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Double11multipointDmallsecondJiao New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Update in Real Time | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Van Sten Original Title: International Coronavirus Expert: In the long run, generic drugs suitable for all coronaviruses should be developed in the past 20 years There have been three outbreaks in humans: SARS in 2003, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2012, and pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections that are still spreading. & nbspJanuary 31, the US deadly technology news website TheVerge pointed out in the report, although looking for prevention and。

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battle:hitthefortressThe treatment of this new coronavirus is the most urgent task, but in the long run, scientists have focused on a method that can prevent and treat any coronavirus in order to prepare for the arrival of the next virus. ↑ Scientists have focused on a method that can prevent and treat any coronavirus. According to TheVerge coronavirus expert Timothy Sheahan, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina's Greens School of Global Public Health, told TheVerge: This is not a one-time event, it is something that will continue to happen in the future. & nbsp current。

夜店 The pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection is a dangerous public health problem for China and other countries in the world. However, iterative appearance of coronaviruses in humans has also provided scientists with some important data to help them find treatments for coronaviruses. Coronaviruses spread regularly in wild animals and domestic animals, but there are still many unknowns about their ability to infect humans. Sheahan said: The best information we can grasp is which viruses will eventually become human coronaviruses and which will not. Each outbreak will give us another piece of puzzle.。

The ongoing epidemic has also exacerbated the urgency of coronavirus research worldwide, and it has also shown its importance. According to a paper published in the British Medical Journal, as early as 2003, preliminary studies showed that the combined use of two antiviral drugs for the treatment of HIV, lopinavir and ritonavir, is effective for SARS patients. As the SARS epidemic subsides, testing has stopped, but now these drugs are being tested on patients with new coronavirus. In addition, Gilead Science is developing the drug Remdesivir。

The biological model confirmed that it is active against viral pathogens of SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). On February 1, an online paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) stated that the first confirmed case in the United States experienced rapid remission after receiving reduxil as a sympathetic drug for experimental treatment. & nbsp We may have generic antiviral drugs to combat coronavirus. Florian Kramer, a professor at Icahn School of Medicine and a vaccine development expert, said that as time goes on, we will have a better medicine. & nbsp。

夜晚 It is a major task to come up with a vaccine that prevents all coronavirus infections before people are infected. Kramer pointed out that first of all, scientists need to develop a vaccine against a new coronavirus. It does not matter whether it has a wide range of protective effects. What is important is to stop the spread of the current epidemic. But he added that in the long run, if there is a way to help fight any coronavirus that appears, it would be a good thing. It is not unrealistic and unrealistic to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine. Most coronaviruses have some proteins on their surface, and they use these proteins to attach to。

夜网 The infected cells then bind to receptors on the surface of these cells. Kramer said that this may be a target for vaccine development. & nbsp However, it may take years to develop a coronavirus vaccine. For more than a decade, scientists have been working on the development of a universal influenza vaccine, and candidate drugs have so far just entered the early stage of clinical trials to test whether they are safe and suitable for humans. The development of coronavirus vaccines will encounter some of the same problems as influenza vaccine research. However, experience in developing influenza vaccines may be helpful. For experts, the treatment of active coronavirus infection and。

夜店 Vaccines, etc. are important public health tools that can help manage any new viruses that appear in the future. A drug that can be quickly deployed when an outbreak occurs can address current needs, and a universal coronavirus vaccine can provide broader public health protection. The former is a short-term goal, and the latter is a long-term goal. Red Star News reporter Wang Yalin Xu Slow compiled the report. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie original title: Guangxi seized more than 300 wild animals, suspects: Spring Festival wild game selling video。

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