More than 3,000 companies participate in the election. The a

Morethan3,000companiesSPA Investigation. After investigation, the Chinese cabbage sold at the store has a price tag of 1.39 yuan per catty, but the actual checkout price is 7 yuan per kilogram, and other vegetables also have such violations. Handan City Fuxing District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau fined Handan Sunshine Supermarket Co., Ltd. Qianjin Shop 500,000 yuan according to law. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation What are the prevention and control measures for cars? Suspicious symptoms in passengers in closed vehicles。

More than 3,000 companies participate in the election. The annual selection of chain enterprises will be held soon. to respond? In this regard, Zhang Liubo, chief expert in disinfection at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Director of the Disinfection Center at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, said that aircraft and train personnel are relatively dense, and passengers face greater risks. In response to the risk of infection faced by public transportation, the country has drafted the "Technical Guidelines for Disinfection Operation of Public Transportation", which requires vehicles to disinfect the surfaces of objects, strengthen ventilation and ventilation, establish emergency areas, and require staff to pay attention to personal safety and carry out Hygiene, strengthen health education to ensure passenger safety. We suggest that the relevant departments travel at different peaks to reduce the population density and further reduce risks. Advise passengers to be crowded。

Theannualselectionofchain夜网 Wear masks in places where you pay attention to hand hygiene, and keep a distance from strangers. It is best to set up an emergency area on planes and trains, for example, to empty the last three rows for emergency use. If a suspicious patient is found, the public should follow the arrangement and go to the quarantine area for quarantine inspection. This is relatively simple. Zhang Liubo said. For vehicles such as taxis and online taxis, the risk of trains and planes is lower. Before you ride, you can open the door to ventilate. Use disinfectant paper towels to disinfect the sitting position and the position where you touch it. Good mask, the journey is over, get out and get a hand hygiene. click to enter。

enterpriseswillbe足浴 Special Topic: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Editor: Yang Jie Original Title: Gansu: Reasonably Delaying the Diagnosis Test Time for Graduation Grade Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou, February 2 (Reporter Bai Liping) The reporter learned on the 2nd that the Gansu Provincial Department of Education issued "About Doing "The teaching work of junior high school and high school graduation grades during the period of good epidemic prevention and control" stipulates that after the normal start of school, all regions can reasonably delay the time of the diagnostic exams for the third and third grades in accordance with the adjusted teaching plan to ensure that the graduation grades will not be suspended. Suspension of school to minimize the impact of delayed start. The person in charge of the Gansu Provincial Department of Education stated that。

During this year, before the end of the college entrance examination this year, the school can arrange one day to make up for the third year of high school students during the weekly weekends. During the holidays such as Ching Ming Festival and Labor Day, the vacation time of senior grade students can be appropriately reduced. It is understood that, at present, education administrative departments at all levels in Gansu are actively doing online teaching, and schools around the world are formulating an online teaching counseling program that delays the beginning of the third and third grades of the semester. Teaching progress. Gansu Provincial Department of Education is synchronously integrating provincial-level excellent course resources and subject teaching materials supporting digital resources, etc., through the Gansu Province Smart Education Cloud Platform。

按摩 The fee is provided for students in the graduation grade. The notice requires that all parts of Gansu pay special attention to remote rural areas, fully consider the lack of Internet or slow Internet speed in some rural areas and remote poverty-stricken areas, and coordinate the arrangement of TV channels to broadcast relevant courses and resources to solve the problem of students studying in remote rural areas at home . Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | The new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map Responsible Editor: Fan Siteng February 2) Hold a press conference。

Introduction, 84 disinfectant, hand decontamination liquid and 75% medical alcohol, from the current supply capacity, can fully meet the demand. According to statistics, there are currently 433 killing enterprises in China, of which 95 are 84 disinfectant companies. The average operating rate is currently only 60%, the daily output is 1579 tons, and there are 1908 tons in stock. According to reports, the raw material of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite. According to the general content of 5-6%, the daily demand is 100 tons. At present, the daily production capacity of sodium hypochlorite in China is about 10,000 tons. Although the recovery rate is not particularly high, the output can be close to 5,000 tons. Therefore, the production of 84 disinfectants is guaranteed by raw materials.。

足浴 According to the bottles and boxes that everyone is accustomed to, the average is 67 boxes per ton. As the enterprise gradually resumes work, the production of 84 disinfectants can meet the needs of hospitals and society. Of course, we still have to focus on protecting hospitals. Our mission. There are 70 hand-washing liquid production enterprises, and the daily output has reached about 140 tons, and the inventory is still more than 200 tons, and the supply is generally no problem. There are 59 medical alcohol production enterprises, with a daily production capacity of 407 tons, an output of more than 200 tons, a re-production rate of 55%, and it is gradually increasing. In addition, we also have ethanol production enterprises that can do 95%。

With a high content of alcohol, the daily output is 90 billion tons, which can ensure the supply of medical alcohol raw materials. Of course, we attach great importance to the phenomenon that the society reflects that it cannot be bought. After analysis, there are mainly several reasons. First, the operating rate of production enterprises for killing supplies is generally low. Although some companies have resumed production, the yield is only From 40% to 60%, the existing production capacity has not been fully and effectively released, and due to the uneven production capacity layout, some provinces have manufacturers of elimination products, and some do not. Some provinces need short-term local product supply. Tension. The second is that the entire industry chain of anti-killing supplies has been staged.。

Restrictions, hand-eliminated products must have packaging bottles to enter the market, and medical alcohol also requires glass bottles, and most of the market is for small packages, mostly 500ml, some 200ml, 100ml is enough, do these packaging bottles Enterprises have more vacations during the Spring Festival. As enterprises gradually resume work, the packaging problem can be effectively solved, because in terms of production capacity, domestic supply is in excess of demand. The third is the problem of product transportation. How can the transportation driver be guaranteed, after the goods are transported to the destination safely and smoothly, the next task can be continued, and the provinces have taken many measures to protect our material transportation.。

With the gradual solution of these problems, the deployment of materials will be more effective. Article by Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhao Xinpei Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Are disinfectant and alcohol out of stock? The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded to the client of on February 2 (Reporter Wu Tao) In the epidemic, how many masks are currently produced in China every day, and what medical supplies are still missing? Will disinfectant, medical alcohol, etc. be scarce? How are the medical supplies delivered to Hubei? On the 2nd, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference,。

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