Comparing goods, comparing prices, comparing services

Comparinggoods,comparingprices,comparing夜店 1 case, 1 case in Jiangbei District, 1 case in Jiulongpo District, 1 case in Tongliang District, 1 case in Kaizhou District and 1 case in Zhongxian County; 1 case died in Jiulongpo District; 1 case was discharged from Yongchuan District, There were 1 case in Fengdu County, 1 case in Yunyang County, 3 cases in Wushan County, and 1 case in Xiushan County. A total of 7,556 close contacts were tracked, 1,780 medical observations have been discontinued, and 5,776 are still undergoing medical observations. (Taiwan CCTV reporter Tang Wei Wu Liming) Responsible editor: Fan Siteng Original title: National Health and Health Commission: Long-distance passengers have to open windows in the rest area every two hours. China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang photographed。

Comparing goods, comparing prices, comparing services

酒店 Xinwang client, February 2 (Lang Lang) On the 2nd, the National Health and Health Commission held a press conference. For the upcoming return tide, Wang Bin, Deputy Director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health and Health Commission, said that for returning by long-distance bus For people at work, we also recommend sitting in compartments and taking a break. At the same time, it is recommended that long-distance buses take a rest in the rest area every two hours. Not only for rest, but also to open windows for ventilation. & nbsp Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | Responsible editor of the new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map: Fan Sten video 丨 Academician Zhong Nanshan responds to the spread of new coronavirus feces。

Risk: Is it possible to be highly vigilant? Original title: Will the fecal mouth spread new coronavirus? Zhong Nanshan responded to the source: Will the Southern Metropolis Daily New Coronavirus spread through fecal mouth? The number of confirmed cases in the country has surged recently. Does this mean that the epidemic has become more serious? The tide of rework is coming soon, how should Guangdong prevent it? On February 2, Nanfang Daily and Nanfang + reporters interviewed Academician Zhong Nanshan, and he responded to these questions. Reporter: Will the new coronavirus spread through fecal mouth? What should I pay attention to? Zhong Nanshan: The new coronavirus may spread through fecal mouth. This issue should be taken seriously now, because the disease is found in the feces。

Viruses and feces are highly vigilant. In some places in Hubei and Jiangxi, you really have the habit of using toilet buckets and washing them in fish ponds. You really need to draw attention to prevention and control. Judging from the survey, it is necessary to investigate step by step how many people are already ill. From the point of view of understanding, urine does not initially appear, but the bowel movement really needs attention. Some places are very high and should be alert. Reporter: What is the current trend of the epidemic situation? Zhong Nanshan: At present, it seems that the diagnosed cases are mainly in Wuhan. I didn't read the data this morning. The entire data yesterday looked mostly at Wuhan. So our central policy,。

会所 I think the so-called containment of Wuhan is completely correct. If it had been on a large scale like the previous SARS, then there have been large outbreaks in many parts of the country. It seems that I have not seen obvious outbreaks elsewhere now. Reporter: So the surge in the number of diagnoses does not explain what the problem is? Zhong Nanshan: It is now rising and may continue for a while, but I believe it will not be too long. Reporter: The return journey peaks immediately. What do you think should be paid attention to in this regard? Zhong Nanshan: I also said last time that people who came back to Wuhan from the outside didn't have it. Now, after more than ten days, the incubation period is almost the same.。

No, some may have been treated locally, so those who want to return to Wuhan will not have a big problem. But Wuhan is going to be worth noting. Reporter: Guangdong ’s 1.8 million migrant population is expected to return to about 1.6 million. How should Guangdong protect itself? Zhong Nanshan: Of course, we should pay great attention to understanding the contact history of the returning migrants and monitoring their body temperature. I think we are now taking active measures from various stations and ports. I think it is still very necessary. I also said just now that many immigrants have been out for 14 days or more, and it turns out that they are sick, so I wo n’t。

Especially worried. Reporter: What should be paid attention to in community prevention and control? Zhong Nanshan: Community supervision, such as wearing masks, plays a decisive role in a certain sense. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Experts gave three measures to counteract the high risk of elevator button door handles, not because of the long survival time of the virus; but because of the high frequency of people entering and leaving, there is a hidden danger of cross infection. Zhang Liu, Chief Expert of Disinfection, CDC, Director of Disinfection Center, Institute of Environment。

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