动.这些She always laughed when we watched "Stinky Bugs" together, because "Stinky Bugs" was so funny, our stomachs were all hurt when we laughed, and Dad envyed how happy we are together. My mother likes to read books with me. We like to read fairy tale books with pinyin. Sometimes she reads Pinyin and I read Chinese characters; sometimes I read Pinyin and she reads Chinese characters; sometimes I read a page and she reads a page and we read very happily. Mom loves to exercise. Every night, mom and dad take a walk together, and on Friday night, our family takes a walk together. Our family is in line, with me in the front, mom in the middle, and dad in the back. I shouted slogans, they all listened to me, huh, huh, feeling good, before I left。


作者表eWhen tired, my mother will walk with me. My mother and I are like friends. She respects my choices. My classmates have reported a lot of classes, and some are not what they like, but they are forced to learn by mother, hey, they are very tired. My mother let me choose what I like, that is, I decide what to learn. My mother supports me to play, but don't want me to watch the computer too much. When I play dolls with my friends, my mother says she always can't bear to interrupt us. My mother loves me very much, but I feel that she loves my father more. I am very satisfied with my mother, thank God for making me such a gentle mother! Seventy-seven Zhang Honglin's mother's love is a piece of sunlight shining in the winter, making me feel the warmth of the world when the poor are forced;。

明,The clear stream that appeared in the desert has made me on the verge of despair to regain my hope of life; maternal love is a ballad floating in the night sky. Love can make people feel warm, but sometimes it can be deliberately hurt. Time flies. In the dark corridor, there is a smiling doll on the ground floor, accompanied by the cry of a little girl, depicting an unforgettable picture. Although the sun is shining, it cannot enter the dark stairway. My mother took my hand, I took the doll and walked home through the dark corridor. Because of my slippery hands, the baby stumbled in the gap between the stairs, stopped at the bottom, in the dark。

老年人通A grinning smile appeared. I pulled my mother's yi corner tightly and pointed at my doll. I was born afraid of the dark, and afraid of something inexplicable in the dark. I turned around and looked at her again, and she still ignored her. My eyes gradually became red and swollen, and there were tears in my eyes. I knew that it was impossible to seek its help, so I shivered and moved. Every time I stepped up, I would look around nervously, as if there were countless cold hands reaching out to me, and my heart was too cold at the moment, and his actions hurt my heart. When I passed the door without couplets, I felt that time was frozen and the stairs became a bottomless hole. After I got the doll, my inner fears exploded。

过认真参eIt was sent out, I yelled, wondering whether it was fear or excitement, I ran to my mother quickly. I think she is God, she is the bright light for me in the dark. I held my doll up like a victorious person, and I was no longer afraid of black, but I felt a little cruel to her. Years later, I accidentally turned to a diary that was a little yellowish on paper, covered with a lot of dust, which contained my growth story, including the matter of finding a baby in the dark, and the end was written like: In English, each letter has a different meaning, which means listening and gratitude.。

与志愿On behalf of respect, on behalf of tolerance. But I think love still needs to persist! A mother unfortunately became a vegetative in an accident, but, fortunately, her husband did not abandon her, but instead, stayed with her and sang for her every day, her favorite song, It takes ten years to sing. Perhaps it was because of his perseverance and sincerity that impressed God. His wife finally woke up. Although he is still a little unconscious, he finally woke up and gave birth to a baby for him. A mentally retarded child, he could not go to school, his mother taught him to play the piano at home, even if he could not, how to teach children? ! But she still insists on not throwing away because the child is mentally retarded。

活动,发展dAbandon him. When I was a child, I accidentally fell while walking. My mother always came to us as soon as possible. When I wanted to help us, my father always said aloud that he couldn't stand up? Let go of her, let her get up! When we were children, we would only secretly think in our hearts, hum, why are you so fierce! Not that I want to fall! When I grew up and encountered setbacks, when I wanted to give up, my father said sarcastically that he already knew you would n’t be able to let you give up earlier. Not good? alright, that's fine! Huh, who said, I just want to take a break. But did you find that when the father turned away after this conversation, he smiled softly at the corner of his mouth, said softly to his mother, encouraged and encouraged her, and did something。

delicious. These loves will accompany us to spend a good life. These loves will accumulate deeper and deeper, and we will carry this heavy love on a beautiful and difficult journey! Grandma's body was polished after years. She chopped firewood up the hill, farmed the field and worked as a cook. The wasteland outside the house was dug out of an orchard by grandma, and in autumn, it was full of fruits. Years of suffering were entangled in my grandma ’s body, and I could n’t fit it. It overflowed and turned into messy short hair, turned into a dark face, and turned into calluses on the large hands exposed by the blue tendons. Grandma's smile has nothing to do with the gentleness and sweetness of Xiaojia Biyu. She laughed。

Coming without concealment, he looked up and grinned, revealing the only white teeth that had been gently let go by the years, and let that air flow rush from Dantian, carrying the pride of the air, and the hidden sadness, laugh! Whenever my grandmother looked up and laughed, I always had a masterpiece of Sanskrit, and I felt a sense of body and mind. In summer, grandma often sits on the sofa fanning her fan, and laughs when she is having fun; fanning her fan laughs, in a trance, like a living Maitreya. Grandma likes to talk to future generations. Whenever I asked about the difficult life in the past, she always picked up a few things that she thought were not too bitter, and said lightly. Those things, when I heard them, were all embarrassment and bizarreness now unimaginable. When Grandma said a few words, she stopped talking and turned to ask me about it. I told her something and she listened with relish. Why? Yay! that is real good。

... these grandma said were words she used to express her feelings. I said to her that there are joys of growth and hard work in school, and whether it is sad or gratifying, whether she understands or not, she always rewards me with laughter and free and easy, Uninhibited laughter. She crumpled my little sorrow in the great sorrow that she had ruined over the years, smoothed, dispelled, and took out her calmness and open-mindedness to greet the suffering, in the most simple and direct way-looking up, grinning, laughing! Grandma's smile, the cold and hot of the world, the pain and tiredness, the sadness and the sadness, the sadness and the astringency, the pride of laughter, and the wanton laughter. Years want to use misery to milk。

The milk is buried, but it does not expect a flower that is nourished by suffering, and blooms in the sun. In the winter of 2014, I passed Jinqiao Primary School, the only way to go to school. At this time a thing happened quietly around us. I went to the Chenguang shop opposite Jinqiao Primary School to buy a book. At this time, I saw a little boy with a dirty face. He was sneaking around in the shop and was stopped by the boss. Did you take the pen from our shop? The boy looked around in panic and said carefully: I did not take it. The boss said: You must have taken it. There were two pens just now. You will be a pen after you wander for a while. You must have taken it. Then he stared at the boy with fierce eyes, and the boy lowered his head. Beside。