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FootnotesevolvedfromFor information, strictly investigating and handling network maps to prevent and control the new coronavirus epidemic is the top priority of the current party organizations and party cadres at all levels. It is related to the safety and health of the people. It is necessary to strengthen confidence, work together, scientific prevention, and precise measures Resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic situation and resolutely win the battle of prevention and control. On February 1, the General Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee issued a notice to further tighten the six disciplines of party organizations and party cadres during the epidemic prevention and control. The "Notice" requires that during the epidemic prevention and control party members and cadres be strictly investigated and dealt with the following behaviors: First, gather people to play mahjong, gambling, dinner, etc.。

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imageprocessingtoolsIntensive activities; the second is unclear information about the source of the infection, the epidemic situation is unknown, and the isolation measures are weak; the third is the unauthorized departure from the post, blame and blame, and the like. Embezzlement, misappropriation, and interception of epidemic prevention and control of money and goods; Sixth, the supervision of the prices of daily necessities, transportation, medicines, and gathering activities in public places is weak. According to different circumstances, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the province shall give reminder talks, criticize education, exhort talks, warnings, and severe warning punishments according to different circumstances. , Stay with the party to inspect, open。

tooriginalpicturesandExcept for party punishment; those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation This mask picture is not that much! Last night, a post stating that the leaders of the officials wore N95 masks, but the medical staff wore disposable masks, was spread on the Internet. Some people also called this picture the power PK angel. However, after verification, Geng Zhige discovered that the content described in this post was not true. The picture below is the one that claimed to be the leader wears crazy on Weibo and other platforms since last night.。

All of them are N95 masks, and the doctors are wearing stickers of disposable masks. This post can spread wildly on the Internet, stemming from an incident in Wuhan yesterday. A local official car was found to have transported a box of masks from the local epidemic material warehouse. The driver said the masks were distributed to the leader. At noon today, the General Office of the Wuhan Municipal Government responded that the materials were taken by the personnel of the unit, and had been registered and approved, and was used by the special office for epidemic prevention and control in the General Office. However, before the response from Wuhan, the incident caused confusion and confusion for netizens. As a result, the leader who claimed to wear N95 masks and doctors wore all。

The post of the secondary mask was spread, and many people thought it was Wuhan. However, after verification, Geng Zhige found out that all the claims that the leader wears are N95, and the doctors wear the pictures used in the post of disposable masks, not from Wuhan or Hubei Province. And the actual situation in this picture is not as described in the post. First of all, we found through verification that this picture was actually taken by Huang Qin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province on January 28 while inspecting the epidemic prevention work. One of the photos used for rhythm is posted by the web site and he and the local CDC。

夜晚 The scene of the person in charge during the conference call with the local frontline medical staff. Moreover, as can be seen from the pictures given by the Wuxi Daily that reported the incident, the frontline medical staff at the local designated hospitals were wearing medical-grade N95 masks. In addition, we also found from the pictures reported by Wuxi Daily that at that time, among the officials who sat on the right side of the conference room of the CDC, many people wore mostly industrial-grade protective masks, and some masks also had breathing valves. . The reported pictures also show that some grassroots personnel on the streets of Wuxi also wear masks similar to those of the leaders. And from the Internet, many from the media。

According to popular science masks of professional netizens, although this white industrial-grade mask has good protection and has a N95 level, this mask is not suitable for use by first-line clinical medical personnel. At the same time, the kind of disposable medical masks worn by the CDC staff on the left side of the CDC meeting room is not worse than the industrial grade masks on the right side if they are medical surgical masks. Even ordinary medical nursing masks were fully applicable to the meeting scene in the conference room of the office building of the CDC. Some media have previously interviewed medical experts involved in the treatment of the epidemic. These are worn disposable。

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