势的But I want to test you a question. If you do it right, I will give you the mangosteen. If you do it wrong, do n’t think about it. I proudly said: No problem, you can't fail me. Dad said: Less boastful, you haven't answered my question yet. This question is like this, how to calculate the volume of this mangosteen? It seems that this question is really a bit difficult. I said to my father: I know, use the name. Dad shook his head and said with a smile: said to weigh the mangosteen. I thought about it, and suddenly thought of the last experiment that the teacher did in the classroom. The experiment was to find the volume of a stone, but this time it was to find the volume of a mangosteen. Isn't that the same? So, I said to my father: I know。


,具有潜在Dao, just put this mangosteen into a cuboid container, pour the water, submerge the mangosteen, then take out the mangosteen, measure the length, width, and height of the water that will come down from the cup. You can calculate the volume of a mangosteen, right? Dad smiled and said: Yes, that's it, it's good, there is progress, when you ask for an object with a strange shape, this method is used to show that you pay attention to listening in class. From this incident, I also understood that we should study hard, listen carefully in class, and think seriously. I want to apply what I have learned in class to solve practical problems. Those are a few long-necked glass bottles. I started using it when I was 10 years old。

成本效I remember one day at the age of 10, I learned about the drift bottle from the book. That was because Columbus was afraid that his ship would not return to Spain, so he used a drift bottle to spread the letter for safety reasons. I also heard that it is now more popular to use a float bottle to make a wish. It is to write the wish on paper, then put it in a glass bottle, and have the opportunity to throw it into the sea. If it cannot be thrown into the sea, put it in the river. I think I can't make drifting bottles, because my family doesn't live on the beach, and throwing so many wishing bottles into the sea will pollute the sea. I will make a wish bottle,。

益的手Keep it at home! So, my wish bottle was born. I first find a long-necked glass bottle and wipe it clean as a wish bottle. Then prepare a pile of colored paper as a wish paper. A small box of colored pens was placed next to it as a wish pen. Everything is ready. Whenever there is a wish, I use the corresponding paper and pen to write down the wish according to the wish, and then put the small note with the wish into the wish bottle. If it is a wish that symbolizes goodness, I will write it down on pink paper; if it is a wish that represents blessing, then I。

段,可以I will use yellow paper to remember; if it is a wish full of hope, I will use blue paper to remember ... whenever I get sick, I will always write on a piece of blue paper: hope Hurry up, so I can play with my friends again! Then I put it in my wish bottle; every night before the exam, I always put a small blue note in my wish bottle into my wish bottle; whenever I see it on the road Disabled people, always silently pray for the disabled person's illness to heal and get rid of the pain caused by the disease。

帮助And write my little wish on pink paper and put it in my wish bottle ... I have a lot of wishes in those little wish bottles! Now, I already have several wishing bottles. There are many types of wishes in it, some are possible, some may be realized in the future, and some are impossible to realize at all. Although these wishes may not be fulfilled one by one, but it entrusts my beautiful ideals and dreams, it is a good place to show my childlike innocence. I will continue to write down my heartfelt wishes, quietly。

人们Quietly tucked into my wish bottle and let it continue to shine brilliantly. My dream is to be a general. I dream of wearing a neat military uniform, holding a gold medal shining on the chest and making great strides. I thought to take my troops to the battlefield, to eliminate pirates, to suppress terrorists, and to eliminate violence. At a very young age, I was fascinated by the cartoon that felt very naive to us now-Sheriff Black Cat. Do n’t laugh, it ’s really the Black Cat Sheriff. Because Sheriff Black Cat rides on his deformed motorcycle, holding batons, pistols, electric batons, etc.。

Take the cat sergeants to eliminate pests and defeat mice. Looking at its triumphant smile, I was more happy and proud than it. Having grown up a little bit, I am already sensible and no longer watch those childish cartoons. At that time, I was hooked on the airsoft shot. Exactly, at that time, it was very popular to play with guns, so the boys in our community almost grabbed each other. What 18, desert eagle, sniper rifle, scattered spray, everything is everything, can see you The dazzling look. So, I asked my mother to buy me a small pistol. That gun! It's simply that the waste plastic shells and bullets are not accurately hit, not straight, the sight is crooked, and the aim is not accurate at all. The most important thing is the bullet。

The clips are all brittle and break almost at a break, so bullets always get stuck. Despite this, I still like it terribly. As a baby, I have to put it on the side of the pillow when I sleep all day. What it really says-it's cold in your hands, and it's afraid of it in your mouth. It ’s not enough to say so much. The most important thing is action, so I changed from a lazy situation to a diligent child—playing football, basketball, and table tennis every day to enhance my physical fitness. On the other hand, he despised military books, such as military science, military world, etc. Run Jiazi, who was in the thirty-fourth middle school, said: People are rude and incapable of standing. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, about etiquette。

There are countless things. The stories of "Chengmen Lixue" and "Confucius Respect Master" are well-known to everyone. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, these examples all set a template for learning etiquette for future generations. But we just laughed at it and didn't care. In fact, what emerged from the appearance was the ceremony. In ancient times, Yang Shi sought advice from Cheng Yi in Luoyang. Yang Shi was about 40 years old at that time. One day he went to see Cheng Yishi, and it happened that Cheng Yi was sitting and taking a nap. Yang Shi and You You stood beside him respectfully and never walked away. When Cheng Yi woke up, the snow outside the door was already one foot deep。

1Too. Respecting the teacher without disturbing others is a gift! One day, Confucius led his students to travel around the country and was trapped on the road. They didn't eat a meal for several days. Confucius' disciple Yan Hui was very anxious in his heart and had to beg. There was no end in sight, but I ran into a kind old lady and gave him some white rice. Yan Hui hurriedly poured the rice into the pot and cut the wood to make a fire. After a while, the rice was cooked. Confucius suddenly smelled a tangy smell of rice, and felt strange, so he looked up. Just stepped out of the door. I saw Yan Huizheng grabbed a handful of rice from the pot and sent it to his mouth. Confucius was happy and angry again: happy to have some food; angry, Yan Hui was so rude, teacher。