Bean Fruit Food Wang Yuxiang: Play the role of a bridge to c

Bean Fruit Food Wang Yuxiang: Play the role of a bridge to create the most golden home baking contest

BeanFruitFoodWang会所 Bo said this. The corresponding strategy proposed by Zhang Liubo has three points: First, from the previous one-time sterilization to multiple-day sterilization; second, people can use facial tissues or sterile tissues to separate their hands without directly touching the elevator buttons or door handles; You can rub your hands with hand disinfectant after direct contact with your hands to ensure hand hygiene. Reporter Liu Huan clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Editor: Yang Jie Original Title: Shanghai People's Scandinavian Collar Mask Queue Video Popular Network, netizens boast: Consciousness is high! Video-Residents in a community in Shanghai queuing for masks are consciously far away: the Nordic feeling is eliminated [。

Yuxiang:PlaytheWorld Wide Web Comprehensive Reporter Wang Boyaqi] This morning, a video of Weibo residents in Shanghai queuing for masks attracted a lot of attention. According to netizen @ 黄鱼 Veda, the video was taken in a community in Minhang District, Shanghai. When the residents wear masks, they consciously keep a certain distance from the people in front, so that the whole team has a sense of distance with Nordic characteristics. As of now, this video posted by netizen @ 黄鱼 Veda has been played more than 10 million times on the Weibo platform and received nearly 280,000 likes. (Video screenshot) Today, the topic of queuing neck masks to discharge the feeling of Northern Europe is also on the micro。

roleofabridgetocreate水磨 Boresearch ↓ This is a special point in time to fight the epidemic across the country. After seeing this video, many netizens are boasting: high awareness! ↓ There are also netizens who have envied their eyes. ↓ In addition, there are netizens who expose themselves to queuing up in this way. ↓ What do you think of this way of queuing? Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation ) Pneumonia infected with new coronavirus in Wuhan。

themostAccording to the requirements of the prevention and control headquarters, before 12:00 on February 2, each urban area shall complete the centralized admission and treatment of patients diagnosed with pneumonia with new coronavirus infection and the centralized isolation of suspected patients. , The new personnel will be cleared daily. According to the requirements of the prevention and control headquarters, the four categories of personnel are classified into centralized treatment and isolation. Diagnosed patients must implement centralized admission. Severe patients must be sent to designated hospitals for treatment. If mild patients cannot enter the designated hospitals for treatment, other hospitals or hotels must be used as temporary treatment areas for centralized treatment. Suspected patients must be quarantined。

Severe patients must be admitted to the hospital for treatment. If mild patients cannot be admitted for isolation, the hotel must be transformed into a temporary isolation area for centralized isolation. In order to effectively prevent family-associated infections, home isolation is not allowed. The test result was double negative, but patients with clinical symptoms consistent with pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus were still managed as suspected patients. For patients with pneumonia who may not be ruled out by new coronavirus infection, the possibility of fever, refer to the centralized isolation of suspected patients, and isolate them from the suspected patients to prevent cross infection. The close contacts of the diagnosed patients shall be subject to centralized isolation and observation. Because some virus carriers do not get sick but are still infectious,。

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