老年You know how much I want to go with you. People always say that time will change people, but now I am undeniable. I still don't know if I should thank you or resent you, so straightforwardly hurt me. When I went out to play with you that time, I was exhausted because I had just finished the exam, but I still didn't want to let you down, so I went. Along the way, you still tweeted, and there is no difference between my noisy and noisy personality. I think it is more because you are in a middle school today. So many topics can be discussed, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with me. I'm out of your team, I know you will never find out, standing alone by the bridge, I thought I would。

人增Laughing hard, but not knowing that tears have fallen. I guess some things are not up to you and me. I recall with your words. When the memories slowly came to my mind, I guess I realized that you have always regarded me as a clown. I admit that I have been doing nothing and wasting time all day long, but I am now a teenager and I should become a responsible teenager. Feelings of emotion, eventually turned into tears, no more words ... It turned out that growth is so painful, when I desperately want to make myself better, I ignored the opinions of others on myself; it turns out that growth is so painful , Friends will go away with childhood;。

强了他们对It turns out that growth is so painful ... but growth is so painful, why do I still want to grow up so much? I think it ’s to meet another better self. I knew the taste of sadness at the beginning of the year. This taste ... how I do n’t want to say goodbye to you. Indifferent to me and outdated with a smile, I know you and I really can't go back. But I'm not afraid, I know that those times with you are that you taught me to grow! Now I stand on a bifurcated road, one to the left, one to the right, and one to my future,。

成功衰老I haven't read another one, but please don't worry about me, I know what I want. There was drizzle outside, and the sky was very dim. I took heavy steps and walked on the long and boring way to school. I hate this kind of weather the most, and the dim weather makes me depressed. I was walking with my head down, and suddenly, when I heard it, I was taken aback and looked up, and not far away, a little boy in a blue suit drove a grandmother down. Instead of helping the grandmother, the little boy ran away in a hurry. See this field。

的认In the face of my indignation, I hurried to help the grandmother, who actually grabbed my hand and said, "If you hit someone, you want to run!" I tried my best to control my emotions and explained: The grandmother didn't hit me, but the little boy just hit you. I came to help you. The sky is getting brighter and we are crowded with people around us. An aunt pleaded for me: He is just a child, and he will inevitably make some mistakes, why do you bother him? But the grandmother did not get angry, I thought I did not know what to do. It was n’t him who hit it, it was me who hit it. The man's eyes gathered on a little boy at once, and he saw his gasp in his mouth, his face。

识.MaWith sweat beads flowing on, he said to the grandmother: I'm sorry, grandmother. The storm ended like this. Although I was wronged, I believe that as long as everyone can give a little love, the world will be better! I looked at the surrounding scenery in astonishment. At this time, a girl who looked like me came towards me and said to me with a smile: Hello, the old me. what? what? I asked inconceivably. I am the future you, welcome you to the future earth as a guest. Just call me Xiaoyu! Xiaoyu said. Let me show you the future earth! OK. I can't wait to accept Xiao Yu's invitation. Suddenly, I heard the grunting sound, well, it turned out that my belly was singing, and Xiaoyu smiled a bit, from。

jor20I took out a small green ball in my pocket and handed it to me. I wondered why you gave me this ball. Xiaoyu explained to me: This is a new product in the future. What do you want to eat? Just tap it, and then say the name of the food you want to eat, it will immediately put the food in front of you. I doubtfully took the ball from Xiaoyu's hand, tapped it gently, and then said an apple. Sure enough, a red apple appeared in front of me. After eating the apple, Xiao Yu took me to the place where she lived. I saw that the walls were all transparent glass, and the furniture was floating in midair. I sat on the sofa as if sitting on a cloud, soft, Very comfortable。

hToo. These furniture are all using the technology of magnetic suspension, and you can also adjust the interior decoration according to your preferences. Outside the house is a family garden, and there is a gardening control system in the garden, so the garden does not require manual care, which saves time and effort, is it interesting? I just wanted to answer her. At this time, a big hole suddenly appeared on the ground, and I fell. I do not know how long it has passed, I heard my mother call me: Get up! The sun is basking! I opened my eyes confusedly and found that I was lying on my bed. It turned out that yesterday's crossing the future is a beautiful。

Dream. On my way to school, there was a short grove of wood. Every day, I stepped on the beat of the second and hurriedly walked past it. I never stopped, and even looked at it too late. , I hurried to the school, although it was late autumn, but the noon sunlight shone from the head to the feet, and my body was warm. When I walked into this grove, the wind blew gently, and I saw some leaves with the wind Dancing, flying like a golden butterfly, and then dancing ballet, spinning and landing on the ground. I leaned over to pick up a tree from the ground。

jThe leaf is very beautiful, spread the palm of your hand, put the leaf in the palm, and appreciate it carefully. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and the leaf slipped away from my hand with the wind, I was about to grab it, but it was naughty The ground flies higher. I think it makes it dance more beautifully in the wind. The ground is covered with yellow leaves, and the ground is covered with a quilt. I walked on it, and the leaves made a rustling noise, I deliberately Stepped on it, making a very rhythmic sound of sand, sand, sand. I accelerated my pace and walked faster. Suddenly, my eyes lit up, what are those? I looked closer, it turned out to be one Strain。

Next to a wild chrysanthemum, they were shaking in the wind, as if they were nodding to me. I looked at the chrysanthemum and smiled, it was so brilliant, one by one, golden, and Orange, petals are slender and slender oval, there are some stamens in the middle of the flower, I touched it gently with my hands, these lovely chrysanthemums, and shook it gently. Depends, for everyone, More or less. From birth, we have to rely on our parents to do everything, because we have no independence, but I also get rid of dependence。

time. Grumbling, my stomach started protesting again, but Mom and Dad went out. Alas, with all my heart, I decided to try it myself. I have n’t eaten pork, have n’t I seen a pig run? I can still take pictures of cats and tigers! I will prepare eggs, tomatoes, celery, meat and rice first. I beat the eggs first and added salt, but it seems a bit too much? Immediately after that, I washed the tomatoes and celery again. But the problem is coming, how to cut the pork? How to fry after cutting? I don't care about three, seven, twenty-one, so I cut them first. The dishes are cut, I have。