粗毛舞与老Since it is a hero, it should do good things without leaving a name or asking for rewards. So for Mr. Sun, people think that since he saved Aunt He, he should be free, and when Mr. Sun asked, people doubted other original intentions. But these are all words, let's think about it from another angle. If Mr. Sun just started to save the people because he wanted to be famous, I am afraid that after he thinks about it clearly, Aunt He has drowned! He proposed that he wanted to be reported by the TV station only because he thought it was the reward he deserved, and it would not violate his original intention. At least he did not hesitate when he launched the rescue. In the same way, Wu Juping, who was stretched out and dragged a child who fell off the building, was injured. People raised some medical expenses for her righteous act, and the company rewarded her with a sum of money. when。

年人确0When asked by the media about how he handled the money, he replied: I plan to keep it for myself. People were in an uproar. Should he get the money? Yes, but she accepted the money. Why did people respond so much, just because people generally think that heroes will donate the money to charity or people who need help. Heroes are also humans, and they have their own needs. No matter what kind of rewards they ask for, they are commendable at the moment they see what they do. Wu Juping's family is not rich, and there are many places where money is spent. It is understandable that she keeps the money donated by others to him. In contrast, those around you who talk about things, what qualifications do you have for these heroes。

定的结局Talking about it? Are you so noble and selfless? Ask yourself, do you have the courage to stretch out your hands when the danger occurs? Money, fame and fortune are just things outside the body, they can't hide the hero's true colors. Compared to the people's indifference in the Xiaoyueyue incident, did they not touch the people a lot? When encouraging people to act boldly, should they also reflect on whether the social system is reasonable and perfect. After people saw their courageous actions, they had to bear the losses themselves. What ’s more, they were vilified by the parties and owed huge debts.。

例如,个Not what they expected before they did a good job, so there is less and less trust between people. Who dares to be a true hero in order to protect themselves. Everyone has his or her own life track. It ’s up to you how to go on this track. We encourage the courageous behavior under the perfect mechanism. Nothing can hide the heroic character. For a moment they have succeeded, go their own way and let others go! My life is accompanied by joys and sorrows, but one of the little things, like a small bell, is gently and clearly printed in my mind ... I ran to the living room quickly, and whispered to my father Say: Dad, we buy a small cake。

人成长,满How about being a mother ’s birthday present? I used to sit on the sofa and frowned. My father, who thought hard and meditated, stretched his eyebrows when he heard the news. He stretched his arms and said with a smile: Yes! You didn't say it early, it made me think for a morning, go, and start now! Our father and daughter kept searching for targets on the street. Suddenly, my dad and my colleagues saw a cake shop. There was a sign next to the shop, which read: Engage in activities. Make 20% off cakes yourself Right! We ran past, I looked around, the store was clean and tidy, with cake models of different shapes next to me, I was happy to think:。

足,Wow! So realistic! Really want to take a bite. Dad saw me drooling and couldn't wait to say to me: Don't read it, it's fake, let's go make cakes quickly, I have no experience in making cakes yet! But it ’s not only cheap to do it yourself, it ’s very meaningful, right? We walked into the cake room and saw a round and large cake bottom model on the table with various creams beside it. Dad made the cake bottom under the guidance of the master. The model, while scraping off the extra parts with a shovel, I was stealing the scraped parts aside. Dad smiled at me, and I bowed my head embarrassedly. Finally I started to squeeze the cream, I took the tool and squeezed it carefully next to the cake, then。

关系The cream immediately lay on the cake crookedly. After squeezing in a circle for a while, I swallowed the cream quietly while squeezing the cream on my finger while my dad wasn't paying attention. My eyes lit up, it was delicious, and the entrance melted. It! Then I squeezed a little more, licking with relish. My mother is a tiger, and I should squeeze a big tiger next to it. Then, with the cooperation of my dad, I finally finished the big and fat tiger. Oh my god, that's a tiger, it's a timid cat! I looked at my father and laughed. It turned out that the corner of his mouth was still covered with the cream that had been wiped off. He also ate it! I saw my dad took out the pink cream and squeezed it carefully in the middle. A beautiful carnation bloomed in the center of the cake. You're done! Dad and I looked at the eggs。

The cake's messy appearance, although a little regretful, was still very gratifying ... When I got home, I opened the cake box I just dressed in the store and put candles. A trace of wandering in the air is full of cake fragrance. My mother saw the cake and asked in surprise: Did you make it? My dad and I nodded with a smile, my mother's eyes flashed with tears of excitement, and said happily, although this cake is really bad, but I am already satisfied! After talking, we all laughed happily. With the birthday song, the whole house is filled with happiness ... Although this birthday gift is not expensive, it expresses my。

9A heart, the value of the heart far exceeds the gold and silver, as long as I love my mother wholeheartedly, they will feel it one day! Bai Pengrui, Zhimu Elementary School, Zhongmou County, has a pair of bright eyes, dark black hair, cherry red mouth, short body, thin appearance, and a bit of dark skin. This is me, a happy little angel. My biggest feature is funny, so everyone called me a funny angel. I remember that time, my brother learned to ride a bicycle, and accidentally fell, I ran over。