Today (27th) at 1:00 am, Dalian Dalian Public Security on the Weibo, on the “women were beaten in the middle of the night” case of police, the public security organs based on the existing evidence, that the attacker Wang is suspected of coercion Forgive sins, seek crimes of provocation, and take criminal detention compulsory measures according to law. The full text of the notification is as follows:

In the early morning of June 22, 2019, a case of a woman being beaten was reported in the Huadong Road police station of Ganjingzi Branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau. After investigation, at 0 o’clock that night, the victim Wu (female, 29 years old, Liaoning Panjin) and his girlfriend went home after a drink. After the two broke up near Wu’s residential area, Wu returned home alone. On the way, Wu met a strange man on the face. The man suddenly violently beat Wu, stunned Wu, dragged it into the nearby cave, and fled the scene by taxi.

After Yu returned to his place of residence, he sent a message to Wu, but he did not answer the phone. He worried that Wu might have an accident. He went to Wu’s residence to check it and met Wu, who was just awakened on the road. Wu used a mobile phone to call 110 at 1:35.

After receiving the police, a police officer from the Huadong Road Police Station of Ganjingzi Public Security Bureau led two auxiliary police officers to the scene at 1:39. Seeing that Wu had obvious trauma, after asking about the situation, Wu raised dizziness and confused. He had to go to the hospital first. The police registered Wu’s identity, took photos and videotaped about the injury, and asked him to send a transcript as soon as possible. Accompanied by a certain person, Wu took a taxi to the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University for a CT scan of the head. After diagnosis, Wu’s right front and top subcutaneous soft tissue and bilateral soft tissue were swollen. After being disposed of by a doctor, Wu left the hospital and went home.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, Wu was accompanied by his cousin to the East China Road police station. The police conducted an inquiry and made a transcript, conducted a verification of the case, conducted a visit investigation around the incident, and sought clues to solve the case. After taking various investigation methods, the police locked the suspect Wang at 21:00 on June 25 and arrested him at a residential area in Nanguanling, Ganjingzi District at 22 o’clock. After interrogation, Wang (male, 31, Dalian, an employee of Dalian Yinyan Data Co., Ltd.) confessed to the crimes of beating and smashing Wu.

According to Wang, on the night of the incident, after a large amount of drinking with friends, he took a taxi to go to his girlfriend’s residence. On the way, when Wang was talking to his girlfriend in the car, he was forced to refuse to meet with his girlfriend, and there was a fierce quarrel. According to the taxi driver’s description, Wang was very excited at the time, yelling and getting off at halfway. After getting off the bus, Wang walked alone on the street and went to the intersection of Cangshan Road and Huangshan Road to meet Wu, who went home alone, and violently violated Wu.

On June 26, the public security organ, based on the evidence obtained, believed that Wang was suspected of forcing defamation and seeking crimes, and took criminal detention compulsory measures according to law. The public security organ in this case is investigating according to law, and will conduct judicial appraisal of Wu’s injury in accordance with legal procedures.

The video was closed and the door was closed for transfer. A nearby dance hall closed and closed yesterday (26th) at 19 o’clock. Nandu reporter noticed that the shop was photographed by the victim Wu Mou was beaten by the surveillance. The store was on the afternoon of 26th. The door was closed, and a white note of “Exit, Transfer” was posted at the door, and a contact number was attached. No one was in the store. The signboard of a fresh shop next to it was covered by a red cloth and the door was closed.

The shop that took the video. According to media reports, the Red Wuge Ballroom, which was less than 500 meters away from the scene of the incident, suddenly closed down. The netizen said that the beating man had contact with the dance hall. The reporter from Nandu noticed that the dance hall was less than 300 meters away from the crime scene and walked for about 3 minutes. At present, the gate of the dance hall is closed. Ms. Sun, who runs a restaurant nearby, told the Southern Reporter that she usually opened the door at night. “There are a lot of people at night, and the people are very mixed. I suddenly closed the door these two days.”

In this regard, Nandu reporter learned about the situation at the Huadong Road police station in Ganjingzi District, Dalian. The police said that “it is not clear whether the Red Five Ballroom is related to the case”, and it is not clear whether the victim Wu is working in the dance hall.

▌ China suspends Canadian corporate meat products to China. A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Canada said on the 25th that China’s customs authorities have recently detected ractopamine (commonly known as “clenbuterol”) residues when examining a batch of Canadian pork products. The Chinese side immediately suspended the pork products of the enterprises involved in the business and asked the Canadian side to conduct an investigation. (Xinhua News Agency)

蔡Cai Xiang, former member of the Standing Committee of the Communication University of China and vice president, was investigated and investigated. According to the State Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the former member of the Standing Committee of the Communication University of China and Vice President Cai Xiang were suspected of serious violations of the law. It is currently undergoing disciplinary review and surveillance investigations. (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, National Supervisory Committee)

The man’s bus took the station and grabbed the steering wheel. At the dangerous moment, the third-year girl grabbed him. Recently, on the Jinhua 211 bus in Zhejiang, a man missed the destination site due to the bus line adjustment. He rushed to the driver’s cab to grab the driver’s ear and grab the steering wheel. In a critical moment, the third-grade girl, Wang Xiaoxiao, grabbed the man and tried to stop him from coming forward. She said: Pull him to save a car. The man involved was criminally detained on suspicion of impairing public safety. (look at the news)

A man in a residential area in Hunan Province is suspected of being a man and a girl. In a police investigation, on June 24, in a residential area in Lingling District, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, a man suspected of marrying a little girl. The monitoring showed that the man first pulled the girl’s hair, then put on the girl’s shoulder, and by the elevator attempt to hug, the girl broke free, the man approached the girl, and tried to hug again. The girl seemed to warn that the man retreated and the girl ran away after the elevator opened. The local police said that they have been transferred to the surveillance and are under further investigation. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

▌Education department responded “Taobao Jingdong Suning fights more than one test paper”: Considering close to life, no implants “Suning, Taobao, Fighting, and Jingdong…Opening the mobile phone, which application can’t buy this anti-mosquito button?” Four questions about the home appliance brand appeared on the third-grade language final exam paper of Jinling Primary School in Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, causing doubts about suspected commercial implantation.
Latest: Beating men are being detained! The details of the night of the incident are horrifying

Does the question advertise for an e-commerce brand? “It is understood that both the school and the proposition teacher are for the purpose of cultivating the language practice ability of students to collect and process information. There is no commercial advertisement.” Yesterday (26th) afternoon, the Qixia District Education Bureau of Nanjing related work The personnel denied the matter to the Southern Reporter. “Language is a comprehensive and practical course for learning the use of language and characters. Proposition teachers have content in the proposition process that comes from both textbooks and life.” (Southern Metropolis Daily) details >>

▌ Survey: Over 60% of netizens said they would not choose the current professional Nandu NDX Lab to launch the “Have you regretted your chosen major?” hotspot station team interaction. If you are given a chance to re-select, would you choose the current major? According to data from the interactive survey, 65.6% of netizens said they would not. 49.2% of netizens said that the volunteers in the year were mainly determined by their own profession, and 47.5% said they had listened to their opinions.

“I have always regretted that my favorite parents did not let the election.” Netizen “Robot Margue” said. The netizen “Qi Wenfei’s little friend” said: “I want to choose the professional parents who are not allowed to choose. My parents want me to choose the major I don’t want to choose.” The netizen “Thailand Travel Thailand” also said that the professional was chosen by the parents, slow. After slowly growing up, I found out that it is not suitable for myself. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

▌ Chinese women’s football missed the World Cup quarter-finals Beijing time on the morning of June 26, 2019 French women’s football World Cup 1/8 final, the Chinese women’s football lost 0-2 to the Italian women’s football team, missed the quarterfinals. In addition to the failure to participate in the 2011 World Cup, the Chinese women’s football team has participated in the World Cup six times, and each time they reached the top eight.

Tired king cream. Xinhua News Agency issued in this World Cup, the tenacious performance of the Chinese women’s football is obvious to all, but only scored one goal in four games, the final results of the top 16 also created the worst record since the World Cup. (Southern Metropolis Daily) Details: Chinese women’s football should not only have tears >>

▌ Guangdong’s top three air quality in May: Maoming, Zhanjiang and Yangjiang yesterday (26th), Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment released the latest environmental conditions of air and surface water. In May 2019, according to the comprehensive index of ambient air quality, the top three were Maoming, Zhanjiang and Yangjiang, the last three were Qingyuan, Guangzhou and Jieyang (Guangzhou and Jieyang); the eight cities of Shaoguan, Heyuan and Huizhou Air quality improved year-on-year, and 13 cities such as Zhanjiang, Yangjiang and Maoming experienced a year-on-year deterioration.

From January to May 2019, among the 168 surface water examination sections, the top three water quality comprehensive indexes were Heyuan, Zhaoqing and Yunfu, and the last three were Dongguan, Shenzhen and Jieyang. The water environment quality of 17 cities including Shantou, Shenzhen and Jieyang has improved year-on-year (the water quality of the provincial examination section of Heyuan City has reached or exceeded the Class II and reached the standard, and did not participate in the change ranking). The three cities of Shanwei, Maoming and Zhuhai have deteriorated year-on-year. . (Southern Metropolis Daily)

▌ Women’s 16,000 yuan to buy technical qualification exam “truth”, into the examination room dumbfounded on the report recently, Shenzhen Futian a woman superstitious “internal channel” spent a lot of money to buy 2019 health professional and technical qualification examination “truth”, the result of the bamboo basket water Deceived 10,000 yuan, regret it. Nandu reporter learned from Futian Branch that on June 20th, the Futian Interpol Brigade Task Force went to Hunan to arrest the three suspects who were suspected of selling false test questions and implementing telecom fraud. The suspects confessed to the above facts. It is understood that more than 20 candidates have been defrauded throughout the country. (Southern Metropolis Daily) details >>

孕妇Thailand cliff pregnant woman has been discharged from the hospital, will stay in the local help investigation yesterday (26th) at 14 o’clock, according to the Ubon Ratchathani Tourism Assistance Center in Thailand, the Chinese pregnant woman Ms. Wang, who has fallen in Thailand, has been approved by the Ubon Ratchathani Hospital. Discharged. Ms. Wang will live in a long-term hotel near the hospital for long-term physical recovery and assist the police in further investigation. Earlier, Ms. Wang revealed that the police said that due to the complexity of the case, it took half a year to one year before the dust settled. On June 24, Ms. Wang said on her social media account that she “had a serious coma for the first two days and was slightly comated twice.” However, the attitude of the man is still very tough and there is no apology. (Southern Metropolis Daily) details >>

The break dance is only one step away from the 2024 Paris Olympics. The e-sports entered the Olympics temporarily cool. On June 25th, local time in Switzerland, at the 134th Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC agreed in principle to the 2024 Paris Olympics. There are four major items: break dance, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing. This means that the break dance is only one step away from entering the Olympics. In fact, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing will all be unveiled at the Tokyo Olympics next year. This also means that baseball and softball returning to the Olympics next year, as well as the well-respected e-sports, will not appear in the 2024 Olympic Games. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

There are many thunderstorms and some rainstorms along the coast. Guangdong Meteorological Observatory estimates that today (27th), Maoming, Yangjiang, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Huizhou coastal cities and counties have heavy rains and local heavy rains, and other cities and counties have cloudy (lei) showers and partial heavy rain. . On the day after tomorrow (28-29), there were heavy rains and local heavy rains in the coastal areas of western Guangdong and the southern coastal areas of the Pearl River Delta. The rest of the cities and counties were cloudy with heavy rain.

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