Yiwen Fortune Liang Shuai: Investment in the property market

YiwenFortuneLiangShuai:InvestmentMultimedia has misunderstood the Red Cross and some news reports are not true. The Wuhan Red Cross has not distributed any batch of materials to Wuhan Renai Hospital. When responding to the news that Putian Hospital received a large number of N95 medical masks, the staff of the surname Wang emphasized again that the management of the material storage warehouse is arranged by the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and the storage place of Hall A of the Wuhan International Expo Center is not the Wuhan Red Cross Society. Warehouse. He mentioned that there have been a lot of negative news about the Red Cross recently, some of which have been rumored. These news have had a great impact on the work of the Red Cross. No one expected this.。

Yiwen Fortune Liang Shuai: Investment in the property market is cold

intheIn the case of a large epidemic, there must be some areas that were not handled properly in the early stage. He said that the main task of the current association is to mobilize volunteers. The reporter then came to Hall A of the Wuhan National Expo Center and saw that a donated goods vehicle from Shanghai had just arrived, and the driver was going through the reception procedures with the staff of the Wuhan Red Cross Society. He Sheng, a staff member of the Purchasing Department of Wuhan Asia Cardiology Hospital, who was waiting for the N95 medical mask on the spot, said that as of now, Yaxin Hospital has come to Guobo Hall A to pick up supplies or send it by car. However, according to reports, from the 2nd the material management party plans to deliver and distribute materials to major hospitals. Tian Xi is a Chinese。

Volunteer of National Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, he drove medical supplies delivery vehicle from Suizhou, Hubei to Wuhan on the 2nd, hoping to deliver the full load of materials to the hospitals. In the communication gap with the Wuhan Red Cross, he mentioned that the volunteers of the Red Cross are very hard. This must be true. Many volunteers hope to deliver materials to the hospital as soon as possible, but due to limited vehicles and personnel, delivery is difficult. Tian Xi introduced that he had delivered a batch of supplies to the Wuhan Red Cross on the night of January 26. The Red Cross now has too many supplies at once, so it requires others to open a certificate to get it. Supplies。

There are, but it cannot be shipped out. There are too few Red Cross vehicles. We must consider this fact. After some negotiations, Tian Xi was led into the office by the staff of the Wuhan Red Cross Society. When I saw him again in Hall A of the National Expo Center, he had a red cross logo on his chest. He said that he temporarily became a volunteer of the Red Cross here, hoping to help deliver the materials to the hospitals as soon as possible. (End) Click to enter the topic: Focus on real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Editor: Fan Siteng。

酒吧 New coronavirus was detected in the feces of the diagnosed patients. Feng Luzhao, a researcher of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, responded at the National Health and Health Commission's conference on the 2nd. The spread of virus-containing droplets to form an aerosol requires further confirmation. The main way of spreading new coronaviruses is mainly through close-range droplet transmission and indirect contact transmission. But these phenomena also remind us of the importance of washing hands frequently. (Song Yusheng) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | Responsibility of the new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map。

休闲 Edit: Van Sten original title: The smoother the surface, the longer the virus will survive? Expert: This is a misunderstanding of the Beijing News (Reporter Chen Lin). On February 2, the National Health and Health Commission held a press conference to introduce the new coronavirus infection in the prevention and control of pneumonia in public places, vehicles, and people at different risks. Health protection related situation. According to previous media reports, the smoother the surface the longer the virus survives. Zhang Liubo, chief expert in disinfection at the China Center for Disease Control and Director of the Disinfection Center at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, said that this is a misunderstanding. In fact, clean and smooth surface microorganisms are not easy to survive. Zhang Liubo said that in some dark, tide。

夜生活 In wet, dirty places, the virus survives longer. The risk of elevator buttons and door handles that everyone is concerned about is relatively high. This higher risk is not because the virus survives on it for a long time, but because these places are high-frequency contact places, the risk of cross-infection is high, so our The corresponding strategies are three: one is to increase the frequency of disinfection appropriately. It used to be once a day, but now it can be multiple times a day; second, it can be separated with a facial tissue or disinfected tissue, and the hand does not touch it directly; third, it is touching After these places, you can rub your hands with hand disinfectant to do hand hygiene. Beijing News。

酒吧 Reporter Chen Lin clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: Chongqing February 2 notification: 13 cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia with new coronavirus infection were diagnosed, and a total of 275 cases were diagnosed. By 12:00, Chongqing City had reported 13 new confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection and 4 newly discharged cases. Among the newly confirmed cases, there were 5 cases in Wanzhou District, 1 case in Changshou District, 1 case in Hechuan District, 1 case in Rongchang District, 1 case in Liangping District, 1 case in Dianjiang County and 3 cases in Zhongxian County; among the newly discharged cases, Yongchuan District 1 case, 1 case in Yunyang County, 2 cases in Wushan County. As of 2。

At 12:00 on the 2nd, Chongqing City reported a total of 275 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, 26 severe cases, 6 critical cases, 1 death case, and 7 discharged cases. Among the confirmed cases, 44 were in Wanzhou District, 2 in Qianjiang District, 1 in Fuling District, 9 in Yuzhong District, 6 in Dadukou District, 13 in Jiangbei District, 2 in Shapingba District, 11 in Jiulongpo District and 4 in Nanan District , Yubei District 12 cases, Banan District 1 case, Changshou District 11 cases, Jiangjin District 3 cases, Hechuan District 9 cases, Yongchuan District 3 cases, Qijiang District 4 cases, Dazu District 4 cases, Bishan District 8 cases, Tongliang District 4 cases, Tongnan District 2 cases, Rongchang。

夜场3 cases, 16 cases in Kaizhou District, 3 cases in Liangping District, 1 case in Wulong District, 1 case in Chengkou County, 5 cases in Fengdu County, 12 cases in Dianjiang County, 15 cases in Zhong County, 18 cases in Yunyang County, 8 cases in Fengjie County, 6 cases in Wushan County, 11 cases in Wuxi County, 10 cases in Shizhu County, 1 case in Xiushan County, and 12 cases in Liangjiang New District 1 case in Yubei District, 3 cases in Changshou District, 3 cases in Jiangjin District, 1 case in Qijiang District, 2 cases in Bishan District, 1 case in Kaizhou District, 1 case in Liangping District, 1 case in Fengdu County, 1 case in Dianjiang County, 3 cases in Zhongxian County, 1 case in Yunyang County, 2 cases in Fengjie County; among critical cases, Wanzhou。

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