肃的Mention the effects of medication on the fetus. At present, there is not enough data to prove whether the virus infection has the risk of maternal and fetal transmission, but in any case, the persistent high fever in early pregnancy still has a certain harm to the embryo. The doctor will decide whether to continue pregnancy according to the specific situation. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Zhang Di Original title: Overseas online commentary: Rendering international panic is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control Local time January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic for Concerned Public Health Emergencies (PHEIC). Thereafter。


休闲All countries in the world have responded to this. Most countries have stepped up customs quarantine efforts to isolate and treat suspected cases; some countries have also opted to ground Chinese routes, suspend the issuance of visas, and stop receiving Chinese tourist groups. All governments have an obligation to ensure the safety of their people ’s lives. In order to block the spread of new viruses and prevent the spread of the epidemic, protective measures are necessary and fully understandable. But at the same time, we must also be alert to some remarks such as China that has become an "endemic country" to render an atmosphere of international panic, to avoid unnecessary panic leading to excessive reaction. With related letters。

角度探讨The disclosure and interpretation of information is gradually gaining popularity, and more and more people have realized that PHEIC is not a ban. The purpose of PHEIC's determination is to maximize protection and minimize unnecessary interference, not to render panic. The International Health Regulations clearly stipulate that after the identification of PHEIC, each country ’s epidemic prevention measures should maintain a minimum of adverse effects to avoid unnecessary intervention in international transportation and international trade, and any restrictive measures must be based on scientific principles and evidence. On January 28, WHO Director General Tan Desai also made it clear that he did not advocate overreactions including the evacuation of overseas Chinese.。

了韩In responding to the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infections, China has responded quickly. From the outbreak of H1N1 flu in North America in April 2009 to the declaration of a national emergency, the United States spent six months, when the number of infected people exceeded one million. In the face of New Coronary Pneumonia, China set up a special central work leadership group in about a month, successfully identified pathogens, and used a variety of treatment methods to prevent the spread of the disease, and strived to ensure the supply of materials in the severely affected areas. The prevention and control has achieved high attention and high efficiency. Taking many extraordinary and powerful measures will certainly affect the Chinese economy.。

国老年人dBehavior and people ’s lives. But it is also such strict prevention and control measures, so that overseas export cases of new coronary pneumonia can be effectively controlled, and China has won international support and trust. On January 30, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen decided not to restrict Chinese flights to Cambodia and not to advise Cambodian students studying in China to return home; on January 31, Pakistan ’s Foreign Minister Shah Mohammed Qureshi reiterated his support for China ’s fight against the epidemic It also emphasized that the international community widely praised China ’s efforts in responding to the epidemic; on the same day, in a call with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng。

的休闲He stated that the Indian side advocates an objective and rational assessment of the epidemic situation and has full confidence in China's eventual victory over the epidemic situation. In the face of epidemic diseases that cross borders, the best prescription is effective and appropriate actions and close cooperation among countries around the world. In the long run, it is reflected in joint scientific research and investment in medical infrastructure; in the short run, it is reflected in the assistance of medically necessary materials. Fighting against viruses is not a one-day effort. A one-size-fits-all strategy of closing the door will not only hurt the country's tourism and trade, but also hinder international cooperation and make international governance more difficult. Fight against common enemies that threaten the safety of human life。

hPolicy. (Reviewer Ren Tianze from Overseas Network) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Editor: Zhang Jianli Original Title: Do you really think the public is stupid? Hubei Red Cross became a tax-avoiding white glove for enterprises in the new Jingwei client on February 1st (Xiaoxiao Gao) On January 30, Hubei Provincial Red Cross official website announced the first batch of donated materials, which revealed the problems, and Pushed the focus of public opinion. According to the details given by the Hubei Red Cross, Wuhan Union Hospital, which is in short supply, is only divided into 3,000 masks (the model is unknown), and 18,000 KN95 masks are not suitable for first-line medical staff.。

eWent to Wuhan Renai Hospital, which is called Putian Hospital by the outside world. And the donor donated to the mask of Renai Hospital is a Beijing Sengenbia Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sengenbia). For this reason, the reporter of Sino-Singapore Jingwei found out after sorting out the capital relationship between the two donors. , The two do indeed have deep connected transactions. A financial expert, who asked not to be named, told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that there is currently no legal definition of the issue of interest transfer behind donations, which makes the Hubei Red Cross or a hotbed of reasonable tax avoidance for enterprises. It is understood that the two companies have deep interest chains behind them.。

Only on January 26, was listed as the list of hospitals designated for the fourth wholesale fever patients by Wuhan City. It was not included in the list of requisitions for the pneumonia epidemic. The reporters of Sino-Singapore Jingwei did not see any hot clinics through the online booking website of Renai Hospital. Registered window. Some netizens questioned whether the donated emergency supplies were given to hospitals that did not participate in the treatment of the epidemic. Is there any benefit delivery? According to the data of Tianyanzha, the reporter of Zhongjing Jingwei, the official website of Wuhan Renai Hospital, Wuhan Renai Hospital was established in 2001. Chen Lixiang held 50% of the company's major shareholders and suspected actual controllers. The other two shareholders were natural persons Chen Zhisong and Lin Zhihu. Proportional score。