活动5Prohibiting them from coming to Hong Kong will cause many problems. Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" also issued an article on January 31 stating that the epidemic situation requires close cooperation and joint efforts by all human beings. If Hong Kong's comprehensive customs clearance may lead to international consideration of it as an epidemic area, is this beneficial to Hong Kong? It is not a scientific and reasonable consideration to force the comprehensive closure of the pan-violent factions, but a political show. It is a marginal war of words. To a certain extent, it is artificially to create a relationship between the two places. The practice is absolutely undesirable. Over the past few days, the Hong Kong government has taken a number of measures to fight the epidemic. For example, on January 28, it was announced that the personnel exchanges between the two places would be greatly reduced, including the mainland ’s cessation of the issuance of new Hong Kong and Macau free endorsements; 2。


会导致From 0:00 on the 9th, the Hong Kong section of the high-speed rail and intercity express trains were completely stopped, and the flights between Hong Kong and the mainland were halved. At the same time, 6 ports were temporarily closed to concentrate the entry and exit personnel to do quarantine and anti-epidemic work at other ports. On the 30th, arrivals at all ports except for the airport fell by 91%, of which mainland visitors accounted for only 9.7% of the total number. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Yang Jie original title: weather reasons Xinkong Airlines canceled the helicopter flight, changed the ground transportation protection materials to Wuhan Xinjing News (reporter Zhang Jingya) on the helicopter plan to carry 1 ton of medical materials for direct flight Wuhan Union Hospital, 2。

老年人On January 1, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from Shanghai Xinkong Helicopter Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinkong General Aviation) that the helicopter was originally scheduled to take off at Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, on the evening of January 31, and later canceled its flight due to the weather in Wuhan. At 7 o'clock today, the staff loaded the related materials and transported them to Wuhan by land transportation. Earlier news said that on the evening of January 31, there was a Bell 429 helicopter belonging to Xinkong General Aviation in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. It planned to carry 1 ton of medical supplies directly to Wuhan Concord Hospital, and landed at Concord Hospital to distribute the materials on site. At present, the route application is approved, the crew is ready, but the amount of medical supplies is in short supply。

的幸Gather enough 1 ton, I hope netizens can support some medical masks, protective clothing and protective glasses, take off when they are full. That night, a reporter from the Beijing News called the Xinkong General Aviation Service Hotline, and the staff confirmed that his company did arrange a helicopter to take off at Xiaoshan Airport in the evening of January 31 to deliver protective materials to Wuhan Union Hospital, but the specific load was only more than 500 kg. The net spreads 1 ton. However, due to the incomplete supply of materials, the take-off time has changed. The above staff said that due to the limited load of the helicopter, the protective materials to be delivered are only medical masks, protective clothing, protective glasses, etc. There is no disinfectant, etc.。

福感,Big supplies. The Beijing News reporter then called the Wuhan Union Hospital, and the staff responsible for publicity said that Xinkong General Aviation had contacted the hospital and planned to transport materials by helicopter, and hoped that the hospital would cooperate. However, as of the evening of January 31, the hospital has not yet received the specific time schedule of the helicopter's itinerary, and it is unclear the specific amount of the other party's delivery of protective materials. At 9 o'clock today, a reporter from the Beijing News once again called the Xinkong General Aviation Service Hotline. The staff said that due to the weather in Wuhan, the company temporarily canceled the plan for air transportation of materials. At 7 o'clock, Xinkong General Aviation contacted the transportation vehicle and sent eight boxes of high-level protective clothing vehicles.。

生活To Wuhan, we plan to arrive after more than 20 hours. The company is in contact with relevant departments for related matters concerning entering the urban area of ​​Wuhan. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: CCTV network evaluation | late night snapped up Shuanghuanglian, the media and the public should have more products! Overnight, Shuanghuanglian oral solution was inexplicably blazed. Last night, some media organizations published a news that Shuanghuanglian can inhibit the new coronavirus. The report quoted the information provided by the relevant research department saying: learned from the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the joint research of the Institute and the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research found that。

满意0Shuanghuanglian oral liquid can inhibit new coronavirus. As soon as the news came out, netizens boiled, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid instantly became Shenshui, and the inventory of major e-commerce platforms was stunned. However, the calmness after boiling is more embarrassing. Soon, including the media and experts came out to clarify: so far, there is no special drug to prevent and treat new coronavirus. Patients infected with the virus should receive treatment to relieve and target symptoms. Ordinary people do not need or should take Shuanghuanglian oral solution by themselves. The latest response from the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute also said that there is no such detailed study, but only in Wuhan。

度和成功3The virus did a preliminary verification. He emphasized that it should not be too high, and scientific matters do not want to be overstated. If I had known this, why did I have to? Since it is a scientific matter, what is the urge to feed the media so eagerly? When the media and netizens see such a heavy weight, they should actually have a longer eye and a higher taste. Looking back, we have no shortage of similar lessons. In 2003, SARS was snapped up during the SARS era, and during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant leakage, salt was snapped up. In short, the brick house has a mouth and everyone runs off their legs. Epidemic prevention is no small matter. The general public lacks professional knowledge and sufficient identification capabilities.。

的衰老.fBe awe-inspiring. When publishing research results, you should carefully demonstrate them. Special consideration should be given to the social reactions that may be triggered. At this jittery moment of epidemic prevention and control, the public is psychologically sensitive, and major information concerning the epidemic should be more cautious. Otherwise, it is easy to cause misleading and cause group irrational behavior. Recalling this special Spring Festival holiday, netizens expressed emotions: grab masks on the first day, grab rice on the second day, grab alcohol on the third day, grab goggles on the fourth day, grab UV lamps on the fifth day, grab gloves on the sixth day, and now on the seventh day. , Grab double Huanglian late at night. This year is so exciting! The voices of netizens also reflect the responsibilities of professional organizations at this moment. due to。

jIn the battles against the epidemic in the past few days, social emotions have been in a state of tension, and any information related to the epidemic may cause large fluctuations. At present, the responsibilities of the media should be guided by the effects of communication, and more focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic. The so-called major information provided by some research institutions should be calm, verified by multiple parties, distinguish between authenticity, prioritization, and make necessary reminders and explanations. Effectively guide social emotions. The public should also have more scientific literacy, rational judgment, and rational consumption. Especially for those so-called good things such as pies that fall from the sky, it is even better to taste them better, and it is not appropriate to blindly follow the trend and add congestion. Here we also。

cTo remind some researchers again: the epidemic is a command! Don't use your brains at this time to do the frivolous things that bloggers rub against hot spots! Still quietly engage in research, let the real results speak! (CCTV commentator) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Zhang Shen Original title: 3M announced that the sales of 2019 performance soaring mask sales will have a limited impact on the company's performance. The super demand for masks caused by a serious epidemic has made China Many people know the US 3M company. On the evening of January 28th, 3M announced the 2019 annual performance report. Its full-year net income in 2019。

0The income exceeds 30 billion US dollars, and the net profit is about 4.57 billion US dollars. In the fourth quarter of 2019, 3M achieved an operating profit of 1.325 billion US dollars, with an operating profit rate of 16.3%. During the epidemic, 3M's factories in China were in full production. Not long ago, the person in charge of the company responded to the media that the company is producing non-stop 7x24 hours to increase the production of masks in factories in Asian countries such as China and the United States and Europe. Since the spread of the epidemic, the demand for masks as a must-have for prevention has increased dramatically, and the masks produced by 3M have been on the market for a while, which is almost impossible to find. According to 3M's official website。