MerrAfter the meal, my mother and father went out to do things, leaving me and grandma alone. At this time she was brushing the bowl, brushing and brushing, a phone call came in to find her grandmother, she was busy to answer her phone, I saw her yi suit was so hot that she was soaked all over her body Love her! So the spirit machine came up with a good idea, put the bowl in the washing machine, put some detergent, and then just stir it. I started to implement my automatic dishwasher plan, and the sound in the washing machine agitated her old man for a while, and hung up the other party before I finished, and ran over。

iam,dAt first glance, everything was clear. At this time, I saw her face change from green to purple, and finally purple to white, and gradually calmed down again. Grandma was so angry that she could not speak for a while. Wrong, while she wasn't paying attention, she ran into her room like a smoke, closed the door, and I didn't dare to come out that night, and made a veritable little turtle. In the evening, my parents came back, and I complained that my grandmother did not understand that she fell asleep, did not understand what I did wrong, and did not know that my grandmother swallowed my mistakes, avoiding the possibility of me being beaten. It wasn't until the next day that I knew how serious I had made a mistake, looked at the debris in the trash bag, and then secretly looked at my haggard face。

1998It doesn't feel like a taste, it's sour, I want to cry, warm, I want to cry ... Looking back on this matter, I still feel a bit silly! But it made me understand grandma's love, very warm and very happy. It also made me understand that washing the machine can't wash dishes, hehe ... There is only a mother in the world. Children with mothers are like treasures. Into the mother's arms, where to find happiness ...... Whenever I heard this song, I thought of my own is not, I thought of mother's helpless tears. Once, when I finished my homework, my mother came back, and I told her truthfully, she gave a cry. So, I played with my phone, but I have n’t played it for a while, and my mother asked me to learn again。

年,以9I did n’t want to learn anymore. I still played with my cell phone there. My mother urged me again because she did n’t study. My shortcoming was that I could n’t stand the verbosity of others, so I became angry. Although I went to study again, but my mother was left with a heavy knock on the door. I have been suffering in the house for a long time, and I asked myself in my heart, why does mother not understand the heart of our little child? Why are they so unforgiving? At noon, when it was time to eat, I obviously heard that my mother was telling me to eat, but I ignored it. Later, I heard my mother seem to be saying in the tone of prayer: Good daughter, it ’s not good for mom, mom.。

便比较Isn't it for you? If you have no knowledge and no culture, how will you survive in society in the future? You can understand my pains! I covered my ears when I didn't hear it, but he kept talking at the door. I was really angry, so I opened the door suddenly. But when I saw the scene in front of me, I was dumbfounded, because I clearly saw the tears flashing in my mother's eyes. I knew this was the helpless tears of my mother when she faced the stubborn daughter. I quickly went to my mother, gently wiped the tears from her face with my hands, and said softly to her: Mom, sorry, I made you angry. Hearing this, my mother looked at me and said nothing, but I felt that she had forgiven me and had forgiven her willful daughter.。

和理解It's not. Since then, I seem to have grown up a lot, I understand the mother's pains, I understand the mother's love for me. Therefore, I decided to follow my mother's instructions in the future and help my mother do some housework as long as I can. In addition, I will definitely study hard according to my mother's wishes and strive to become a useful person. Habit is a kind of power in everyone, a great power is surging, this kind of power can make people warm, can make people demand themselves more. It is a habit! Everyone has a habit, a good habit may be trivial, but that can make people。

这些类别warm. Even if it is bent over to pick up a piece of trash, even if it is to send a sweet smile to the teacher and classmates, even if it is a good morning, good afternoon. One sunny morning, when I walked on the campus playground, I suddenly saw a classmate pick up the garbage on the ground and threw it into the trash can. After that, I met her. She said it was out of the power of habit. I think her habit is worth learning! Since then, I have used her as an example to develop this good habit. Therefore, we should develop all kinds of good habits like that student. Habit is a great and warm power, it can promote everyone's behavior, he can exercise another positive energy! Students, you imagine how beautiful the world is。

Well, because of all the good habits. One Sunday afternoon, I went out alone. Walking, God was joking, and suddenly it was pouring downpour. I hurried home, but the road was too slippery. I fell to the ground and broke my knee. I hurried to the roof to hide from the rain. I squatted under the roof and stared blankly at the road, waiting for the rain to stop. Just then, an adult came to me. Asking me clearly what is going on, I'm going to take me home, and on the way, we chat. Why do you help me? I do n’t know, maybe it ’s out of instinct. I ca n’t help it when I see someone wanting to help. Oh, it turned out to be。

So thank you. Once again, I feel that habit is a great power. I feel that habit is out of my own heart, as long as I develop it with my heart, I can succeed! Habit can make people warm, and habit can make people progress. Even if everyone develops an insignificant good habit, it is progress, which is worthy of encouragement and praise. No matter what others say, just two words: stick to it! To make sugar garlic, the first thing is to choose the ingredients. The garlic must be fresh. Freshly unearthed fresh garlic, buy ten pounds. After buying it, take off the pink outside of the garlic to reveal her snowy and delicate skin, and then take The knife removed her roots, and then cut off her stems with scissors.。

9Looking at garlic, I remembered a riddle. Eight or nine brothers sat around the pillar. The answer was garlic. After all, we went on to say how to make sugar and garlic. We need to take a clean pot first, put the cut garlic into the pot, add water to rinse, then soak in the water for about four hours. At this time, observing the garlic, they all floated in the basin like backstroke. After soaking for four hours, we awakened the garlic from our dreams and fished them out. Do not dry them in the sun and dry them in the shade. They seemed to be sitting on the balconies one by one, enjoying the summer wind blowing. They dried in about two hours, and finally we put the dried garlic in the crock, and placed it layer by layer without leaving any gaps.。