查的6The line was pulled out of Wuhan, first to look at the situation in the whole country, and then turn to Wuhan. How to distribute masks is actually answered throughout the country. Yesterday afternoon, Shanghai announced that it would improve the supply of masks. From February 2, residents can go to the residential (village) committee to make an appointment and register, and then buy the voucher at the designated pharmacy. At present, each household can buy 5 masks, according to the order of appointment First arrival. The benefits of this approach are obvious: citizens do not have to run around the street to buy masks like a big luck, but have a relatively fair and transparent way to obtain masks. Even if the mask hasn't been picked up for a while, the expectations in my heart have stabilized. This way。

基础上,The possible risks of the formula are: everyone is rushing to the site to make an appointment or register, or form a new crowd. The solution in Guangzhou is similar to that in Shanghai. At present, there is one more detailed arrangement than Shanghai. The city government has launched related apps, and citizens can make appointments online. Yancheng, Jiangsu has done a more detailed job. Not only can it make an appointment on the mobile phone, but it also announces in detail how many times a week it can be purchased, how many at a time, the price of each, the total amount and type of the city ’s daily delivery, etc. Xiamen, after making an appointment online, is preparing to use the number-sharing method for distribution. Looking at it, from big cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing to many cities and counties, as of yesterday,。

本文提出Come up with a mask distribution method for all residents. These methods have their strengths and are combined with their own realities. The overall idea is the same-make active efforts at the balance between fairness and efficiency, and put the control and allocation of scarce resources such as masks under the overall command of the highest local , Placed in an operating system that utilizes the power of the city. The mask is small and the meaning is large. Distribute the masks so that they can be unified and refined. What Shanghai proposed yesterday was on-site appointment registration, or more consideration was given to the elderly people who do not use the Internet or use mobile phones frequently. In fact, this is also a group that needs special care in all places. Believe that the local government。

了一种The government will make this major event more and more detailed. Then look back at Wuhan. The ability and performance of the local Red Cross Society encountered considerable doubts in the public opinion field. The deputy mayor of Wuhan said that there are indeed situations where the turnover is not fast enough and the allocation is not timely. At the scene, the media also saw the executive deputy mayor stepping forward. The secretary of the municipal party committee last night requested the Red Cross to further increase transparency. In a word: some work has been done, and some problems have also occurred. The pressure of the public opinion field has been fed back to the front line. Looking at Wuhan in combination with the whole country, we might as well expand our thoughts and observe further. First of all, Wuhan is recommended to receive donations and distribute masks。

启发式4In the matter of waiting for supplies, decisively invest more elite force and use more systematic force. The local Red Cross is working hard to improve its weaknesses and work hard. After all, its own team cannot exceed a dozen people. Such a large, critical, and sensitive matter, which is only done by the Red Cross with volunteers as the main team, seems to have insufficient strength and limited room for ascent. Understand Wuhan, this is the worst place for the epidemic, and the prevention and control work is complicated. But to solve complex problems, we must always grasp the main contradictions. When using troops in wartime, we must dare to put the most elite forces into the most critical positions. Look at all parts of the country, almost everyone is using urban governance。

的概念框The main force, not the Red Cross, is to coordinate and implement the distribution of masks. We often say that you do n’t need a cow knife to kill chickens. Conversely, when slaughtering cattle, you can't use a knife to kill chickens. This is not just to look down on the Red Cross. When slaughtering cattle in wartime, you need to pick up the oxen knife and use your full strength. Secondly, masks, protective clothing and other materials that are in short supply cannot be donated solely by the society. We should also care about the main channels for the supply of key materials. The production, dispatch and guarantee of key materials for epidemic prevention and control are now under the command of the central government and are specifically responsible by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. How can these scarce materials increase capacity and how。

架,即愉hHow to get it to the most urgently needed places in the frontline and how to achieve a relatively fair and efficient distribution. This question is answered by relevant ministries and local coordinating commanders every day. From the perspective of the overall anti-epidemic situation, this may be larger, more systematic, and more worthy of anticipation than the solution capacity formed by local social donations. This has also given the mainstream media a greater role in supporting anti-epidemic, and has put forward new requirements. One characteristic of the Internet public opinion field is that a hot spot erupts, and it is immediately overwhelming. Throughout the day and several days, everyone's attention may be attracted to the biggest hot spot. At this time, mainstream media should capture the hot spots that the public has been concerned about in a timely manner。

悦而有8Follow up, restore the truth, promote constructive problem solving, and be good at seeing the critical points that the public did not notice, and promote the whole society to form concerns, concerns, and a driving force to overcome difficulties. Today is the eighth day of the Chinese New Year. In the future, as localities gradually resume work, the demand for masks will continue to grow. The battle of Wuhan with masks assigned is crucial. This is a major event throughout the country. Be sure to allocate the masks that are temporarily in short supply. To invest in wisdom, to improve ability. (Special commentator Yang Yu, text) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the responsibility of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Zhang Shen original title: Dali, Yunnan。

A new coronavirus-infected pneumonia patient was cured and discharged at 11:30 on February 1, 2020. The first confirmed coronavirus-infected pneumonia patient in Dali was cured and discharged. The patient who was discharged from the hospital this time was the first patient reported in Dali Prefecture. A 34-year-old male from Wuhan, Hubei, arrived in Kunming from Wuhan on January 20. He arrived in Dali by car on the 22nd and joined the tour group on the 23rd A People's Hospital was admitted to the hospital for isolation after treatment, and was diagnosed with pneumonia due to new coronavirus infection on January 24. Under the guidance of the expert medical team of Yunnan Province and Dali Prefecture, through the first treatment of the First People's Hospital of Dali City,。

hThe patient's indicators met the cure criteria and was officially discharged at 11:30 am on February 1. (Li Changming, CCTV reporter from the main station) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation (Reporter Zhang Lu) The official Weibo of the Wuhan Zoo released news today that some aquatic products in the city's bazaars are currently out of supply, and animal feed supply is experiencing difficulties. In order to ensure the normal life of the animals, a batch of freshwater fish, loach, spring fish, small yellow croaker,。

eShrimp skin and other aquatic products. It is urgent to provide supply channels from all walks of life, in addition to accepting social donations. The announcement stated that in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Wuhan has implemented strict transportation and logistics controls, and the partial supply of aquatic products in the city's bazaars has caused great difficulties for the animal feed supply of the Wuhan Zoo. Loach is a staple food for cranes. Because the loach is out of stock, the zoo can only use eggs temporarily. Freshwater fish is the main food of pelicans, and spring fish or small yellow fish are the main food of penguins. There is no alternative feed. The reporter contacted Fan Jun, the staff responsible for feed management at Wuhan Zoo. He said that the feeds of the above animals can still be maintained for 3-4 days. Publishing company。

After the report, a supplier had contacted him, but due to traffic restrictions, he could not enter Wuhan. According to reports, the Wuhan Zoo needs 30 kg of loach, 40 kg of freshwater fish, and 30 kg of spring fish or small yellow croaker. Urgently need to provide supply channels from all walks of life, Wuhan Zoo can buy. In addition, social donations can be accepted, and the supply of goods must be safe and reliable. Contact address: No. 60 Zoo Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan City (Wuhan Zoo Administration Office) Contact: Fan Jun 15927608119 Beijing News reporter Zhang Lu。