportunity, but obviously I am not the candidate you want to choose, because I am not the Chinese face on his face, it is Absolutely. I pretended that I couldn’t understand foreign languages, and I heard a lot of stunned anecdotes. I am a mixed-race between Switzerland and Peru. I live in Peru and don’t look like a Swiss.

When I was on the bus, there were two Swiss girls, and I was talking about Latinos behind me. Then one of the girls asked the other person what I thought of. As a result, I turned and said that I also want to know. As a result, both of them were shocked, and then we all laughed. Now I have two new friends.

I am an American, but I have a medium Russian reading level. When I visited St. Petersburg a few years ago, I went to buy tickets for the Peterhof cruise. The signs on the ticket booth are in Russian, but I can understand the fare above. The person who sold the ticket thought that I didn’t understand Russian and tried to tell me the price three times higher than the ticket price. So I looked at her eyes and said in Russian: I saw how many rubles the price on the boat, she was shocked and the chin fell, and the people next to it began to laugh at her.

My friends and I are from Spanish-speaking families, so when we talk about things that we don’t want others to know, we use Spanish. One day, when we and my mother were in the kitchen, my idiot friend actually asked me if I wanted to go out and smoke one. I am an American in Thailand, I have a beard. Many times they see me saying “monkey, monkey” or “you don’t want bananas.” In the face of similar comments, most of the time I ignored it because I didn’t want others to know that I would speak Thai.

Once I received a lot of such comments, I said to two young girls about 14 years old: “The monkeys have no blue eyes, the monkeys are black eyes, just like the two of you.” They couldn’t say anything at the time. When I was 16 years old, I started working at McDonald’s. Other employees didn’t know that I could speak Spanish. So some people often talked about my bad things in Spanish in front of me. I pretended to be unable to understand what they were talking for for a few weeks.

Then one day a manager told me that she was more valuable than me because she would speak two languages. So I told her in Spanish that I actually speak three languages. When they found out that I could speak Spanish, it was hard to say. I am a Spaniard, but I don’t look like a traditional Spanish, I have a light complexion, golden hair, and green eyes. When I was living in London, I encountered various situations. The most impressive thing was that once I was sitting on the subway home.

It was supposed to be a football match between Chelsea and Barcelona. A couple was on the way to the stadium and I stood next to them. Suddenly the subway brakes, I accidentally fell to the ground and hit them. I apologize to them in English, I don’t know they are also Spanish. As a result, the two began to talk with Spain. They said that the fat man was on the ground. It took about five minutes for various things. When they left the subway, they smiled and looked at me again. At that time, I said to them in a very fluent Spanish, “Let’s enjoy the game, you guys are bad.”

Their expressions are instantly white, um, I am cool for a week. A reverse story, in Berlin in 1973, my classmates and I were on the bus to school. We went to a golf course in the United States. It was summer. There were a lot of people in the car. There was a lady with a special red lipstick on my back. Because only we were Americans at the time, I said in English: “Look, the lady behind me is too red.” Many people turned to look and laughed.

“You shouldn’t make fun of others, just manage yourself.” The woman behind the result said this to me in very standard English. All the English-speaking people in the car laughed. I felt that I was indifferent and I learned a valuable lesson. In 2015, I was on vacation in Taiwan. My sister and I both learn Japanese, so we will communicate in some Japanese. The store owner accidentally heard our conversation and thought we were Japanese. In fact, we are Chinese.

The owner said to his partner in Mandarin, “It’s Japanese, we can raise the price a bit.” So we greeted him in Chinese. That person’s expression is really enough. I am a Brazilian, flying from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro. There were two very charming girls and their mothers on the plane. They spoke very fluent English. One of the girls sat next to me.

We exchanged a few words in English and English. I thought they were Americans. They thought I was American. In fact, they are Americans in Brazil, so there is no accent, and I have spoken English since I was a child. After they put the luggage down, his mother told her daughter in Portuguese: “Coitado, tá achando que vou deixar uma de vocês sentar do lado dele.” The idea is this poor guy, thinking that I will let one of you sit next to him.

So I turned to her and said in Portuguese, “Don’t worry about the lady. I am just polite. I have a girlfriend. I am very happy to share this flight with you.” When I was in college, I went to France with my family and had a day. I was with my mother in a coffee shop. The two women behind me chatted loudly in French. One of them was obvious, I didn’t like my dress. She glanced at me and chatted with his friends. Said: “What clothes are worn, she must be a prostitute.”

I grew up in New Orleans, and there are a lot of French people around me, so I told the woman who said that you wear this dress to be like a traffic cone. She was wearing an orange skirt with white stripes. The advantage of knowing a language is: to understand other people’s arguments; the downside is: sometimes it will be very embarrassing… End the “gambling king” series, talk about the person called “famous female hooligan”, the family does not lose Gao Xiaosong, hand Tear the fashion editor-in-chief of Hong Huang.

At the beginning, many people were asking the same question. Hong Junyan, the father of Hong Huang, was also an intellectual. Why did he give such a prostitute name to the prostitute? Answer: This is related to Hong’s self-introduction, and now she needs herself. In the case of sales, I would like to say a word, “The flood of the flood, the dangling of the dangling”, taking its unscrupulous, rushing.

A few days ago, someone looked at Hong’s new book, Miss Zhang Da, and asked him afterwards. “What did Hong Huang do recently?” At this time, the netizen’s shivering and Hong Huang’s name formed a subtle interaction: dangling like a flood. To be honest, Hong Huang’s exposure is not high, but it belongs to the heavyweights who are not in the rivers and lakes, but everyone gives her a three-point face, especially the fashion circle.

As soon as she appeared, she asked a few questions about the wind and the wind. It was Guan Xiaotong who was “like to let the people like it”, or Xin Xiaolei who was online and replied to the netizens. The time is always so happy. Looking at the two places where Hong Huang has been active for the longest time, the fashion circle and the media circle, which one is full of the most interesting elements of humanity: gossip. It can be said that the gossip and love are flying together, and you are vying for a dramatic drama.

There are comparisons in places where there are celebrities, and there are gossips in places where there are female celebrities. When you are in charge of the world, gossip is the common instinct of generation after generation. In the circles of criticism and examination, the character and shape of the sword are swaying and swaying, and they can live without any scruples and special enthusiasm for two reasons: one is the effort of not arrogant, and the other is that she tries to get rid of it but at some In the sense of helping one’s own label: after the famous door.

Hong Huang’s family history, not to mention the legend, can be regarded as one percent of the modern history of China. However, this past event scored in two places. First, in the 1930s, Yong’an Department Store on the Shili Ocean; second, a courtyard house on a small street in Beijing, No. 51 Shijia Hutong. In the 1930s, Shanghai was opened for nearly a hundred years. After some feng shui rotation, the former waterfront small county became the largest city in the Far East.

While the trade is booming, the Shanghai people who have always enjoyed it have not forgotten to dance, sing and sing, and walk along the street. At that time, there were four major department stores on the Nanjing Road in the center of the universe, such as Shishi, Yongan, Xinxin, and Daxin. Among them, the most famous one is Yongan Department Store, and Yongan Department Store has the most famous foreign brand of “Conker Order”. Conker’s gold pen was sold at a high price, and one price was four yuan.

Although the pen is not a hard currency, the price is expensive to fly, but the counter is still crowded. It is said that it relies on a certain elegant style, and the outstanding salesperson pulls demand and stimulates consumption. Later, the salesman named Tan Xueqing sent the nickname “Miss Kang Keling”. At that time, many small openers in Shanghai wanted to pursue Tan Xueqing, but in the end they did not have a younger brother named Chen Du.

There are rumors that Chen Dufeng is unimpeded. He visits the counter every day, handing over four oceans to buy a gold pen, and leaving it without much, relying on a loud voice to touch Tan Xueqing. After a few days, Tan Xueqing couldn’t stand the real gold and silver offensive. If he didn’t say anything, he would live together with Chen Du, and he would give birth to a woman on July 14, 1935.

To say that Miss Concker is well-informed, the three-foot counter has ushered in a lot of insights, but the result was planted in the hands of the younger brother Chen Du around 1935. There is only one reason: that year is not Pre-marital “due diligence.”

Chen Du, who was a big man at the time, also had a bigger father, Chen Mingyuan, a famous warlord in Anhui, and an original wife who was placed in his hometown. Born in the famous door, and Chen Kaige married for two years resolutely broke up, and now 58 years old and her boyfriend have a good life, there is a saying, the son is passionate, but the father and his dad are unfortunate… Soon, Miss Concord and the warlord’s extramarital affairs It was up to the wilderness by Chen Yuanyuan.

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