的可信度.Blooming pink rose. She is very strict with me, she often tells us to do one thing or not. Either do the best. He said so and did the same. He is always devoted to every class, and is sick and does not rest. ····· Mr. Jing spent all his energy on us and gave us more time. Give us more love-Class 3 and 6 we are neither teachers' children, nor have any blood relationship with them. But we always occupy a more important position in the teacher's heart than her children。


首先,我Set. All this stems from her dedicated, dedicated heart for our selfless dedication. This semester is coming to an end. The teacher sent us a love school bag and sent us delicious food. Aftertaste the teacher's love and nurturing grace over the past year. In the new school year we may leave our beloved teacher. But the teacher-student complex of Class 3 and Class 6 is always fixed in our hearts. The tides of life fall together, and innumerable wonderful performances are performed together. This wonderful life is like a movement, with treble and bass, and as a player of a wonderful movement, we can interpret each note and different tones beautifully and beautifully, just like we pursue。

们使用5A colorful life. A steel-like life projected courage and perseverance, interpreting eternal faith. The American writer Hemingway portrayed a tough guy like Sandia. Sandiago, a common old fisherman, can reach others. It has been 40 days since he went to sea, and no fish has been caught, but he is not frustrated, nor does he give up lightly. But the result of nothing lasted for many days, and the only partner also left him. However, even so, he resolutely wrestled with the extremely fierce sealord for three days and three nights.。

反向翻译过程Only an eighteen-foot fish skeleton and a scarred body came home. People think he has failed, but everything he does is a miracle in the history of life. Life is like iron, an extremely bright word that enveloped his life, penetrated into his blood, and gave birth to a heroic character. Life like a flash should be the tide of the Qiantang River, and the ebb and flow have a terrifying spirit. As the president of a country, Putin is such a person. In the fall, Putin inspected the coastal area to spend the night on the missile cruiser. Due to the mistakes of the staff, Putin was listening to the live broadcast overnight.。

来提高Can't sleep. But he did not criticize the captain, but chose to tolerate him. The Russians are all known to drink alcohol, but he believes that drinking is a bad habit, so he is very restrained. The Putin couples came to visit a German friend's house. The friend treated him with a collection of famous wines, but he only served wine for his friends, but his wine glass was empty. As a president, such a small detail can be noticed, really deserved. Although drinking is a small detail, but it can always maintain moderation, enough to prove his persistence in details. Putin's iron-blooded tenderness and demeanor's demeanor show his extraordinary and shining life. A hard life has created a woman's injustice。

从韩语Fan's life. For Li Na who has a perfect body and strength, he did not disappoint his own physical qualities and won the French Open crown. But soon, she suffered a knee injury and had to stop training to go to hospital for treatment. Since she was in the United States, Li Na and her husband were unfamiliar with each other, and the money was not enough. This time can be said to be the darkest day in Li Na's life. But she overcame the difficulties with her strong perseverance. Shortly afterwards, Li Na recovered from her injury. She was a big player at the age of 31. She wrote a legend at the age of 31 and won the Australian Open for the first time. The most diligent woman in the world has created a miracle. Become a brand new business card for China Sports. Different choices create a colorful life. On the road of life, the journey is full, there are。

hPeople choose to stagger, while others are full of passion and blood. Go for your own myth. Comment: The color of life is painted by yourself. The article is straightforward and presents a central argument. The argument not only uses the "Old Man and the Sea" learned in textbooks, but also extends to Putin in politics and Li Na in sports. It is a good argumentative paper to discuss and critique your opinions. Through the next day, I have nothing to do, I walk alone on the soft grass, I don't know how far I walked, how long I walked, I came to an unknown world ... I just walked past, the smell of the smell, I looked left and right I found out that I turned into a little bird, flying in the sky, the sky in front changed from blue to blue。

bLight gray, the exhaust of the car is running high, polluting the environment, the pedestrians are gone, and the road is replaced by the car. Immediately, I am very angry and want to go to them for theory, but they are kicked away and sick Ignore me, I just flew like this, fly, came to the TV station, grabbed the reporter's microphone and said: Do you know how bad the environment is now, car! car! All eyes are cars. Do you understand that cars are just a tool that allows you to temporarily replace walking in emergencies? It is not like you who rely on cars completely and feel dependent on cars. The entire sky has turned pale gray, it ’s not that you said you want to protect the ecological environment。

Keeping the laws of ecology, but you say one thing to do, destroying the ecological environment, it is you who destroy the ecological laws! You are sinners, don't you have laws? How do you deal with yourself? How to give us a statement? Also our beautiful and neat environment! After talking, people were stunned. The surprise contained the strangeness of talking to the birds, and the reflection of their own behavior. I saw a heart-wrenching scene, the glaciers melted, and it was all an ocean. The ice disappeared. What surprised me the most was that there were no penguins in Antarctica. The penguins did not know。

aWhere did I go? After a while, I realized that the penguins were all dead, no ice, all drowned, Antarctica suddenly lost life, I felt my heart was bleeding, the sweat was still hot ... with a heavy heart, I traveled back to the modern day, and the tingling tingling from the feet to the heart, I no longer felt that the grass was soft, I felt that the grass was hard, pierced my heart like a knife, pierced me heart of. Here, I call on: Everyone should protect the environment, care for the environment, and contribute to making the world a better place! ! Our world will become more beautiful。

And prosperity! ! In recent years, this trend has become more and more irregular. Some people get a big red envelope and go back to show off as soon as possible. This is also a manifestation of vanity. Some elders think it would be inappropriate to give less, so they will give a big red envelope to their juniors, which is also a manifestation of this phenomenon. This is the Chinese festival. I once read an article about the difference between a foreigner's holiday and a Chinese. A foreigner will send a book, a pen, or a library card, even if there is cash many. In China, it would do everything possible to send more red envelopes but not to exceed its own economic scope. If you send more, you will even feel distressed. Why should we be right。

Regarding the custom of New Year's money, the gift of New Year's money is just to protect the safety of his family's life, and the amount of New Year's money does not indicate the distance of family. How can this feeling of blood being thicker than water be influenced by money? Sending Chinese New Year's money is a traditional Chinese custom, but must the elders give the young people Chinese New Year's money? In fact, our juniors can also earn some small money through labor to ensure the safety of adults. New Year's money is just one of our own wishes, which contains our own wish to wish our family peace and security. But now the new year's money has become a smell, and it has become a tool for people to show off their wealth. This phenomenon should be stopped in time. We should。