P2P online loan is too much! One by one loan teaches you to

P2P online loan is too much! One by one loan teaches you to distinguish not reliable online loan platform

P2PonlineloanSerious congestion. After consultation with the Transportation Bureau of Xi'an Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, and the Municipal Transportation Bureau, it was decided that from February 3 to February 9, 2020, Xi'an will temporarily not implement the motor vehicle tail number limit measures on working days. (CCTV reporter Gao Tao) Click to enter the topic: Focus on real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Towels can also be held by the National Health Commission at 15 pm to introduce a new coronavirus infection in the prevention and control of pneumonia。

istoomuch!OneRelated tools and health protection situation of different risk groups. A reporter asked: How to protect when there is no flowing water in public places outdoors? National Health and Welfare Commission: There is also a standard for washing hands with flowing water: six-step washing method. The surgeon also has to wash his elbows. Ordinary people go out and can use hand disinfectant to disinfect these six parts. If you have alcohol allergy, you can use alcohol-free disinfectant. If there is no disinfectant, it is also possible to use disinfectant wipes. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: National Health and Health Commission press conference: it is recommended that all units resume work。

byoneloanteaches6At the peak of the meal, how to prevent the return of migrant workers from infection with new pneumonia Do not return first; at the same time, personal protection should also be done during the return process; employers should conduct medical examinations before going to work. He also suggested that employers should strengthen ventilation, equipped with hand sanitizer, hand disinfectant, etc .; if working in a closed environment, it is recommended to wear a mask; it is recommended that all units eat at different peaks. (Song Yusheng) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation |。

youtodistinguishNew Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Van Sten Original title: Myanmar suspends the issuance of landing sign for international tourists from China Beijing News (Reporter Wang Shengnan) February 1, according to Chinese Embassy in Myanmar In the afternoon, the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it would suspend the issuance of landing visas for international tourists from China. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Myanmar reminded Chinese citizens who intend to come to Myanmar to pay close attention to the above measures, arrange their trips reasonably and avoid hindering entry. On January 31, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar also issued a message requesting Hubei citizens in Myanmar to contact the Chinese embassy or consulate near the location as soon as possible to report。

notreliableonlineloanPerson information. Information includes: name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, time of departure, return flight, contact phone number, willingness to return home, whether there are suspected symptoms of new pneumonia, etc. (Send the above information to consulate_mmr@mfa.gov.cn) If you are traveling in a group, it is recommended that the person in charge of the group report uniformly. Related Contact: Consular Protection Phone of the Embassy in Myanmar: 0095-9-43209657 Consular Protection Phone of the Consulate General in Mandalay: 0095-9-259172726 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Call Center for Emergency Protection and Services Phone: 0086-。

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