访谈变得See if there is a murder weapon in this person's bag. If there is, he will take that person to the security room to ask about the situation, and if there is no reasonable explanation he will take you away. The world in 2015 is so interesting. The prairie wolves with hard bones and harder lives are all tough women, and they always fight in the end and never bow their heads. There is no such word as weak in the wolf dictionary. Even if the wolf loses her son, the male wolf is injured, and her legs and claws are broken, the temporary pain will only make the wolf waiting for revenge more crazy. The wolves are tenacious and unyielding, not because of the wolves。


更加结构There is no traitor here, but because of the cruel grassland environment, all the hordes have been eliminated completely. This is what the little wolf told me. Jiang Rong's meticulous description of the little wolf made me admire the wolf in five ways. The little wolf actually poked his butt and tail in the sand circle, desperately digging a hole ... After another twenty minutes, there was only a happy and fluffy wolf tail outside the hole. The author so carefully describes how the wolf digs a hole for himself, which includes how much the author loves the wolf! The little wolf is still reluctant to accept the name of the "big wolf". If it is called the "big wolf", it pretends to be inaudible ... how smart is the little wolf, of course, it also requires the careful care of the author. The author's description is not only vivid and true. After reading this book, I also understand。

化,并着What ancient China was always bullied is because the Han people are not tenacious, persevering, weak, and without the strength of wolves. In the book, the sheep are wolves slaughtered by wolves; while the Xiongnu and Western countries are unyielding, tenacious, wild and animal, In the book is the wolf. One day in 2030, Dr. Cheng called me to his laboratory to show me something new. I looked around and found a large noodle machine. I said, Mr., what age? Still eating bread? Isn't it over to eat a compressed food pack? Say: First of all, this is a time shuttle, not a bread machine. Secondly, compressed food bags are harmful to the environment, you can go and see in the future! Yeah! I said I jumped into the bread machine, there was a vortex in the sky in 2050, I was heavily。

重于参Falling on the ground, sitting up and looking at it, it became a garbage dump. The ground was full of garbage. People lived in the garbage dump: houses, sofas, chairs ... it was all garbage, and people would feel sick after seeing it. I drove back and forth again ... Dr., I want to go before again, okay ..... One day in 1977, there was a vortex in the sky, people were dumbfounded, fairy fairy! Sign a name! what! ! I shouted, run! I rushed forward like a marathon, and the people behind chased me. Running, I stopped, everyone was quiet。

与者在Quiet! I have something to say! I want to lie to them. I am the one sent by God to manage everyone. God said that the people on the ground do not love to protect the environment and let me control it. it is good! it is good! Everyone agrees. One of the crowd said that from now on, we will listen to you! First of all, everyone should take care of the environment. Second, every resource must be saved. Then I talked about specific measures. According to my request, I went to 2050 again, the earth is clean, flowers, grass, beautiful! Slap, I rolled off the bed. Each of us has a lot of teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school language, mathematics, English ... teacher, every teacher I like very much. But the old man in my heart。

The teacher is like a candle, lighting himself and illuminating others. Teacher Wang is not tall, with a few black hairs in her dark hair, a pair of glasses on her high nose bridge, and her eyes seem to speak. There is a magical force that encourages us to learn. During class, she always looked at us with kindness and gentle eyes. Take us to swim in the ocean of books. Reading the text aloud in a beautiful voice, how serious! Sometimes we always read typos intentionally and let us stand up and listen. When encountering words that are easy to make mistakes, the teacher will say a few riddles, tell a few jokes, and amuse。

bEveryone laughed. Let the students feel as if they are playing games. What about the play. After class, Mr. Wang changed his body again and became a big friend. He happily played with us children. Some students will ask the teacher if they do not understand the question in class. The teacher always explains patiently. Watching the teacher leave the classroom and go back to the office to correct homework, how hard is the teacher! In my mind, she is different from other teachers. She is an affable teacher, I want to say to you: Thank you! Teacher Wang, you have worked hard! There are many auras around us, but one of these auras is the aura of love, which has always been with us。

By our side. From small to large, we can't be without love around us. The two most indispensable loves are father's love and mother's love. These two kinds of love are the most important, and these two kinds of love are often the most easily overlooked. The caring, drunk and waking and languid, only the cold moonlight accompanied by a lonely figure. The wind blew the moonlight and put on heavy makeup early in the night. Cough ... cough. How could it be so cold, I was lying in bed like a little hedgehog curled up, but I didn't want to get up and cover the quilt in the cabinet. Suddenly something soft covered me gently, so warm。

0Let the corner of my mouth rise quietly, when I opened my sleepy eyes and saw a looming figure walked out. Who is it? The hungry curiosity drove me out. The cold wind made a crackling sound in the window, and the curtains seemed to be rendered by this kind of music and rippled with the wind, but I shuddered hard. Suddenly I heard the sound of clashing dishes in the kitchen. Could it be that those nasty mice are doing the blame. As soon as I walked to the door, I heard mumbling voices in the cold weather, how can I not take care of myself, what if I fell ill! It turned out to be a mother. I saw the hair on her head became silvery like snowflakes under the dim light, and tears like broken lines ran down from her wrinkled face.。

It's the delicate and delicate tender pancreas that has densely cocooned, and straightens my heart, she doesn't not love me, but her deep love is so pale and weak even in a thousand words, her face is already vicissitude Love my testimony. You wake up! Quickly drink ginger soup, warm the stomach. My mother's words brought me back to reality. I served the soup and slurped into my stomach. Suddenly, a lava-like heat flowed through my atrium, making me miss it. Is the soup too hot or too spicy? No, it ’s my mother ’s love that is too surging and surging, flooding my soul like a tide and giving me infinite strength. It turned out that my mother's love had been splayed into the minutiae of my life like the sunset of the stars。

Thousands of love. My mother's love is like a gurgling stream flowing through my heart, no traces like the spring breeze blowing the green earth in March; as silent as the drizzle moistening everything; like the sun illuminating the earth, no return. For crying, I want to say no. Because crying is a cowardly performance for me, and I want to be a strong person, not want to be laughed at by others. There is bitterness and sweetness in tears, but bitterness is always more than sweetness, so I do n’t want to cry anymore. It was a sunny and beautiful afternoon, the whole class was in a tight range, because the teacher announced the mid-term exam results, but I was in a relaxed state, because I think this exam is too simple Right! One。