的文化jNow in front of me, I screamed, but I didn't expect that the thing was scared away by my voice, and I found out that it was a white cat. At this time, I was already in a cold sweat, hoping to leave this horrible place soon. I accelerated my pace and finally saw the signboard of the supermarket. I quickly ran to the supermarket as if I had grabbed my life-saving straw ... When I arrived at the supermarket, I was relieved and walked home after I finished shopping. I had to come to that dark path again, and the tense atmosphere struck me again, how could I be so timid? I have to be brave, I have to overcome fear! I have to find a way. So, I think。

敏感性,I started the story of "Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse", thinking about their ridiculous, while walking forward and forward ... Unconsciously, I have come to the door, surprised and happy, I walked by After that path, my heart was beautiful. Now, I am not afraid of darkness anymore, because I know that fear comes from within. To overcome fear, I must overcome myself. Life, in layman's terms, is the process of human beings from birth to death, in which we must experience ups and downs, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows and separations. This is also related to Mr. Yang Jiang's life。

有助于恢It fits, so she has a life like a spice, the more smashed, the finer the grind, the more intense the fragrance. After all, this is also her life. Such a free and easy life is a life admired by the world. As a result, people's hardship in life is inevitable, and even more difficult to retreat. The ups and downs of Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of China ’s reform and opening up, further validated this principle, especially during the Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping, who was then the deputy prime minister of the State Council, was assigned to the tractor factory as the second largest capitalist party in the party. Labor reform became a common fitter. For Deng Xiaoping, who is in a high position, this is not a kind of suffering, but he survived. Three ups and downs, each time heavier, but he smashed the spices of this life time by time, and harvested his own。

复,健Broad-mindedness, these are not only brought to him by tempering, but also because of his own tenacity and perseverance. The hardened life is more fulfilling despite the hardships. Paganini, known as the violinist practicing on the solo, is undoubtedly a genius, but his life has been tortured by illness and escaped several times. Pneumonia in his childhood, his teeth were pulled out due to illness in his middle age, and he could n’t even make a sound in his later years. ; It is precisely because he pounded the spices of this life finer that the world can smell the fragrance. Life needs to be disciplined, and this process from quantitative to qualitative change, from failure to success.。

康和生活质Those successful people are no different. Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, although he is now a billionaire, has also failed, failed the college entrance examination, invested in Latin America, and even been kidnapped. Selling socks for a living ... but he succeeded. Because he survived the hardships of his life. Those hardships gave him the courage to dare to fight and the fearless attitude. Therefore, life needs to be tempered. It is necessary for us to make the difficulties bigger and smaller, but small and nothing more. It is more necessary for us to pound the spices of life finer and make it more fragrant. We need to hone our youth, just like saplings do not experience the wind and rain, and expose to the sun, how can they grow into towering trees to shelter people from the wind。

cTo stop the rain, the silkworms can't fly out of their own cocoons, how can they spread their wings and fly ... Plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng sharpens it out, our lives need to be tempered. There is a planet, which is the natural resource on which human beings depend. To cherish the planet is to cherish our own homeland. However, in recent years, the earth ’s environment has become worse and worse: global warming, hurricanes, rainstorms and other catastrophic weather frequently occur, and infectious diseases such as SARS and bird flu have occurred from time to time. Came a serious threat and many inconveniences. These are the results of people constantly hurting the earth. Large areas of forest were cut down, green mountains were excavated, beautiful grasslands became deserts, and clear rivers became turbid. There is less wood, and the mountains are bald,。

eThe grassland is deserted, and the clear water is black, which makes people's living environment worse, the breathing air worsens, and the living environment is invaded by many harmful things. Disease. A few days ago, I saw a cartoon in the newspaper: a man sitting on the top of a tree, chopping the branch where he was sitting. Huh, it's so funny. Some people may think so. Don't you think about it, is this just a funny comic? Isn't it ironic us? Don't you realize that it is。

9Warning to us: While destroying the environment, human beings also hurt themselves unconsciously. In 1998, major rivers such as the Yangtze River, Nenjiang River, and Songhua River, which flowed through the land of China, concealed the gentle and beautiful smiles of the past, revealing the fierce and terrible grim. The torrential rains swept across the south and north of China. Where the rains were, rivers and lakes rose and rivers overflowed. The roaring river rolled up the flood peaks again and again, devouring villages, fields, cities and counties, factories, schools. The current global village is smoldering, and the chimney above the factory rises。

A smoky black smoke turned the blue, endless sky into a gray; the garbage thrown by the earth ’s mother ’s clothes was filled with garbage; there were many places that were short of water, but when we entered the school toilet At that time, there were so many faucets that were not turned off, allowing that precious water to drain away bit by bit, and even some students were still fighting in the toilet. We are facing a water crisis. Let us all act together to protect a beautiful green home! Some people add some harmful substances to the food in order to seek their own lusts, in order to seek what they should not get。

Interests, let their compatriots cause food poisoning, illness, and death. These shameless people, we should despise them, and the law should stop these bad behaviors. Those who only think about money, stop hurting your own countrymen! In the boundless universe, our earth is just a little dust, but it makes us the home on which we live, and all kinds of life live on it, but we have repeatedly It hurts us, those of us who love environmental protection and peace, how much we hope to see lush trees, a world without war, but we are now。