Recently, a neighborhood dispute has caused widespread controversy in a community in Wuchang. Yuan, a third floor of the community, suspected that Wang’s family was too noisy, and actually bought a shock counter to counterattack. The two sides are not holding together, and things are getting bigger and bigger. Some people think that the noise upstairs is constant, and they are advised not to change their minds. Instead, more people think that it is not advisable to make peace with the neighbors. The reporter learned from the community on the 12th that in order to avoid further deterioration of the relationship, the People’s Mediation Committee of Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, intervened in mediation. At present, the parties have shaken hands and corrected their wrongdoings.

Downstairs to buy the shock floor to counter the noise upstairs occurred 4 months ago. One night, the door of the house was knocked and slammed. When I opened the door, I stood outside the door and stood with an angry face downstairs Yuan. It turned out that Yuanmou was constantly annoyed by the long-term noise in the upstairs. This time, Wang’s children’s skateboarding was relatively loud. When they came up with the theory, the result was not speculative. The two men got up and were injured.

Going to the door to persuade not to listen to people, Yuan was angry and bought a “shock floor” from Taobao to counterattack upstairs. This time, Wang upstairs was shocked and couldn’t sit down and look for Yuanmou’s reason. Yuanmou claimed to “return his teeth”. The two sides are arguing over each other, and the things are getting bigger and bigger. Wang said that when they first received complaints, their whole family felt very sorry and actively tried to reduce the noise. But Yuanmou went upstairs every time to slam the door, which made people angry, and last time they didn’t hold back their temper. Moved his hand, did not expect Yuan to actually install the earthquake building.

“Noisy noise control” can not “return your quiet” Considering the neighbor relationship between the two sides, in order to avoid further deterioration of the relationship, the People’s Mediation Committee of Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District has recently intervened in mediation. “Children are young and ignorant, but Wang, as a guardian, did not fulfill his educational duties in a timely manner, and he turned a small thing into a big contradiction.” Fan Xiaojun, a mediator, went to the door to find Wang’s heart and mind, and explained the interests according to the General Principles of the Civil Law. . Wang was persuaded to express his willingness to cooperate actively and came up with a series of noise reduction measures, such as educating children not to shoot balls at home, to cushion carpets, and to buy soft-soled shoes.

For a certain noise problem of Yuan, Fan Xiaojun believes that although his situation is sympathetic, his act of “noise to control noise” is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution. The mediator Fan Xiaojun turned around and found Yuan to talk. Yuan realized his mistake and said that he would dismantle the building immediately.

It is reported that after a week of mediation agreement between the two parties, the mediator will return to the parties. Wang Moujia not only installed shock-absorbing carpets, but also children wore soft-soled shoes. He also took the children to see the old man in Yuan’s family downstairs, and sincerely apologized, and Yuan’s house was also demolished.

Can’t let the earthquake building device shake the inevitable noise between the neighborhoods of the neighbors, do you have to go to “revenge” to “resolve”? To this end, the reporter interviewed Feng Guilin, a researcher at the Hubei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences. Feng Guilin said that today’s towering towers are not seen, and the “old neighborhoods” are becoming less and less. The “street feelings” of a large yard are gradually weakening. Most of the people who face each day are strange neighbors. At this time, it is more necessary to build a harmonious neighborhood relationship.

“With the heart of tolerance, walk around and move around on weekdays.” Feng Guilin said. The baby is born, the child wants a college entrance examination, and there are old people in the family. These seemingly ordinary “human feelings”, if there is more communication and more communication between neighbors on weekdays, they will know. When a family encounters a similar situation, other neighbors pay a little attention, and it is not only a thank-you and respect, but also a high-quality sublimation.

“Don’t let the earthquake damager shake the neighbors’ feelings. Everyone should have a sense of ‘harmony’, so that they will share a warm and loving living environment.” Feng Guilin said. On June 26, the eleventh session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress reviewed the draft of the Civil Code of Marriage and Family. The draft of the second draft of the marriage and family draft is clear. The property that the husband and wife inherit or receive during the marriage relationship is the joint property of the husband and wife, except for the property of the widow or wife who is determined in the will or gift contract.

Member Du Yubo said, I believe that the property of a spouse should be treated as personal property through the inheritance or donated property. “The reason for this consideration is that the property that the spouse has inherited or received is not related to labor, and there are significant differences between the spouses and the other types of property.” Therefore, it should be classified as personal property and should not be included. Couples share property.”

This understanding is more in line with the current concept of social ethics and cannot be married for the property of the other family. This is also consistent with the concept of Article 7 of the Judicial Interpretation of Marriage Law (3). However, the members of the fresh iron may have different opinions. According to the second review draft, the compensation and compensation obtained by one party for personal injury, and the property of the widow or wife in the will or gift contract are the personal property of the spouse.

Fresh iron may be considered as the joint property of the two types of property. First, our civil law theory now emphasizes that the legal income during the relationship between husband and wife is the common property of husband and wife. Second, it is not conducive to the harmony of the current family relationship. Couples are more emotional, and property issues are too clear, which is not conducive to family harmony.

“For example, before you get married, you know that one party is in good condition, one condition is a little worse. After you get married, you inherit yours. I inherit from me. This is not conducive to family harmony. Our civil code does not need to define the personal property of a spouse. fine.”

Committee member Cong Bin suggested canceling the separate property system for husband and wife. Cong Bin mentioned that the Supreme People’s Court had issued a judicial interpretation of the Marriage Law (3). The personal property before marriage is personal property. The original provision is that the personal property before marriage is regarded as the joint property of the husband and wife after eight years of marriage. At that time, the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court caused a social sensation, and the All-China Women’s Federation raised many questions.

“I did a social investigation for this matter. There are people who reflect that a woman is married to him. He may be a rich second generation, a second generation official, and he will give birth to a child, and give the elderly a pension, a woman. It is also old and yellow. At this time, when divorced, his pre-marriage property cannot be divided as family property. It is extremely unfair to the woman, so some ordinary people resolutely oppose it.” He said that the legislation should promote marriage and family harmony, rather than promote Marriage is random.

Cong Bin mentioned that the separate property system of husband and wife is not conducive to the husband and wife living in harmony, which lowers the threshold for divorce, increases the divorce rate, and is an obvious discriminatory system for the disadvantaged parties without property. The Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) The overall domestic auto market continued to decline, and the legal car was completely defeated. According to statistics, in the passenger car sales data of the Chinese market in May this year, the proportion of French cars further narrowed to 0.63%, a record low of ten years. In other words, for every 1,000 cars sold in the Chinese market, only six are legal cars. In the face of such weak results, can French brands continue to exist in the Chinese market?

As a representative of the French car, the Peugeot Citro龙n Group (hereinafter referred to as PSA) in the Chinese market joint venture Shenlong Automobile, released in May this year sales data show that Dongfeng Citroen and Dongfeng Peugeot dual-brand sales totaled 86,8 vehicles, a sharp decline of 66.8 %, and it has been the tenth consecutive month of sales decline year-on-year; cumulative sales from January to May were 52,899 units, down 61% year-on-year. The sales figures of PSA’s high-end brand DS in China were only announced in the first two months of this year, with 249 units sold in January and 150 units sold in February. Judging from this terrible data, sales in May this year should not be ideal.

The Beijing News reporter learned from Dongfeng Motor Group that Dongfeng Renault sold a total of 1,008 new vehicles in May this year, a year-on-year decline of 80%. From January to May, the cumulative sales volume was only 7,398 units, down 77.2% year-on-year, which was more than that of Shenlong Automobile. . In fact, since the beginning of Guangzhou Peugeot, the French car has entered the Chinese market for 30 years, and the time is second only to SAIC Volkswagen. But now the four legal brands of Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and DS have joined hands to become brothers and sisters.

In the past, Shenlong Automobile also created a brilliant annual sales of 700,000 vehicles in China; Renault Group also sold 70,000 vehicles in 2017. However, with the retreat of the SUV boom, Renault’s sales stalled from 2018, and the sales volume dropped directly to 50,000 units. The decline rate this year is still not increasing. DS entered the Chinese market with the French luxury brand, and was once ranked among the top ten in China’s luxury car sales list. However, since 2015, sales have turned sharply. By 2018, the annual sales volume was only 3,867. Whether it can survive 2019 has become a serious problem.

In addition, according to the statistics of China Automobile Dealers Association, Dongfeng Citroen ranked third in the comprehensive inventory depth ranking of auto dealers in May this year, and the inventory backlog was serious. The product is weak and the update is slow. The main reason for the decline is that Peugeot Citroen has been performing strongly in the European market, even without losing the public. However, in the Chinese market, sales in 2018 fell by 32%. In 2019, it has been further expanded to over 60%.

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, PSA Chief Executive Tang Weishi analyzed the reasons for the decline in sales. He explained: First, the brand communication method and understanding of Chinese consumers’ needs are wrong. Second, the operational efficiency of business organizations in China is relatively low. low. In fact, the industry believes that the main problem is the quality of the vehicle itself. Take the Peugeot 408 as an example. The complaints about tire cracking and design defects are endless. In addition, Peugeot’s product matrix is ​​also problematic. Whether it is 308, 408 or 508, the model is very slow to update, and the product positioning is also fuzzy.

In particular, 408, each generation is always one generation behind the same-class products of other brands, and the comprehensive strength comparison has no chance of winning. In 2019, the pace of launching new models of Shenlong Automobile is accelerating. In March, Dongfeng Peugeot launched the 508L, the main model in the mid-market, and Dongfeng Citroen also launched two models, C3 and C4L. However, in terms of current sales performance, the three new cars have failed to boost sales. Taking 508L as an example, the new sagitar of FAW-Volkswagen, which was listed on the same day, sold 25,280 vehicles in 12 days; it was sold in 12 days in 10 days, compared with Cruze, which was listed two days later. The new Peugeot 508L sold only 606 units in the ten days after its launch.

In addition, Dongfeng Renault also has problems such as the introduction of new products. According to industry analysts, from the current situation, it is still difficult for Dongfeng Renault to reverse the sharp decline. The legal brand market is in a difficult position to revitalize. France Peugeot encountered a dilemma of withdrawing from the Chinese market in 1997, and then made a comeback in 2003. Nowadays, Dongfeng Peugeot is once again facing the dilemma of being surrounded by all sides, and people have to worry about whether it will withdraw from the Chinese market again. Renault also faces the risk of delisting; as for DS, it has been completely marginalized by the Chinese market. Faced with this situation, PSA Group has said that it will never give up the Chinese market.

If the product strength, model, marketing strategy and other aspects of these legal brands are still unable to adapt to the Chinese market, then they will still be unable to get out of trouble, and may even lose the last trace of living space in the Chinese market. In fact, PSA and Renault want to rely on personnel adjustment to restore the situation, but the brand power and product strength are still weak, and only changing the leadership is equivalent to “changing the soup without changing the medicine.”

Automobile industry analyst Zhong Shi told the Beijing News that the Chinese auto market has entered the era of stock competition, and the competition between brands has intensified. The prospect of legal cars in the Chinese market is worrisome. In particular, the Chinese auto market is hard to pick up in the next step. The biggest problem of the French car is that the products do not conform to the market, resulting in poor performance. Some brands may be difficult to avoid. In addition, the consumption upgrade in the Chinese market has also brought about consumer upgrades. At a time when consumers are more focused on product power, it is the most effective way to maintain a market share in China for a legal brand that is in an extremely difficult situation.

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