性编码.6The whole snow-white world is refreshing. Liu Yuxi Park is full of spring in spring, extremely warm in summer, refreshing in autumn, and wrapped in silver in winter. There are advantages and disadvantages throughout the year. The room was suddenly very quiet. I didn't like this feeling. I quietly pushed the door of the room open. My mother was away and went out to buy food? Forget it, God help me too! I can take the opportunity to escape. While my mother was away, I walked out of the house generously. However, I saw a scene that shocked me: the crowds in the square were all children! There is no one adult. Hello, this is。


创建what's the situation? I pushed the boy next to me with a smile like a flower. He looked at me up and down suspiciously, and I was uncomfortable with him. His body stiffened and said something that made me petrified. See the leader! and many more! what's the situation? This girl is wrong, when will this woman hero become the leader? Then the audience said to me: See our great leader! Click ~ This is my diamondized voice. I looked at the crowd full of admiration, and my memory slowly recovered ... A few days ago, I joined all the children in the world to resist, and successfully invited the adults to the moon, so this day It is the first day that everyone enjoys no adult restraint, so they are very excited. In the past few days, I have traveled by plane and played Asia, Europe and the Pacific. Report! This is my minister。

原始what's up? At this time, I was eating in my castle, so I was absent-minded. Suddenly, there was an earth-shattering cry in the world. What's wrong? Who will explain it! I yelled because I was afraid the minister would not hear. Because the babies in the world are unattended, the minister's voice is getting smaller and smaller. Then take care of you! Report! What's wrong? I'm impatient. The number of hospitals nationwide has skyrocketed because no one will see a doctor. Report! Say. I pressed my temple. Trees in a certain area have been destroyed ... This week, all the broken things have flooded up, and I am tired, as are the people. My head hurts and hurts, my heart is tired and tired, my hands are sore and sour, and eventually I am exhausted. Sweet love tends to be maternal love, cold when you sleep。

数据后,At that time, my mother secretly covered you with a quilt. When you were hungry, your mother made a bowl of hot porridge for you. When Mother's Day is over, you will all send some blessing words and greetings to your mother. However, when Father ’s Day is over, will you send some blessings to your father, or will you say a greeting like your mother, but although you do n’t, the father always looks forward to your greetings and blessings, but fatherly love is often ignored , Each of us has a pure fatherly love, but you ignore it. I want to remember if there is nothing wrong, it is one。

我们逐eThis winter, because I played too long outside, and when I was wearing a little thin, when I got home, I felt a bit hot in my head, so my mother took the temperature and measured it. I thought it was too thin and cold. Unexpectedly, I had a fever of 39 ° C. My mother had to put the towel on my forehead, but the fever never returned. My mother called my dad in anxiety. Dad came back from the outside immediately and arrived home. Mom and dad talked for a while. Dad just Pick me up, put me in the car, and drive to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, my dad asked me: Child, are you cold and uncomfortable? I did n’t answer, but just shook my head silently. When I was about to arrive at the hospital, my dad said: It ’s cold outside.。

行进行分Put this on. I saw my dad's white hair and anxious eyes, tears, wet the corners of my eyes, I did not expect that the father in that eye, the father who said that I failed my exam, this How gentle it is, I really hope to stay at this moment. When I arrived at the hospital, my father asked the doctor about me and asked the doctor to drip me. My father spoke with me in the hospital, laughed with me, and told me about my childhood. Dad talked and talked about me and fell asleep, but I can feel my dad go out and wait until Dad。

析,以0When I came back, I already had a bowl of hot porridge in my hand. My dad asked me: Girly, hungry or not. I nodded and my dad fed me spoon by spoon. I asked my dad: Dad, you are hungry Not hungry, my dad replied: My dad is not hungry, I ate just now, and my tears shed again. This is how gentle my father is, there is no ordinary sternness, how good it would be to stay at this moment! But memories are memories, it is impossible to go back. An ordinary and great love can allow a child to experience his father's hardship and love for himself in love. When you can't find love sometimes, it is often your best love. When you are troubled, a person will relieve you of trouble. This is love. When you have a problem。

便我们7At that time, the teacher will explain to you patiently. When you are cold, your father will cover your quilt secretly. When you are sick, your parents will greet you one by one because of anxiety. Because of you, love is all around. If I were you, everything in the world would be beautiful, and constitute a beautiful world. With the development of science and technology, living standards are getting higher and higher, and people's hearts are becoming more and more greedy and stingy. Only those kind animals still ... I want to be a little bird. You see its exquisite and petite posture, sharp small mouth, delicate small claws firmly grasp the branch, and sing with its clear voice. Tired head shrunk in feathers, sweet sleep。

可以3When I am thirsty, I drink the sweet mountain spring. When I am hungry, I eat the bugs in the grass to fill my stomach. You look at us, ten lessons a day, you have to fly to the cafeteria as soon as you finish school. why? Because there are too many people in the school, once you slow down, the canteen welcomes you with a long queue of meals. At this time, you can only admit your fate and stand at the end of the team. If there is a teacher in the cafeteria, you will be able to quickly serve the meal. Go, so you can only helplessly wait, because it is not easy to add to the team. If it is too late, you can only eat steamed buns and dishes because。

gOnce you arrive late in the classroom, you have to bear the consequences of being late. Alas, the birds are more comfortable. Little bird, how good it would be if I were you! I also want to become a giant panda. You can see that it's sturdy posture with a very reasonable fur in black and white, it's so cute, but I can't help but spit them out. I'm also as fat as a panda. I'm taller than a panda, but I don't have the smooth fur of a panda, but my IQ is higher than that of a panda, and I can work very well. But it's also fat like a ball, but the panda twisted the waist of the bucket casually, ushered in people's excited cries and verdant bamboo. As for me, I also twisted the waist of the bucket, but ushered in the endless white of the students。

1Eyes and sarcasm. I really want to sigh in the sky. Obviously people are better than pandas, but people are treated worse than pandas. It's unreasonable! Giant panda, if I were you, how good should you be, and enjoy the treatment of animal protection at the national level every day, that day is definitely happy to be happy anymore! Little bird, how good would it be if I were you, with flying wings all over the world. Over the past five thousand years, people have continuously created many world-famous things. Such as: papermaking, gunpowder, compass, typography, Chinese medicine, porcelain, Chinese painting and so on. Chinese opera as the quintessence of China has also spread to this day. play。