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Give full play to financial power, pay attention to financial poverty alleviation

GivefullplaytoTitle: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Editor: Yang Jie Original title: What should I do if there are confirmed cases in the community? What if I was quarantined? The official response is coming! Source: Beijing Youth Daily On the afternoon of February 2nd, a press conference for the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic infection in Beijing was held. He Xiong, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the home isolation observation should also be lived alone, and the items used alone . He Xiong said that many people are now working and living in Beijing, and they are very concerned about anti-virus management in residential areas. Once a case occurs in the community, we will send it to the hospital through the public health department for treatment, isolation treatment, and promote as soon as possible。

financialpower,payattention夜宵 Rehabilitation, for these cases, people around will be defined as close contacts. There are two aspects of community management measures. First, isolate medical observations at home. When the relevant support measures cannot be met nearby, some local medical observations should be selected as the objects to be observed. Observed subjects should actively cooperate with the community, including neighborhood committees, villages and towns, to conduct medical observations. During the observation process, we will take body temperature sooner or later, report our health status in time, and let relevant departments know. During medical observation, close contacts and other people should keep a safe distance, more than one meter and five, if you want to guarantee life, you need to be close to each other。

tofinancialpovertyalleviationWhen touching, both sides should protect themselves, wear masks, and wash hands after touching. Observation at home cannot be done because the home is not segregated, but it is not conducive to interrupting the epidemic, so it is necessary to live alone, use the items separately, and change the clothes and wash them separately. The items that must be touched, the public area that must be reached, should also be disinfected after the action is completed, the household disinfectant, the disinfectant is configured according to the ratio of 1 to 99. During the observation, fever, dry cough, and respiratory symptoms were reported in time, which was convenient for timely diagnosis and treatment. For other family members and community members, they should further reduce the interpersonal relationship in the process of self-protection。

Close contact, you must wear a mask when you touch, keep your hands clean, manage potential sources of infection in time, protect more healthy people, and help control the epidemic. Text Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wu Wenjuan Li Zewei clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Japanese officials refuted: rumors violated human rights in China. The bad thing is that the virus is not human. Recently, some insulting remarks against Chinese people have appeared on Japanese social media.。

Intentionally spread the virus. In response to these insulting remarks about China and medical personnel, Hao Shimei, director of the tuberculosis infection department of Houlao Province, refuted the rumors in violation of the human rights of the Chinese at a press conference held on the 1st. He said: I heard that there have been some rumors on social media recently that violate the human rights of the Chinese, and there is still discrimination against patients, medical staff and their children. I am very sorry for this. Japanese officials rebuked the Chinese for deliberately spreading viral rumors. Hiroshi Umeda said: There is no doubt that the bad thing is the virus and not the person. We will continue to be firmly committed to preventing the spread of infection. Click to enter the topic: Poly。

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