增进身Put a glass of milk on the corner of the table? What kind of person can do so much and so much without asking for anything in return? It ’s mom. From childhood to old age, my mother has always been the dearest and most beloved person around us. When we could n’t express it clearly, my mother taught us to learn language tirelessly; when we did n’t have the ability to protect ourselves, my mother used our broad and selfless love to shield us from the wind and rain; When I was about to get rid of her shelter, my mother watched us silently without worry; when we were happy, my mother looked at us with bright eyes and smiled; when we were sad, mother。


体健康.yMa Ming knows that she can't help but still accompanies us with sorrow ... Mum has done too much for us, but she never asked for any return. What a broad and selfless love! From ancient times to the present, how many literary scholars have endeavored to render the greatness of Fengmao's love, and it has given us so many things that we cannot forget. From there we have received more than we have paid. Think about others, but what have we done for our mothers? Are we accepting our mother's unrequited love so calmly? Should n’t we do something to make mom happy and make mom proud? Beautiful May has come quietly to the side, the air is floating everywhere。

这些主Fragrance. In this warm season, the eternal theme of May is Mother ’s Day. What should we do for our mother on this ordinary and special day? For every child who loves mom, every day is Mother's Day. Let's hug Mom with the most gentle mood and tell her: Mom, I love you! In the early morning of Class 4 and 3 of Zhao Jiyuan, when the first ray of sunlight hit my small bed, I woke up from the sweet dream fragrance and looked at the ceiling dimly. Hurry up and be late! Mom said impatiently. I stretched out a big lazy and said immediately! I reluctantly left the bed. After eating a rich breakfast, bring the team badge, carry the school bag, everything is ready, and set off! The sun shines in the sky, flowers are to me。

题表明,eLaughing, the bird said early and early, why did you carry the small schoolbag ... With the cheerful song, I couldn't help jumping. Suddenly, my attention quickly shifted from singing to the bridge hole we had to go to school every day. When I saw the bridge hole, my eyes were dull, because our acquaintance was flooded in the bridge hole, and usually flooded when it rained, but this time it was different. In the past, there was only stagnant water, but this time the three meters high The bridge hole was flooded. It's all because of the heavy rain last night! I walked over and found many policemen, students, journalists, and residents nearby, everyone was talking about what the heavy rain brought to people。

通过认真harm. This bridge cave is a road that students and residents must go through every day. After about five minutes, I remembered that I still have to go to school. How dare I go past such a large pool of water! When I scratched my ears and scratched my head anxiously, I saw that everyone was busy: some people were moving bricks, and some people were carrying wooden boards ..............! I hurried to follow you to see what happened. It turned out that well-meaning citizens built a love bridge beside the railway above the bridge hole. Although the bridge only has a few wooden boards and bricks, it can allow us children to go to school safely. I hurried over to prepare to cross the bridge. Similarly, to cross the bridge。

参与某些体eMore than me, there are students who go to school, young people who work, and elderly people who walk. Everyone lined up consciously, one by one on the stone, people's movements are coordinated and orderly, everyone noisy, no one makes trouble. After crossing the bridge, I looked back and people were still crossing the bridge in an orderly manner. Although it is not a good thing that the bridge hole is flooded, this time we set the stone to make us feel that the town also has great love! See how orderly people go. In this city, people have to care for each other and help each other. Always remember that we are all a family and a harmonious family! China is a well-recognized state of etiquette. Ceremony in ancient China was a social system of rules and ethics. Ceremony is different from etiquette, etiquette is a kind of ritual, and etiquette includes filial piety, kindness, respect, obedience,。

育活Respect, harmony, benevolence, righteousness, etc. are not just ceremonial systems. China is regarded as a state of etiquette, not only because of thorough manners but also because of the inherent virtues of the Chinese. The noble quality and good quality made the Tang Dynasty of China once reached the top of the world. Since the Republic of China, China's etiquette system has been continuously simplified, absorbing some of the models that the West can learn from. Eliminating the tedious etiquette, even a smile can replace the long greetings of peers, which is indeed a lot more convenient and allows people to better adapt to the fast pace of modern society. However, this originally benign reference has made countless people regard the Confucianism that we have inherited for thousands of years as feudal and pedantic。

Synonymous with Western civilization as the supreme standard. If the simplification of etiquette is exchanged for this abandonment and misunderstanding of my own inheritance, then I would rather bow down to the teacher every day. What we discard is only external ceremonies, but the essence of these ceremonies is to ensure our inheritance of rituals. There is a considerable amount of noble things in the Confucius and Mencius Way. We must inherit and carry forward. However, those rituals abandoned by us are now gradually showing their importance. Without the restraint of rituals, the Chinese seem to gradually forget the rituals. The original ceremonial state is now in the world, and many Chinese people travel abroad. I do n’t pay attention to my behavior at all times, which is far from the image of quality and education in the eyes of the world, which leads us to Huaxiakou.。

The monument fell a lot. Regarding this phenomenon, I think that the number of etiquettes is not to be forgotten. After all, those cumbersome etiquettes should be borne in mind even if we do not practice them. What's more, many people have never understood it at all. The system and perfection of Chinese etiquette, I believe that anyone will be attracted when they understand it, and now I only know a little or two. Having said so much, I still hope that everyone can practice both internally and externally. Even if the external is not enough, the qualities of filial piety, kindness, respect, shun, respect, harmony, benevolence, and righteousness must not be lost. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw the blue sky. I lie in soft cotton, and small。

Partners play freely. On this day, Aunt Yundo said: Child, you are going to your mother's side. After listening, the big guy cheered and cheered, and I couldn't stop being happy, one turned away from the cloud. Falling without a center of gravity makes me feel that death is coming. A gust of wind blew, and yellow leaves appeared in the air. I was beaten mercilessly by the leaves, and I fled around. Huh, it fell on a smooth cloth surface, I have no power to bomb. Does anyone move what I lie gently, the body slides with it. I saw the behemoth, which was walking on the cloth, and I had fallen into the unknown abyss ... Opening my eyes again, it was a place where I could not see my fingers. It was like a river, and I was lying in the river By the stream. listen。