访,以评If you buy it, if you don't buy it, I will lose my temper. But I never thought about whether my parents are working hard or not. Can I do something for them ... I plan to tell them when they come home from work: I will try to do some housework as much as I can, instead of The oil bottle is not supported; arrange your own study and entertainment time to consciously execute, rather than being urged over and over again; if you do n’t understand, you can ask them patiently, not angry and impatient with their bitter mouth. .. because I understand that if there is no adult in this world, it will become。

估他们对Chaos and darkness, the world will be full of love and sunshine only when children are with their parents. Habits are for everyone. But this does not mean that everyone's habits are good. The habit in some people is innate; the habit in some people is developed by themselves, and it is cultivated by their own efforts; it is irrigated with their own sweat. Some people do n’t take it for granted that they did something bad. That ’s the first time he did it. No one came to stop him. So he developed a bad mentality. Usually, people of ordinary thinking ability can recognize it. This kind of power, but the average person often sees the bad side, not the good side.。

这项运动The following two statements are very accurate; all people are 'products of habit'. The habit is a cable. We weave an iron wire on its surface every day. Later, it will become very strong, so that we can no longer. Pull it off. Math teachers have a habit: they always say that this is wrong or that it is wrong in class. Passionate words make us always use these two sentences to remind ourselves and spur ourselves every time we make a wrong question. Unconsciously, we also seem to have this habit. When I was in class, I hurriedly said these two lines. Every time I was active in the class。

的认真Atmosphere, ha! The spiritual world of a math teacher is made up of many errors in his life, which makes him rich and gorgeous. I have a habit: hold a pen, circle around the articles I have browsed, the essence of the text, enter my mind with my stroke, and pile up a treasure of knowledge; my wisdom, as the stroke slides into the text, Building a tall house improves the literacy and quality. It's like a chest of treasures in the chest. The firefly-like light that people found in one line and ten lines gathers a light in my chest, which lights up my tireless and passionate life. It's like a little bookworm eating food and nutrients desperately, gaining wisdom that is far from my age. That day, it was a hot sun。

参与,并In the afternoon, the wind blew on my face, a burst of scorching heat waves, and he kept screaming, as if he was complaining about this irritating weather. After school, I walked alone on the way home. Suddenly, I saw a young mother and a little girl walking in a hurry. A gust of wind blew through, the wind contained the temperature of the sun, a garbage bag fluttered to the little girl's feet with the wind, she had just bent down to pick up, the young mother pulled her hand And said: Touch, there are bacteria! The little girl looked up at her mother, her big eyes filled with confusion, and asked: Why? Who else will put them in the trash? Sanitation workers will put it in the trash。

探讨了认真Dustbin. The young mother insisted on pulling her daughter, who knew that the little girl flicked her hand and didn't understand. Are they not afraid of bacteria? The little girl said with a trace of confusion. The young mother was stunned for a while, and then she laughed again: Good boy, really sensible. Come, mother will pick it up for you. With that said, the young mother picked up the garbage bag and threw it into the nearby trash bin. The little girl looked at her mother's figure and smiled happily. The temperature of the sun, but an atmosphere of joy and joy. Looking at the smiling faces of the mother and daughter with sweat, they felt a different kind of beauty. Childlike innocence is like a seed, sincere care is a fertile land.。

的高尔夫After 2023, I will invent a cigarette. There is nicotine and carcinogens in the smoke, which are well known to everyone, and this cigarette I invented has the magic of anti-nicotine, big leaf grass, this is an artifact I collected on the mountain, this is the first time I did not intend to put this grass Take a look at the flask from nicotine, ah! Nicotine's toxin was greatly weakened, and I took the specimen overnight to find the staff. After everyone's countless efforts, we finally extracted a new substance from the big leaf grass, named Kang Nishen, after the ecstasy of success, I calmed down, the big leaf grass is now on the verge of extinction。

The extinct plant, plus the anti-Nishen extraction is quite difficult and troublesome. Therefore, the practical value of this experiment is too great. There is only one way out-artificial cultivation of grasses. After repeated gene screening by me and everyone, and then gene cloning, two years later, the artificial cultivation was finally successful, and the content of Nishen in the single plant of the grass was also increased by 200 times. Can we let the big grass grass contain all kinds of vitamins and trace elements necessary for human body? I think about nutrition. We have extracted a large number of artificial genes from a variety of fruits and vegetables, and genetically modified the grass. This。

It took another three years. The genetically modified big-leaf grass has been born, and its nutritional value exceeds that of any kind of vegetables and fruits. Just as everyone celebrated with a toast, a fax was sent from the laboratory. Under the natural environment, the survival rate of genetically modified grasses is too low to promote planting. It is only one step away from success. How can we give up? After being cultivated on the moon, the transgenic big grass has the characteristics of strong disease resistance and fast growth. After three months of cultivation, all the bases sent good news that all the indicators of the genetically modified grasses had reached the standard. Nowadays, the transgenic big grass is rapidly spreading in most of our country. Thousands of drug addicts no longer need to quit smoking because the anti-Nishen cigarettes came out. They have absorbed enough while smoking。

0With adequate nutrition, my colleagues and I received the highest government award. Well, it ’s hard to have a good dream, and where did the sound that dragged me out of the dream? I opened my eyes and wow! ! ! A daring mosquito dare to spread wild all over my head, don't you want to live? How can I bring you to justice after seeing the anger? It was late, it was fast, I rushed the quilt into the sky. Hahaha, you regret it too late! Buzzing, buzzing, daring to die before death! Ah, it ... it didn't die! Huh, fortunately it's not far away yet, it's on the wall! I crept ran to get the fly swatter, and ran back carefully, looking for a dozen cracks!。

ywhat? She must have sipped the Bishengyuan brand slimming tea and was able to get out of the hole! I knew that I used electric mosquito swatters. Scared, don't think about it anymore, continue to track the target! I followed the bathroom. Huh, this time I will close the door and wipe out you! After I closed the door, I filled the water gun with soapy water. I want to change to water attack! He shot at it. Unfortunately, the range is too far, there is no headshot. Now it's lying on the window, and I'm going to smother it with a soap cover without a seam. Yeah, successfully caught! If a person is in a room hundreds of times larger than himself, it is estimated that it will take a few hours to suffocate. How long should I wait? Only half a minute later, I took it away carefully. No, dead? Pretend to die? I looked carefully。