The reporter recently found that several male clubs in Beijing have lied to provide “special services”. After the male customers are tempted to enter the store, the division of labor cooperates with each other to induce customers to apply for membership cards worth tens of thousands of yuan. The Beijing News reporter found that under the “man club” consumption trap is a complete chain of finely divided and mature operations. A clubhouse can be roughly divided into two major systems: the outreach team and the store staff: the outreach team plays the beauty service on the Internet, and the customer is about to the store; and the staff in the store cooperate with each other according to the reception, massage, sales and other personnel to promote high amount. membership card.

Because of these, “special service” is a bait. Many male consumers are often afraid to complain after being deceived and are unwilling to complain. Previously, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau of Beijing had announced a list of some operators who seriously infringed on consumer rights, reminding consumers to pay attention to the consumption trap of “men’s clubs”. Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau found in the investigation of cases, businesses suspected of breaking the law usually attract consumers in a variety of ways, the main means include expanding the efficacy, falsely claiming “special services”, inconsistent charging standards.

Social software becomes a scam entry scam starts with social software. A year ago, “beautiful young women” added Li Cheng’s social software account, saying that the club can provide high-quality “special services.” When Li Cheng arrived at the clubhouse, the staff then induced him to apply for a recharge membership card in a variety of ways. The clerk of the club told Li Cheng that only members can enjoy “special services.” After Li Cheng recharged 20,000 yuan to become a member, the other party increased the price and eventually increased to 100,000 yuan.

Like Li Cheng, Wang Hua also encountered the same routine in the clubhouse: “From 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, up to 100,000 yuan, three or four times.” If the consumer’s economy is not plentiful, the store staff will persuade customers. Recharge through online lending. When Wang Hua realized that it was wrong and asked for a refund, the store staff began to refuse the refund for various reasons. The aforementioned clubs are the local clubhouse Guomaodian and Tianjun Clubhouse Asian Games Village. The two stores belong to Beijing Wonderland Beauty Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianjun Beauty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjun Company”).

The Beijing News reporter noted that in June 2018, the former Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce Chaoyang Branch announced the list of seven clubs that seriously infringed on consumer rights, and Tianjun Company was on the list. Chat beauty is behind the “scarred big man” “men’s club” consumption trap, how does it work? The Beijing News reporter undercover applied for the outreach sales of Tianjun Company and entered the company. The reporter found that the club’s two stores had about 160 outreach staff. Each store’s outreach team is divided into groups A, B, C, and D, each group of about 20 people, and reporters are arranged in group D.

The main job of the outreach staff is to disguise themselves as beautiful women and lure customers into the store. In order to fully attract male customers, the outreach staff will download a large number of pictures of young and beautiful women, and then decorate their social software with sexually suggestive content. Everyday, they appear in crowded places, use multiple mobile phones, and use social software to locate and search for nearby male chats. This behavior, known in the industry as “street street”, means using specialized positioning methods to attract customers to add them as friends in social software.

“It seems that there is something wrong, this is the most important thing in our chat.” An outreacher said in his “teaching” experience to the Beijing News reporter that when consumers ask whether there is a “special service”, the best answer “What if I didn’t let you come over?” This speech has been constantly tested, and it has already been specific, and they have corresponding training courses on a daily basis.

When the customer finds that he is deceived, the outreacher has his own countermeasures: “You let him open the chat record, and we don’t promise him so much.” “Outreach Yoko, the scene of the brother” club allows customers to take money There is a complete process. After introducing people into the store, in order to allow customers to successfully complete the card, there are special young female staff members in the clubhouse. “Front”, “Powder”, “Pair of Things” and “Solutions”, these kinds of work are connected to each other, and the costumes are different.

The “front desk” is mainly responsible for leading the customer into the door. The “solution flower” is responsible for introducing the customer to the service after entering the store, and then the customer will be required to pay. Since then, “Powder” is responsible for the massage for the customer, during which she will imply the customer, and said that the card can enjoy the “special service.” Halfway through, the “hands-on instrument” appeared on the spot and was responsible for the first time to sell the card. When the reporter of the Beijing News reported in an unannounced visit, it was found that the book flow of the club basically came from these membership cards, and the amount of each card ranged from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

Inside the clubhouse, the store is called “the scene”, the customer is called “the brother”, and the behavior of the male customer to the store is called “Jorge”. There is often a slogan in their work group: “External Judge, the scene of the brother.” The company set up a business task for each store.

The outreach team will open a plenary meeting every two to three days to summarize and reflect on the words and routines in “Jorge.” In order to stimulate the performance more vigorously, the club has also established a corresponding reward and punishment mechanism: the task amount is set for each group of outreach, and the outreach personnel who have not completed the task have to pay a certain amount of fine to reward the outreach of the task. personnel.

Chatting is the key point in the summary. The general manager of Tiansong Club Jinsong Store said when he taught the team “experience”: “Some brothers don’t know how high the quality is, but whether he wants to spend the money. If I was a migrant worker and paid a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan and did not come out to play in a year, then I would like to spend 20,000 yuan in this place.” In addition, he also shared his “successful experience”: he made “about At the time of the brothers, there were 4 mobile phones, a total of 32 social software accounts, and 25 online numbers.

In the 7 days of the Beijing News reporter, there were 182 visitors, totaling at least 930,000 yuan, of which 23 customers were members of the card, and the highest membership card cost 102,000 yuan. The life of Mr. Xu (pseudonym) family has turned a corner because of a sudden change. In 2017, Mr. Xu detected acute liver failure and changed his liver to more than 700,000 yuan. After the operation, he must always resist the rejection. The monthly medical expenses are spent a lot, and the family relies on his wife to earn odd jobs. After learning about the situation of Mr. Xu’s family, Changzhou Fucai sent a 5,000 yuan public welfare fund through the “Weekend Love in the Welfare Lottery” column.

Just after the Lunar New Year in 2017, the family is still immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year. After going to work after the year, Mr. Xu always felt that he was weak, and he thought about it again and again, or went to the hospital. The doctor gave him a week of medicine, hanging water, the role is to protect the liver, reduce jaundice, but the situation has not improved. A week later, Mr. Xu took the initiative to leave the hospital and went to another hospital to check that it was severe jaundice and acute liver failure. I went to check in the morning, and the doctor gave a notice of critical illness in the afternoon. If I go to the hospital later, I am afraid that even the doctor can’t go back to the sky.

At that time, Mr. Xu’s daughter was a sophomore winter vacation. Before the report, the doctor patrolled the room and let Mr. Xu feel at ease. Before leaving, he called Mr. Xu’s daughter into the office. When the doctor took the critical notice and asked her to sign, she was all stunned. Both the mother and the daughter originally thought that Mr. Xu was just an ordinary problem, but he did not expect it to be so serious. The 20-year-old girl, who was still not full, suffered a sudden blow. She was so sad that her tears turned around in her eyes. She insisted that she had finished signing the word and immediately called her mother. The cry on the phone was intermittent.

Acute liver failure, the course of disease progresses very quickly. With the emphasis on jaundice, Mr. Xu’s overall color became very poor within a day or two, and changing the liver is the only way out. After that, Mr. Xu transferred to the hospital for liver transplant surgery. Just two days before the operation, his entire person has entered a coma. Two days after the operation, after being transferred from the ICU to the general ward, he was comatose for 5 days.

About a week after the operation, the talents began to regain consciousness. At that time, her daughter was just starting school. Mr. Xu and his wife refused to worry about her daughter and urged her to go back to school. But a week later, she went to the hospital to visit her father. At that time, Mr. Xu was awake, but basically could not speak, just like a child, and the incontinence was incontinence.

For liver transplant patients, the biggest challenge is how to deal with postoperative rejection. Generally, within three months after surgery, the frequency of weekly review should be maintained, and the blood routine and the deepening function of liver and kidney should be checked. However, Mr. Xu did not dare to take it lightly. In the six months after surgery, almost all such examination frequencies were maintained.

After Mr. Xu became ill, his wife has been taking time off to take care of him. In order to see a doctor, the family not only spent a lot of money, but also borrowed a lot from relatives and friends. Of the more than 700,000 yuan in expenses, there are 10 million reimbursements, and more than 160,000 of them are self-funded, and more than 140,000 are raised through online fundraising. Anti-rejection requires a lifetime of medication. The monthly medical expenses are more than 2,000 yuan, and a single dose of 400 yuan of immunoglobulin is required to be played twice a month. Mr. Xu’s sickness and wages plus his wife’s income are only 4,000. Diversified.

Mr. Xu’s illness and medical expenses made the couple’s heart anxious, but the couple who were most worried about the couple were still daughters. They thought that even if the family was difficult, they should continue to go to school. Mr. Xu’s daughter is very good from small to large. She never needs to worry about her husband and wife. She is preparing for the postgraduate study. When she was at home, she contracted her housework and tried to save money when she was at school. In order to reduce the burden on the family, I also applied for a job-study job in the school. Before the winter and summer vacations, I also worked outside the home.

A serious illness changed the life of Mr. Xu’s family. But no matter how bitter and difficult, they have not been able to instigate their determination to go hand in hand. I hope that Mr. Xu will take care of his body and that the family will get through the difficulties as soon as possible with the help of friends, relatives and social forces.

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