认真的8Mom helped me do it. At dinner, my mother said that in addition to my daily chores, there are many other things like buying food, washing clothes, and cleaning the house. I thought to myself: If I had done all these things, I would have to get tired. Now I just want to say: This is really hard to be! In addition to the busy work, parents and moms also have to keep their homes dry and quiet, the food is delicious and delicious ... how tired! In the future, I will often help my parents to do these things. Maybe I am different from other girls. Most girls are very quiet and have very few words, and I, on the contrary, are the opposite: I am naughty, optimistic, resilient, careless ... God gives me optimism , And gave me a tenacity to let me study hard on the things that interest me. Often, I will。


态度.In order to understand a math problem, it took a few hours and used a few pieces of scratch paper to sort out the reason in the messy clues and solve the math problem. In addition, I will double check when others say that the question I made is wrong. If I think it is right, I will keep my answer and firmly believe that I am right. I think I am a very smart person. I can compete with my male students in mathematics, and they can talk about geography from astronomy and national affairs from life trivia. Even if it is about, Derby Wars, etc., I can say a few words to them.。

200The composition is the same, I am still a girl. I like to sit on the sofa, holding a cup of steaming milk tea, watching my beloved "Fairy Tales", "Education of Love"? "Andersen's Fairy Tales" ... see the wonderful Take a sip of milk tea and let the scent of the milk tea straighten my mind ... Sometimes I am very careless, either I ca n’t find the correction fluid, or I do n’t know where to go to the workbook, but I can turn the entire drawer? After the schoolbag, they will suddenly Appear in a familiar place. Carelessness has caused me a lot of trouble, but I ca n’t change it, alas, no one is perfect! ! The person who saw me for the first time might。

3年对年长I was confused by my quiet appearance, but I was not as quiet as they thought. I do n’t know how to play games that boys can play. I sometimes have a little childishness, so everyone who knows me knows that I am a tomboy. This is what makes me different, an optimistic me, a resilient me, a smart me, a careless me ... Isn't it strange? If there are similarities, it is purely-impossible! ! ! Life is diverse, and the setbacks in life occasionally make us bruised. But as long as our will is firm, then everything will gradually dissipate like a floating cloud. If you do n’t want people。

的高Boring and boring, if you don't want a single cycle to be in a mood, then firm up the pace of our attempts. Do more things in a limited life, so that the will in your heart will not be turned into regret in the end, but instead into the lingering satisfaction that haunts the heart. As early as 1847, Soberleg in Italy invented a powerful explosive called nitroglycerin. Its explosive power is unmatched by any explosive in history. However, this explosive is extremely unsafe, and a little inattention will cause the operator to crush bones. Many people flew in flesh and blood because of unexpected explosions. This trembling case stopped Sobre to study。

尔夫球手1The pace of this explosive. Nobel, however, ran into difficulties, determined to transform this powerful explosive into a safe explosive. The difficulties and obstacles in the research process can almost make people crazy, but Nobel still adheres to his beliefs. Finally his efforts ushered in what he deserved. He used mercury methacrylate as a detonator for explosives, which successfully solved the problem of detonation of explosives. It is a major breakthrough on Nobel's path of science. But Nobel still did not stop in front of what he had achieved. When he learned the superiority of smokeless gunpowder, he invested in the development of mixed smokeless gunpowder and developed a new smokeless gunpowder . He used his unremitting efforts and unswerving faith to keep trying. tried。

进行5The ups and downs in life explain the meaning of life. I think he was peaceful and satisfied when he left this world. Similarly, on the eve of the First World War, the smell of war gunpowder that had choked people had permeated the European land. The British government decided to improve its weapons for actual combat needs. So they handed over the task of smelting steel to metallurgist expert Henry Brelley. The process of Henry Brellieb ’s smelting test was not smooth, and failed again and again. They discarded these unqualified steel blocks to the corner of the open wall of the test site. Over time, the scrap steel piles up. It became a hill-like scrap that had become rusty after the sun and rain. One day, the test staff decided。

了深入hClean up. During the handling, it was found that several pieces of scrap steel shone brightly in the pile of corroded steel. He finally found the materials that met the requirements. This must be a reward for his work around the clock. In fact, life is like a mirror. What kind of mentality do you think of it? It will give you the same mentality. Because of this, our lives are different and our world is wonderful. Everyone wants to create a colorful life, so let's set off while we are young! For us now, everything is possible! When I arrived at my grandmother's house, I thought to myself: how good it would be if there were no adults! Both。

No need to be managed by parents, no need to be quarreled by the teacher, let alone be hit by the coach! You can play without homework or endorsement, play as long as you want; you can sleep until the sun basks, you want to get up when you get up; you can eat ice cream and fried chicken legs, how much to eat! But I thought about it again: No, without adults, our stomach is hungry but we have no delicious meals. Even if we learn how to cook, no one grows fruits, vegetables and no one is transported to the city to sell. What should our children do? As the old saying goes: A clever woman can't cook without rice, let alone a child! No adults, our clothes are dirty, no one washes, the room was messed up, no one cleaned up, and I was sick。

jNo one cared for it carefully; wanted to travel, cars, trains, ships, planes, all means of transportation, no one to drive, stayed in place to become scrap iron; encountered natural disasters, fell into the water without a lifeguard to save, caught fire There is no firefighter to extinguish the fire, it ’s useless to shout the throat after the earthquake ... It ’s terrible, I ca n’t help being frightened by my own imagination. Think about myself. I ’m about ten years old this year, but I have n’t done anything at home. I live with yi to reach out and open my mouth. What dad and mom want basically。