Friend Z “out of interest and serving the people” opened a company looking for something. He used to do foreign trade business. He is very good at losing things, from keys to notes, to mobile phones, computers, and wallets. At each gathering, the story of listening to him throwing things and looking for things takes half of the time. Until he lost his wife’s watch, he finally woke up.

When I mentioned this incident, he painted me his feelings and changes: “It’s not money, it’s a mood to lose things. You think, today is sunny, you go home from the unit, the road breeze blows you. The hair, you feel that you are the happiest person in the world, when you bow your head and find that your watch is gone. The watch that symbolizes your love with your wife is not wearing it at your fingertips. Your mood is absolutely falling to the bottom, even if you find it, the mood is gone, not to mention you can’t remember where it was lost.”

Since then, he has resigned his work and opened a company that helps people find things. Starting from posting small advertisements, I initially arranged them myself. I didn’t expect the business to be surprisingly good. I started to hire employees. Later, I also divided them into different groups, including monitoring groups, search groups, communication groups, and point groups to provide professional services. With the knowledge accumulated in the foreign trade business and the experience of finding things by throwing things all the year round, the company has grown a little bit. He even plans to ask a psychiatrist to use hypnotism to help customers recall. Interestingly, because some people’s things were stolen, in the process of monitoring and conducting investigations, Z’s company also helped the local police station to find a theft group, which was praised by local newspapers.

His charges are not high, 20% of the value of the lost property, 10% first, found 10%, there are basic services and additional services, of course, the price is also different. He said: “It is a technical problem to find things. Some people think that the amount is not too much trouble. Some people are large but have no doorway. They don’t know where to call, how to adjust monitoring and reward.”

As for the effect, according to Z, the focus of finding a company is not to help people find things, but to try to keep people in good mood. “It’s not so much a job search for a company. It’s better to find a mood company. It’s already irritating to lose things. The more you find it, the more you can’t find it. In the end, it’s just a bad ending. It’s called ‘looking for it, cold and clear, Miserable.” Regarding the success rate, he said that it varies from person to person and does not guarantee, but it is not very high.

“If the success rate is not high, then why is the business so good? If you can’t find it, you can get more money.” I am deeply confused. “Do you know what people make the most common mistakes when they are looking for something? They don’t believe in their own eyes. It’s obvious that this place has been searched, but it will still be repeated. Call the same phone several times. I got the same answer all the time. I have already confirmed it, why do you still have illusory hopes?”

I shook my head. “In order to let yourself die. People pretend to try their best to find themselves, torture themselves repeatedly, let themselves fall into a sad and helpless mood, to express their regrets about lost items. Finally, after seeking peace of mind, buy a new one. Continue to live your own life. And our company tells you in a short period of time with great efficiency, and you can’t find your things with all your strength, and you have paid your own price to express your regret.

Let you die as soon as possible to prevent you from wasting unnecessary feelings on hopelessness, and soon customers can clean up their feelings and live again. This is the meaning of finding a company. Most of the useless work in life is useless except that it makes us die. We just speeded up the process. In the past two years, Liaoning has successively established 12 enterprise groups including the Provincial Investment Group, Water Resources Group, Geology and Minerals Group, Engineering Consulting Group, Urban Construction Group, Sports Industry Group, Liaoqin Group, Tourism Group and Guarantee Group. 183, with assets of more than 330 billion yuan.

The transformation of business institutions into enterprises is only one of the wonderful movements in the reform of Liaoning’s deepening institutions. Adhere to the reform of public institutions as a “first move” to deepen institutional reforms, realize governance systems, and modernize governance capabilities. Liaoning has drastically promoted, business institutions have been transferred to enterprises, public welfare institutions have been optimized and integrated, and administrative institutions have been separated. Dare to pull hard nails, dare to harden bones, dare to be the first in the world, break the obstacles of the system and mechanism, and really touch the new world.

At present, 1,174 operational institutions in the province have been transformed into enterprises. 27,514 public welfare institutions were optimized to be integrated into 2,366, with a streamlined range of 92%; and provincial direct institutions from 67 to 67. The 75 provincial institutions directly undertake 113 administrative functions (excluding administrative law enforcement agencies), all of which are included in the party and government organs.

As the province’s public institutions have successively completed the “extraction and transfer”, the separation of government affairs, the separation of affairs and enterprises, and the separation of management and administration, Liaoning’s expectation of this reform as a breakthrough in development and promotion of revitalization began to appear. Relevant persons of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office concluded that after the completion of the reform of the public institutions, positive changes have taken place in terms of business capabilities and work vitality, and the service capacity and level have achieved a significant jump.

“1+1” is far greater than 2, and the comprehensive strength of the reformed public institutions has increased significantly. The newly established Liaoning Provincial Information Center has optimized the integration of 25 provincial direct institutions, and has transferred 813 information systems of 87 provincial direct units to the data center, achieving personnel intensification, technical intensification, equipment intensive, and saving of computer room area. 10,000 square meters, saving 4,550 hardware equipment, reducing 129 basic operation and maintenance personnel, and saving 380 million yuan of informationization work every year.

A total of more than 100,000 information resources catalogues of party and government organs at all levels in the province were collected, and 69 million pieces of data were shared, which laid a solid foundation for the integration of government affairs big data and the construction of a business coordination system. Through reforms, a large number of “small, scattered, weak” institutions and institutions with the same nature and similar service targets have been optimized and integrated, improving service efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The institutional mechanism has changed and the situation has changed. “Significantly enhanced vitality” is the most heard voice in the interview. As one of the “Five Bases” construction engineering centers directly under the five provincial governments, the newly established Liaoning Key Technology Innovation and R&D Base Construction Engineering Center needs to work on the integration of military and civilian development and revitalization and innovation, actively carry out overseas talent project collection, and build military and civilian Integrate the docking platform, take the initiative to find the market to play a role, and provide active services for promoting Liaoning’s high-quality development and comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization.

The newly established Liaoning Provincial Investment Group covers high-quality assets such as expressways. After restructuring, it revitalized assets. Last year, through financing, asset securitization and the establishment of fund management companies, it raised RMB 14.8 billion with ICBC and People’s Livelihood. Banks carry out strategic cooperation at the head office level, which significantly reduces financing costs, while also entering the financial, energy and other business sectors. After the restructuring of the enterprise, the state-owned assets lying on the account of “sleeping big sleep” are becoming “raw hens” with increasing value in the business activities of the enterprises that follow the rules of the market.

With the gradual deepening of reforms, various institutions have initially gone through the running-in period and embarked on the track of normal operation, and the personnel have gradually changed from “waiting for work” to “finding for work.” Liaoning Provincial Cultural Performing Arts Group (Liaoning Provincial Public Cultural Service Center) deeply explores the high-quality art resources of the college, broadens the new ideas of literature and art prosperity, encourages the innovation and practice of the colleges, and based on the four major colleges, with the help of the Group’s platform, it constantly polishes and enhances the creation. Excellent work.

Originally launched the ballet “Mulan”, the reality drama “Artisan Family”, the large-scale dance poem “The Moon” and “The Eldest Sons – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening Up”, and other art products, which have been recognized by industry experts and audiences. High praise. In the shortest time to pass the integration adaptation period, to stimulate the vitality and creativity of the staff, and to take advantage of the integration, Liaoning is fully acknowledging this must-have question about the effectiveness of the reform and the transformation and revitalization of the cause.

We will continue to deepen the reform of public institutions and optimize integration. Public welfare institutions will continue to stimulate their potential; and enterprises will continue to revitalize their enterprises. The hardest bones of the most difficult to fight, “Let the government and the market go their own way, let the public service to be better and stronger”, Liaoning institutions have a hard time to fight. Once the beginner car owner starts driving, he will find that there are many rules for driving. Some of them are driving precautions. Some of them are the words and deeds of some old drivers, and the latter still have noses and eyes, but they are afraid of fear. For example, the old driver will say that when the high speed is turned on, the air conditioner should not be turned on, otherwise it is dangerous. Is this really the case?

The reason they say this is that because the inner circulation is turned on, the air inside the car will not flow, and it is better not to open the window at high speed, because the speed will be very loud, and if it is in the unventilated car for a long time. The card machine is very prone to fatigue and makes people sleepy, which leads to accidents, so it is not recommended to open the inner loop for long distances.

Everyone knows the truth, but can’t it really open? It’s so hot that the cycle is at least a little faster. In fact, experience is only experience, and theory is only a theory. Open high speed can naturally open the inner loop. First of all, if the road is not long, do not need a long driving time, the internal circulation has been open no problem, we open the city for an hour or two traffic jam, we open the inner loop, why can not open the high speed?

Secondly, if the time is long, you can alternate between inside and outside, open the inner loop for a while, close it for a while, so that it will be ventilated and things will be solved. In addition, the so-called fatigue driving, in fact, whether it is open or not open the inner cycle will fatigue driving, the key is to pay attention to rest, such as set the rules, open a half-hour car rest for fifteen minutes, so that people also rest, and people are at rest, You can open the door and window to breathe, even if you open the inner circulation of the vehicle will not be airtight for a long time, isn’t it?

Therefore, the inner cycle is dead, the person is alive, and it is the best to learn and use. It is like rain. It is like a high-speed internal circulation. There are still many solutions.

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