较高的Ye went up the mountain. Before long, I was tired and panting, saying: Grandpa, I can't move anymore, let's go down the mountain. Grandpa stopped and said: Tired, then stop and rest for a while, just walk around and rest, we finally reached the top of the mountain. Grandpa said: No matter how difficult it is, as long as you have a heart that dares to challenge and perseverance, it will eventually be defeated by you. Yeah, at first it was such a tall mountain, now it seems so small. ... Those neglected past events are my grandmother's silent love for me; those neglected past events are taught by my grandfather innocently; those neglected past events are the treasures in my memory ... and now come to mind It is endless thoughts of them. Regain the password of the memory and recollect those neglected past events, believe it, you will gain more than these。

老年人Cherish what you have at the moment. "Zhou Yufei, wash vegetables quickly." Look! My mother is urging me to work again, and I have to put down the remote control in my hand to help my mother work. I was thinking while washing: If the adults in the world disappeared, I could enjoy it all of a sudden, a gust of wind blew them away, no need to study, no need to take interest classes. We watched our favorite TV programs, played fun games, and did what we liked ... Haha, of course, we don't need to do homework or read extracurricular books anymore. When I got home, my stomach suddenly hurt, oops,。

比研究dIt hurts! My face was pale and I was rolling on the ground with pain. I clenched my teeth and my lips were blue. I moaned in pain. I thought: If my mother is there, my mother will take care of me, take me to the hospital, register to find a doctor, and I will feed Give me some medicine! But now my mother is gone, what should I do? A few friends came to see me, and I was so painful. The little friends said: You have to be stronger, we will take you to the doctor. We came to the hospital, all around quietly, even the sound of the needle landing. By the way, the doctor is also an adult! The doctor was also blown away and I said weakly. This is how to do? Friends like hot。

中的其他The ants on the pot-rushed around in a hurry, and sweat beads like bean particles appeared on my head. At this time, Xiaodong had a chance, didn't his mother buy a lot of medicine for stomach pain? Xiaodong ran home, oops! He forgot, which medicine to take? Xiaodong had no choice but to leave. Only then did I realize that the world without adults is the most terrible. Then a familiar voice awakened me and saw my mother sitting on my bedside. I took a long breath, it turned out to be a dream. Halfway along, the car stopped for a while. Oh, it turned out to be a beautiful aunt. She also had to go home for the Chinese New Year. On the way she talked a lot of interesting things and made us laugh all the way. Walking on the way back to my hometown, there are mountains on both sides, it looks like a person from a distance,。

人对自eSome were happy, some were sad, some were standing, some were squatting; others even pulled some small stones from their bodies and scattered them on the road. Fortunately, Dad drove carefully and hid the little ones. Students, my hometown is in the northernmost part of Henan Province, at the junction of the three provinces, there is a very famous red flag canal. Guess where is my hometown? When I finally got off, I didn't walk to the door of my hometown. I smelled the aroma of dumplings, which must be meat dumplings. I'm hungry! Take a bite, ah, a lot of gravy squirted into my mouth, so fragrant! I'm in a hurry, and I still have a lot of gravy。

己的Like raindrops dropping underground, it's really naughty! The elders in the old family gave me a lot of lucky money, and I have never taken that much money, happy! My dad and I still climbed the mountain. My dad was tired, but I was not tired at all. I was still happy! When we arrived in Zhengzhou, we went to my grandma ’s house again, and my uncle gave me 500 yuan for my new year's money. I also joked that my brother didn't know the money. Just give him a dime ... Then my mother said that I would replace the new year's money Save it, this wo n’t work, I ’ll use two sentences to say to my mother: I ’m not asking for money when others give me money。

活动The money is held by myself, my heart is decided! They all laughed a lot ... In my heart, Teacher Wang is the most beautiful teacher in my heart! She teaches English. Teacher Wang is not only beautiful, but also very connotative! She is the most beautiful teacher in my heart! I still remember the second grade when I was in class for the first time. Teacher Wang was very beautiful in a princess dress. Big eyes, small mouth, high nose bridge, very beautiful. I thought Teacher Wang was embroidering a bag of grass! But I gradually discovered that Mr. Wang's pronunciation is very standard, and the letters are written neatly than the printed ones, so I like English classes very much. Teacher Wang is very strict in class, but she will smile from time to time. I remember one time, someone in the class did not make a deal。

Prof. Wang asked gently: Who did not hand in the homework? No one answered, and Teacher Wang asked in a sweet voice: Who didn't hand in the homework! No one answered. As the saying goes, there are no more than three things. Teacher Wang asked angrily: Who didn't hand in the homework? Someone in the class raised their hands and put them down again, but none of them raised their hands. The teacher asked the English class representatives to get the English assignments one by one. Teacher Wang said disappointedly to the side: Originally I wanted you to develop a good habit, do not rely on the teacher often. The students bowed their heads in shame. Teacher Wang loves us very much. Teacher Wang has very high requirements for homework. Letters are neat, spaces are appropriate, one。

Only one word can be written in a line, and it can't work if it has only two letters. Once, teacher Wang said angrily: more than half of the people in our class failed in their homework! Let me read it next. Wang Xuyue! Teacher Wang said. I was shocked. My English assignment has always been among the best in the class! How could it fail? I looked at it with doubt, hey! It turned out to be the ten standard! The one below is a little short. I thought to myself: Teacher Wang is too strict! But Teacher Wang still cares about us. Our home was renovated this year, and my English summer vacation homework was written for a day. The class was accidentally sold by my mother as waste paper! I was very sad, so I called Teacher Wang when I was afraid that Teacher Wang would be disappointed with me. I carefully said: Teacher Wang? My home was renovated, my mother accidentally sold her homework as scrap, sorry! Wang Lao。

The teacher smiled and said: I believe you, child. I was touched and hung up. This increased my love for Teacher Wang even more. I am very grateful to Teacher Wang. Teacher Wang often teaches us to read words and memorize sentences aloud. The teacher is like a gardener in the garden and nourishes us. I am very grateful to Teacher Wang: taught me to read , made me fall in love with English, and made me a habit of reading English ... Teacher Wang, thank you! Let me travel in the world of English. Teacher Wang, thank you for letting me fall in love with English and the English you teach. Teacher Wang, thank you, in my heart, you are the moon illuminating me in the dark! you are。

Sun, you are a good gardener and a good teacher. Listening to my grandma, I was naughty when I was a kid, and I was rolling around on the ground all day. Because of this hobby, the following thing became a big issue in my life. I remember one time: My neighbor ’s uncle got married and had a wedding feast. My parents were away from work, and my grandma went to the supermarket to buy things. Only my grandpa and I were left at home. I yelled out, but Grandpa could n’t help but had to let me go. But who knows, I saw many people talking outside when I went out. I started to roll around on the ground naughtily again, no matter who pulled or shouted, I couldn't get up. The neighbors did。