关系.为I remember one sentence saying: ‘‘ Learning is like sailing against the current, and if you do n’t advance, you retreat. ‘’ Yes, that ’s the fact. That ’s the way learning is. There will be pressure when there is competition, and there will be motivation when there is pressure, and then we will turn motivation into action and work hard to achieve our goals. Inferiority complex is a weed growing in the heart. It can isolate you from the outside world, make people feel that they are inferior to others, and inferiority can prevent you from fully realizing your potential. But at the same time, inferiority complex is also a good medicine, it will encourage you to move forward, turn stress into motivation, and then to achieve your goals, reach the other side of success, and then build a sail of self-confidence. When I was in kindergarten, I always wanted to have candy every day, almost every day。


了确定After school, she was entangled with her mother and asked her to buy sugar. I also dreamed of owning a candy house. The candy house became my wish. This wish was too naive, but it was sweet, because the little girl in the fantasy candy house was only five years old. The gear of time kept turning, and the sweet wish was gradually becoming tasteless. At the age of nine, I was already a third grade girl. When I learned from the teacher that many children had never felt the warmth and happiness in the classroom, I again had a wish. This wish is for all children who ca n’t go to school in China to experience mutual help among classmates The peers who have left school are back in class-so, I want to donate tuition to these poor students. This wish is great, just like that, my sweet wish is made by the great wish。

饱和点bInstead, I grew up in this alternation. The gear of time continues to rotate. The four springs and autumns in the years are like the moment when the camera clicks. Now that I am 13 years old, I am no longer fantasizing about the candy house, and I am no longer fantasizing about tuition fees for poor students. My wish is also Great changes have taken place. This wish is very realistic and mature: I am proud to step into the gates of famous universities because I already know how to change fate with knowledge. The wish is beautiful. Is interesting. For my dream, my wish, I will work hard. Let my heart treat me。

,我们进He said: Come on, work hard, move forward. I drove in the direction of the sky and watched the white clouds. I looked down and saw towers rising from the ground. Through Baiyun, I saw my little partner and I greeted them. Soon after flying, I was thirsty. Pressing the beverage switch, a bottle of beverage came to me in the carriage, like a shot, falling straight into my hand. Open the bottle cap and drink it, or it ’s ice cold! It turns out that with the development of technology, a series of freezing systems are installed on the car, which is cold for 24 hours. In the strongest sunlight, there is no interference with the drinks in the car. Just when you feel uncomfortably hot, sit in the car and take out a bottle of cold。

行了另一Drink, it's enjoyment with a sip! Drink in summer and hot wind in winter. In winter, it is essential to go out and work in the car. When you sit in the car, you must feel a little cool. It doesn't matter, the car I designed can release hot wind at any time, waiting for you 24 hours, as long as you enter the car, the warmth will come! Many people now have their own cars, but there is a saying that one can afford a car and cannot afford one. Oil prices have skyrocketed in society, and refueling has also become a worry for people. These are hard to mention for the car I designed. My car uses no oil and uses water. There is not much water to be added every time, just one liter。

Okay, it takes a long time to add water and change the water every January, which saves oil and water, and protects the environment. A clear cry of birds swept across the vast sky, calmed people's irritable hearts, and spread a brilliant sun to the sad ones. Although the beautiful meteor is not as good as the moon's brilliance and life, it uses its own light to interpret the fleeting beauty. No one knows or cares about the birthday of a dewdrop, because it is too unremarkable, and life is too short, even when it does not even know what the birthday is, it has been taken away by the sun, even When the body is about to evaporate, she。

He also endured the pain of tearing his heart and lungs, pretending to be calm, smiling and bid farewell to the sisters of plants. I remember my birthday, although not luxurious, but accompanied by mom and dad, and meals full of love, everything is so warm and harmonious. As my age grew, my father and mother did not gradually forget my birthday, but remembered it more and more clearly, always surprise me on the day of my birthday, although sometimes the surprise will become a shock, but I still Happy, because they still remember my birthday, this is enough. A beautiful sunset, the sunset slowly fell in the evening glow, and the surrounding sky was soaked with overturned paint bottles, which was particularly beautiful and dazzling. The colorful bridge is set on the sunset。

Empty, like a hat specially knitted by a fairy for the sun. I glared at the big round eyes, with an unparalleled smile, and took my sister's hand, and asked dumbly: Does Rainbow have a birthday? The elder sister smiled: I do n’t know, but even if it does, it ’s forgotten. Its life is so short, but it leaves a ray of beauty in people's hearts. I nodded as if I understood something. It turned out that birthday is not just a way to record age. It can also record the good qualities you have developed, and some things have not had many birthdays or even enjoyed birthdays, but they have left an indelible beauty in the world and are pinned by people with good expectations. And this is an affirmation, an eternal affirmation! In a sunny。

In the morning, the World Science and Technology Association and the World Concert Association jointly organized a concert to listen to the voices of children on the moon, inviting more than 100 domestic and foreign stars to perform. Therefore, moms and dads all over the world have to take a spaceship—good dad and mom to watch the show on the moon. They were worried that the children would cry and would not leave, so they were quiet in the night, and the children walked quietly while they were swimming in their dreams. So, starting from this sunny morning, it can be said that there is no adult world. In the blink of an eye, the children woke up from their dreams, and they slowly found that their parents were not at home. When they saw the small note they left behind, they were surprised and happy and sad.。

To be happy not to go to school or complete heavy homework, but also to feel that I can't eat the delicious food made by my mother or the embrace of my parents. What do they do with a complicated mood? In this way, stores all over the world are in disarray, as if they were just bombed, half-eaten snacks can be seen everywhere, drinks are spilled on the ground, various snack packages are flying on the street with the wind flying, and the air is filled The taste of snacks makes people unable to breathe. A world without adults is really a crazy and chaotic world! It was getting dark, the concert ended successfully, and the adults had to set sail to go home. The children all went home obediently. When Mom and Dad go back to earth, see。

yThe mess was all stunned, not knowing what to say. It is said that it took ten days to clean up these snacks and restore the cleanliness of the city streets. Adults have also reviewed that they are too strict in disciplining children, and imprisoning their opportunities to eat snacks will cause this crazy behavior to happen. My dog ​​is similar to other dogs, but it's just the same. It's still a smooth yellow hair, a small, black, wet nose that's very sensitive to food. What makes it different? Please listen to me slowly. This dog in my family can eat it. Although other dogs can eat, almost all eat only bones and meat dishes. Not nearly。