其公开类别.In matters that are unintentional to oneself. In network communication, we should pay attention to browsing, stay on the information related to learning work, and should not waste energy on bad information. We must learn to diet and learn to resist bad temptations on the network. Solve problems in work and study life. In short, the network has advantages and disadvantages, which requires everyone to grasp. Once you are fascinated, you will become confused, whether it is learning or behavior rules, it will become rude, so I think that online games have more disadvantages and fewer benefits.。

因为我We should play less online games to better manage ourselves, and don't say that the network harms you. There is nothing wrong with the network, it is only because you have not used it correctly that you have ruined your future! When I woke up, I found that I came to the future world. There were people coming and going on the street, and suddenly I saw a man pull out a matchbox-like thing from his pocket, squeeze it, throw it on the ground, and a car like an airplane and a spaceship appeared. My eyes were almost staring out. What's even more amazing is that this car emits not unpleasant exhaust gas but fresh oxygen. I asked people in the road to know that it is a magic brand car, which can be large or small, can become an aircraft and a spaceship, and the speed can reach 3.9 million kilometers per hour! At this time my uncompromising belly murmured。

们有几个yCried. So, I walked into a restaurant, and it happened that I was the 888th guest of this restaurant, and I could eat for free. I was so happy that the waiter served me some of the best dishes. Soon the waiter took a cloud and put it on my table, and left. I was very strange. Do I want to eat the cloud? Suddenly, a cloud of food began to rain, and all kinds of food fell on the table. There are fantastic fruits, brave soup, honest meat, caring rice and other strange foods. Moreover, these foods are not only delicious and healthy, but also give people the corresponding quality after eating. After I had eaten enough, I went outside and met the future me. not。

开放代When I came, I was very happy to see me, and took me to my future home. I came to the future home. The future I stood in front of the door and said, the door opened. When I walked in, I found that the inside looks much larger than the outside. It turns out that people have mastered space magnification. I first went to the bathroom to take a shower, and a large cloud was sprayed from the sprinkler. It was raining inside the cloud, and I washed my body cleanly, and a rainbow came out after washing to wipe off the water. Coming out of the bathroom, under my introduction of the future, I know that this kind of house is a brand of my own design in the future. All equipment。

码,所以It is voice-controlled and very convenient. I was shocked. Suddenly, another golden light flashed back and brought me back to 2011. Hey, I haven't said goodbye to the future! But one day I will go to the future through my own efforts! The rain fell quietly, first drop by drop, like a drop of beads from the sky. Tiny raindrops fell on the playground, ticked down on the roof of the school building, plopped on the umbrellas of the students, rustled, rustled on the ground ... on campus, everywhere I saw Yusi full of poetry and picturesque meaning. Gradually, gradually, the rain became a trace of raindrops, and the inexhaustible traces of rain seemed to be a crystal curtain of Shuoda, which slowly hung down from the sky all the way to the ground of the campus, turning into many crystal clear Small water。

我们使The flowers bloom incessantly throughout the campus. Yusi flicked the leaves and flowers, the leaves nodded slightly to me, and the flowers waved to me frequently. The rain was getting bigger and bigger, the rain silk turned into a big raindrop, and in an instant, it turned into heavy rain. Jingle bells ... The bells of school lingered in the rain. The students took the umbrellas one by one and rushed in the rain just like the blossoming flowers. Rain, like a naughty child, is hitting the ground ragingly, jumping up again and again, like transparent pearls. The large pine trees in the distance, lush, still heroic, like a slim lady, near。

用了8The trees around here are just a few scattered leaves, yellow and green, and gray smoke between the branches, like the same ink painting, and like an old man who has experienced vicissitudes. The sky is white, with ink in and out. At this time, the campus ground was filled with locust leaves, wet, and water droplets were constantly splashing, as if the stubborn ground was fighting the rain in the rain, with its strong arm, it never stopped fighting the interference of foreign things. . In the silent campus, there was heavy rain pouring, and the sound of rain and thunder moderated the students' loud reading, accompanied by the noise of the classroom. The composition is a wonderful symphony. I。

常量1Wherever I bring a pen, why? Take notes anytime? ! To turn the pen. Although the technology is not superb, although I have only invented three transfer methods, but I have also turned around 5 times a few times! Sometimes, when I go to a restaurant to eat, I use chopsticks to turn; . . . . . In short, I can't lack turning pen in my life. I like to play the hall, although the level is not high sweet technician, only 160,000. But I was always very happy when I was playing in the church. The church brought me so much joy and always released a bad mood. I like to see the clear blue sky. When I am alone and in pain, the best thing is to raise my head to 45。

gThe angle of looking up at the sky, watching the deep, blue sky, will bring you coziness, comfort, and dreams ... I like to listen to rock music, and I like to listen to the definition of new metals. I look at the sky and listen to 4 The blue notes came out, and let my own thoughts flow ... Hehe, when it comes to eating, I like to eat the Alps. Wow, the taste of the Alps-that's really cool! When there is nothing to do, there is always a lollipop in your mouth, which is the best pastime. The drink I must have every day is Coca-Cola, but my mother will not let me drink it, saying it is bad for my health. But Coca-Cola is so delicious ... always。

hReluctant to give up. Hey, still do your own thing! Me, a filial daughter in front of my parents; a good girl in front of my teachers; a cheerful friend in front of my classmates who cannot be a cheerful guard of honor ... Although I like a lot of improper things, I never let my parents be my Worry about learning, learn easily and happily! At least-I am a unique, self-proclaimed me; always a simple, happy me! My childhood was like a huge hard drive, storing joy and laughter, and storing many stupid things. Of course, when I look back now, the innocence at that time is still fresh in my memory. I remember the day of the summer vacation three years ago. It was very hot that day, and my grandmother worked hard to make dinner, waiting for us to finish。