们能9My own life, love my own life. I will not waste the precious resources of life, nor will the people around me waste the resources of life, would you do this? I, persistently pursue the facts. Sometimes, when my mother, brother and father do something or say something wrong, I will pursue the facts. Correct their mistakes. Do you dare to do this? Instructor: Zhang Li's childhood, my mother told me that there is a golden house in the book and Yan Ruyu in the book. At this time, I always go to the book silly. But I couldn't find the golden house. Now I want to come to that time so interesting! But I've grown up and I won't go through the book desperately. But I also slowly understood that only by drawing more knowledge from the book can I find what belongs to me in the future。


够把握Golden house. When I was eight years old, my mother sorted out a bookstore for me. Since then, my babies have been put there. I put the babies neatly on the bookcase, like a neat series of guards. . Once, my younger brother came to my house to play. My younger brother saw a book with a plane printed on the cover of my bookcase. To know that his younger brother likes airplanes the most, he hurriedly reached out to tear the cover off the stack of airplanes. I saw a fierce wave-I wanted to hit him. Suddenly felt that thousands of eyes were glaring at me: Did you forget that you just learned to respect the old and love the young in the book? Combining theory with practice, not to mention that he is your brother, how can you do it。

参与者8My face was flushed now, and the hand I just raised slowly fell. Yeah, I am the big brother, and I can only bear the pain and cut the love. After the younger brother left, I flattened the cover sheet again, and then glued it well, and put it out of the reach of children. Since then, my baby has never been damaged. My mother saw that I liked books so much, and I also got a library card for me in the library. On the weekends, my good friends often played with me. In addition to looking at the baby on my bookcase, we often go to books Library reading. Under my guidance, they gradually like to read books, and suddenly feel that they have a very special sense of accomplishment. The ancients said: Shushan has a path to work hard, learn from the sea and work hard! In my bookstore, I used this famous scholarly saying to motivate me。

通过其eDifficulties in learning lead me to soar freely in the sky of knowledge, accompany me to perceive life and think about the future. You let me broaden my horizons, you let me increase my knowledge, you let me own the golden house. Bookstore, where my dream begins! My friends will go together for the rest of their lives, and there will be no more in those days ... I can't help singing when I hear this song. I like this song, and I like it because I have a group of good friends. They met when I was in the sixth grade. At that time, learning was not too stressful. We often played basketball together. At first, we didn't know each other. Through playing, we gradually became familiar with each other, and also understood our own hobbies and personalities. One day, the sports commissioner said: The sports teacher is choosing a basketball player. After hearing this sentence, several of us signed up because。

体育俱乐eThey all played well for us and were all selected. After half a month of practice, we were on the battlefield. At the beginning, I said to them: Slow down first and see their strength. We want to preserve strength. They both nodded and expressed their understanding. Although we played slowly in the first few balls, it was easy. After five goals, I said to them: Speed ​​up, it ’s too boring to play, fast break. In this way, we started our fast attack, and the tug-of-war of scores has just begun. One three-step layup goal in a while, one three-pointer shot in one moment, one toss goal in one moment。

部活动获… We played with pleasure, and then looked at the opponent, we were breathless, and finally we won by absolute advantage. Now in seventh grade, I'm nervous about studying, and I don't have so much free time to play. We also divided the classes. Although we can still play together, even a complete team cannot be formed. We can no longer see our running figure on the basketball court. Whenever I am sad, my good friends will be by my side and sullen with me; whenever I am happy, they will be happy with me, crazy with me. Friends have enriched my life. The friend is the clear spring in the desert, which brings you sweet and cool comfort; the friend is the cool breeze of the hot summer day, which brings you。

得的What is refreshing and comfortable; friend, is a piece of charcoal wood in the cold winter night, let you feel a kind of heart-warming warmth; friend, is the eternal guiding lamp, illuminating your way forward and guiding you The way forward. I sang that song again. My friends walked together for the rest of their lives, and those days no longer have ... With a thud, a car just out of the hospital collided with a car driving across the road, which scared me. Yan Haochen said: Crash! The female driver who just got out of the hospital got out of the car and made a lot of noise. He took the other driver's clothing and told you to see, you see, what happened to them. Lose money, my new。

car. Who told you to leave the hospital and turn left without turning on the direction lights, hitting you without losing money, I still want money from you? The driver of the other party will not be spared. We ran to the front of the car to see that it actually touched a little bit of leather. There were only two bumpers above the front of the car. The war between the two drivers was not over, and the police did not take a break until they quarreled. In my opinion, both drivers were responsible for this accident, and they quarreled with each other in order to shirk their responsibilities, and in the end they could only lose both sides. They can make it a little slower, do n’t just look at yourself, do n’t drive too fast. Also, the female driver is a bit too。

Unreasonable, after all, it is the head she provoked! The accident reminded me of a fable story: two sheep crossed a single wooden bridge at the same time, both sides did not give up, and they rushed across, and the water fell together. Therefore, in life, we should learn to be humble and not just look at ourselves. At night, I woke up in a dream and found that I came to the other people's home, but I took a closer look, this is my home, no, there is our family portrait on the wall! My bed was turned into a machine, there was a frequency screen at the head of the bed. As soon as I saw many things on it, I ordered cotton candy, and suddenly the bed disappeared, and after a while, the bed appeared again.。

I sat up and felt a lot softer, and I turned it into crystal again, and I lay down violently, oops! It hurts me. After playing for a while, I was going to go downstairs to see. As soon as I went downstairs, I was stunned by the scene in front of me, which was more beautiful than the villa. I went downstairs, and suddenly a mechanical voice appeared, only listening to the little master good morning, you should eat breakfast now. At first glance, it was a robot. I walked over curiously and touched it. The robot said again: Don't do this, I will be shy. I went to dinner, I took a look, wow! The table was dazzling and full of everything, and I immediately gorged on my meal and said to the robot: What fun are you here? The robot said: there is a swimming pool, computer room。

Physical game room ... The first thing I thought of was the physical game room. I let the robot play games with me. When we arrived, I chose to go through the FireWire biochemical mode. The robot said: Master, the games you play now are too outdated. , Now there are 100 times more fun games than this one. I said: But I still like this game very much, I will play other games for a while! The robot said: Okay! My investment in playing with the robot is extremely high. It seems that I and the game are integrated. The two of us are guarding a place together. Suddenly the mother has infected all the people in the computer, and the two of us have become ghost hunting.。

Hands, we were very happy, jumped down and slaughtered crazy, and after a while, the above appeared: I am very happy to win the human race, and we played a team battle again. When someone hit me, I woke up. The future is really beautiful. It would be nice if I could really come to the future, but that is just imagination. The real future still needs us to create! When I woke up, I found that I came to the future world. People walked on the street, and suddenly I saw a man pulling a matchbox out of his pocket。