为2Breathe normally. At this time, the temperature is dropping lower and lower, and it has reached -30. A drop of water on the ground instantly turned into ice particles. I immediately pressed the red button on the multifunctional yi suit, the micro heater in the yi suit started to work, and I immediately became warm. I sped up the pace involuntarily. I'm afraid I will be killed by this bad weather a little later. Suddenly I felt a dark shadow coming towards me in front of me. I looked closely. It looked like a dog, but it had horns on its head, six legs, staring red eyes, and long teeth ... … It turned out to be a radiation mutation。


001年dog. I was scared to stand where I was, not knowing what to do. The monster threw me into the air with a loud cry. I shouted: Help me ..., Yueyue, Yueyue. Huh? It ’s mom ’s voice, is mom also thrown into the sky by monsters? I opened my eyes in a daze and saw my mother standing beside the bed. What dream do you have, and call for help, get up quickly, and be late. Oh, it turned out to be a dream! Scared me! I was walking on my way to school, looking at the blue sky, white clouds, listening to the sound of birds singing in my ears, smelling the fragrance in the air, the sides were tall and lush。

《世界4Green tree, this one is really beautiful. But now people don't cherish all of this. They emit a lot of smoke and sewage, don't throw garbage by classification, and cut trees indiscriminately, so that the earth's soil and water will be lost a lot, and oasis will turn into a desert, and the forest will disappear. Species on the earth are all extinct ..., more and more afraid. So from now on, let me realize the importance of protecting the environment and hope that the terrible day in my dream will never come! Xu Xinyue 2014-9-10 love, I believe everyone will feel it. And I can feel the meticulous heavyness。

卫生报告》Love. In life, I believe you will also feel your mother's love for you. I also care about my mother's love. We must cherish this kind of love. At noon on a Sunday, I also really felt the warm and considerate love. At noon, we are going to eat. We are eating the first bowl of fragrant rice, just eating the second At that time, there was not much left in the pot. Mom asked me: I'll give you this. I said: ok. In fact, I can see that she is not full at all, and I know that my mother is for my good. My mother went to work for me, too. And I can only sit in a warm classroom, my mother is not full when I come back, but I am eating delicious food; my mother can only be hungry。

的后续行Sell ​​vegetables on your belly. This is the unstoppable love, which also makes me realize the kind of selfless love and dedication that parents have for us. This is the heavy love, it is this kind of love that makes me stop here and slowly realize it. I think this heavy love is warmer than a warm house. These heavy love will benefit me for life. In front of the shops on both sides of the road, the colorful New Year's boxes are piled up tall, and the spring festival couplets are spreading all over the place. A variety of firecrackers and fireworks booths are showing up in all corners of the city ... ah, so thick New year! Pedestrians with joy。

动,'S smile, carrying a variety of new year's goods in his hand to rush home. The taste of the New Year is unique to the kitchen of every household. It's so fragrant that one can't help but inhale hard and smell a lot. Dad also came back from the field, and pulled back a full cart of new year's goods, stuffed with refrigerators, freezers, fish, chicken, pork, peanut oil, rice, flour, liquor, all kinds of dried fruits, candy, red dates ... the family is like a small Department stores and supermarkets are full of items that make our homes crowded. And me? As soon as the school is off, I write homework every day, write and write! The reason is to finish writing quickly. As soon as the Spring Festival comes, I am happy and carefree to play and have fun. I called bitterness first, then sweetness, so as not to patronize and play, until the school is about to start, only to find that the homework has not been finished! Then sad。

制定了精神卫Oh, huh! My favorite Spring Festival Gala is coming soon! The small cannon has already tickled my heart, and I will definitely buy a few more boxes this year. Modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people lag behind. Everyone will face success. Some people choose humility, and he will make greater progress; some people choose pride, and she will fall sharply and fall. The monthly exam is coming, but I am completely absent-minded. My father urged me to review, but I always said: What is good to review, I have already mastered such a simple knowledge. My father seemed to want to say something when he heard it, but he didn't say it after all, he just kept talking. The exam is coming, I got dumbfounded when I received the paper. Why is this question so difficult? Many。

生全球行Neither will do what to do. I tried to calm down, racked my brain, and thought hard, but I couldn't think of anything. I was so anxious like the ant on the hot pot. This was when I realized that I was too proud and overestimated my ability. Sure enough, as expected, this test actually regressed more than 50 places! In an instant, endless sorrow and remorse poured into my heart, and my heart was sour. I, who has always been the pride of my family, have I only taken such a score? This allows me to explain to my parents. I went home in despair, my father said to me as if he had known it for a long time: Did n’t he take the exam?。

yI nodded, and my father said to me with a long heart: In fact, I had expected that you would not take the exam well. How can I take the exam if I am absent, fluttering, and not taking the time to review it before the exam? This exam has given you a profound lesson. I hope you will remember it forever. You must know that a proud person who has a little, trivial achievement will be ecstatic, and will never be able to achieve great achievements and undertake heavy tasks ; And a humble person will only get better and better, and will achieve a career in the future. So life should avoid complacency, but be open-minded and progressive, and keep making progress, you understand? I nodded fiercely and impressed my father's words deeply on my heart. Since then, I am no longer proud. Because I deeply understand: Pride will defeat! Genius can only be created by diligence! This little thing,。

I understand the reason why Qian benefits and loses. Therefore, I will do everything in a down-to-earth manner, meet the challenges of the future with a humble and prudent heart, and walk every step of my life in a down-to-earth manner. step! Be a humble enterprising good boy! My wish is small, a drop of water in the sea, a ray of light in thousands of beams of sunlight. Although the wish is small, although it does not touch the power of tens of thousands of people, it pulls my heart and keeps me in the sun. Hang, let me work hard to complete it, to pursue it, to achieve it. When you pass by the small streets and alleys, do you see stray cats or stray dogs all over? They will be scarred to eat a little bit. They looked at those lucky ones alone。

The blessed cats, dogs and cats lie comfortably in the warm embrace of their masters. At this time, their already sad eyes are getting grayer. What they want to have is not to eat expensive food and live in expensive nests. What they really need, It is a warm home, a home that spoils them. The next day, I ran back in three steps and two steps after school. I could n’t wait to pull out the carton from that corner. But the carton was empty, and there were only dirty newspapers and ham intestines. I was very anxious. I heard the cheers of a group of boys, and my heart sounded: No! I ran quickly, and I saw a broken white animal in the garbage pile that was smashed by a brick. I rushed over, no matter what The dirty smell of the garbage dump,。