者积jThis friendship is just a stepping stone to gaining fame in Jia Yucun's view. In Jia's opinion, it is a flattering flattery of glory and prosperity, and even a fatal blow in the event of decline! If there is such a so-called friendship, it is like putting a time bomb around! Not to mention long-term? The friendship that exists because of knowing lasts forever, and the friendship that exists because of benefits is like a tulle that can be broken at any time. The core of friendship is in a heart word. The two share the same heart and virtue, and the friendship is naturally deep. Han Yu once said that the deposit of the Tao and the deposit of the teacher, then in terms of friendship, it is the deposit of the heart and the deposit of the friend. Boya broke the piano in front of the grave during the period of the child period, in order to pay homage to the only person who could understand。

极的生活A companion of his own piano voice; Wolong gave up his pastoral life to follow Liu Bei in order to share his own moral philosophy of loving the world. However, when the foundation of the Friendship Building is not intellect but interest, this friendship cannot last long. In the spring and autumn, Gongsun Hei and Gongsun Chu fought with each other because they were competing for beautiful women, breaking the harmonious situation between the brothers and the duo. In seeing the benefits and forgetting the truth, Linulubu can be said to be the most vivid. For the treasures, good horses and beautiful women, he killed his protagonist many times. In the end, even people like Cao Cao avoided it and had to kill To prevent future troubles. If the person is a flower, the good friend is the soil, the spring, or a taller and more colorful flower, he gives us nutrients。

,康eGrowth, goals. Those fox friends are pink insects, and they use beautiful shells to exchange for so-called friendship. In fact, they eat themselves a little bit, and when they are left to eat, you wither and they fly away. I like reading, because reading can increase my knowledge and improve my composition. Books, sometimes like my friends, can help me get rid of all my worries; sometimes like pistachios, which can make me happy and make me laugh; sometimes reading is like returning home and giving me a warm feeling. ..... I don't know when and where I want to read. As long as I have a book I like, I will read it hungrily. Once, my mother asked me to buy brown sugar, and I agreed without saying a word, bouncing around with money。

复,健康Look at the supermarket. Hey ... when did a bookstore of this size open across the supermarket? I was a little bit tempted, and walked to the bookstore involuntarily. I picked up a book and read it intently. After an hour, I put the book back on the shelf, but I thought it was still endless, so I picked up another book and read it with relish. It took me an hour to put the book back on the shelf with satisfaction. Suddenly, I felt something bulging in my pocket, I touched it, oh! It turned out that my mother bought me brown sugar. I patted my head. Why did I forget to buy brown sugar? So, with money, I rushed out of the bookstore like an arrow, ran to the supermarket, and bought brown sugar。

和生活质量Afterwards, I hurried home immediately, fearing that my mother would criticize me. Diderot said: People who do not study will stop thinking. Do you want your thinking to stop? Certainly not. Then hurry up and read! Reading will make you an ambitious and thoughtful person. Friends go together for life, there are no longer those days, in a word, life, life, a glass of wine, friends have never been alone, a friend you will understand, there is hurt and pain, there is still going to go, and me. Goodbye, sister! This is the last sentence I told my classmates in my elementary school career. But did not expect that this sentence is likely to become a farewell. Because after graduating from elementary school, I can no longer contact you and lost the news. Now, I think back to the good times we once had。

的潜在贡9There is always a touch in my heart. Whenever I think about every bit of you, my mood is hard to calm down, and I always feel that there is nothing left to say. Whenever I whim, the selection of the song "Friends" lingers in my ears, which makes me ecstatic! I do n’t know if you remember six years ago, we stepped into the door of elementary school. Faced with the stranger, I shyly looked at the textbook blankly and ignored you. You infected me with your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Soon I was integrated into the collective. This time, I am no longer alone. We are inseparable every day, we have never fought once, we are sympathetic to sisters, and thrive together under the blue sky.。

献.该框架是Do you remember the exam six years ago? At that time, there was still a week before the exam. And my grades have been bad, plus there is not much time for review in the recent period, and I am worried about this all day. You resolutely said to me: come to me after school. After school, I arrived as much as I could. You took me to a place to review me very seriously, and just helped me review for a week. With our efforts, my grades have improved significantly, and the friendship between us has deepened. Although now we have run our own things for our own dreams, but I want to say a word to you anyway: for so many years, thank you for making me no longer alone! The house of the future disappears without a trace during the day, but it can be seen at night! He is not really without a trace。

It ’s just invisible. He does n’t occupy the city or obstruct the traffic. Even if it is in the traffic lane, it ’s okay, because it ’s an invisible house. It was shadowed during the day, and the car rushed towards him, and it would pass through when it hit the wall, which is no big deal to the house. Although it can be seen in the dark, the car hit the same as in the day. If there is a typhoon or an earthquake, it will have no effect on the house! We humans can hide from these disasters by hiding inside! The yi cabinet in the future house has the effect of washing yi. You put the dirty clothes in the yi cabinet, after closing, wash y。

5The i-mode will start automatically, and automatically dry the yi suit, and put it in its original position. This type of yi cabinet is better than washing yi machine, more convenient, and can completely replace washing yi machine. The wall in the future is even more special. There is a button as soon as you enter the door. As long as you press this button, the wall will split automatically. If you move it for a while, you will be together. There are three or four buttons, which are: bath, Bedroom, hall, library. It would be difficult to find them without pressing these buttons. There will be two buttons in the bedroom of the future. If there is an earthquake, you can click the first button to enter the tunnel. There is an analog instrument in the tunnel that can make a pair of flying shoes and fly out of the house.。

Free in heaven. If you want to sleep at night, click another button. At this time, only some alarm lights are turned on, and all other lights are turned off, allowing humans to sleep well. The ground in the future can also be turned into an ice rink, so that we can relax when we finish our homework, so magical. If you don't want to play with this, the ground can also become a trampoline, jump level, etc. Let you always have a good mood. If you want to exercise, you do n’t need to run to the fitness equipment in the winter, and some fitness equipment will suddenly appear on the floor of the house for you to exercise.。

No need to be frozen! The future bath can be operated according to the computer at home. If you want to take a bath as soon as you get home, you can enter a few points on the computer before you go to start hot water so that people can take a hot bath when they get home Taking a bath is not so much trouble, it is much more convenient than manual one. The future is a fantasy world, and this world is not non-existent. As long as we work hard, we will succeed. After falling down and climbing again, we must remember: Failure is the mother of success! Create a well-off society together! Everyone knows that the tank is the king of land warfare, but with the development of technology, it seems that even advanced weapons may be eliminated. Compared with the current tanks, there will be many surprising changes in the future tanks. Future tank firepower will be more。