点,即0Can be used for clinical treatment faster. In addition, on January 31, a paper in the medical journal "New England Journal of Medicine" disclosed the first case of medication for patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United States. Symptoms improved on the 7th day after hospitalization with the use of lendisivir. However, the pharmaceutical company said that the drug was not listed and is cooperating with the Chinese health department. On February 1, researchers were demonstrating the experimental process of developing a new coronavirus mRNA vaccine. Photo by Tang Yanjun-Regarding the vaccine, recently, some media quoted Li Lanjuan, a member of the high-level expert group of the China National Health Commission and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to conclude that the vaccine will be successfully developed for at least three months. Lee。

通过休3Lan Juan then explained that three months is only the initial research and development time, such as the cultivation of vaccine strains, testing and verification, etc., and the new pneumonia vaccine still has a long way to go to the market. In terms of vaccine research, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences is carrying out anti-viral drug screening for new coronavirus infections, establishing animal models, and developing vaccines. Researchers are demonstrating the experimental process of developing a new coronavirus mRNA vaccine. & nbspTang Yanjun photo China National Center for Disease Control and Prevention is also developing vaccines, this is the center ’s first information on the world ’s first new coronavirus strain, which laid the foundation for the development of vaccines。

闲活动获hDomestic and foreign enterprises and institutions have also joined. For example, the Translational Medicine Platform of the Eastern Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University cooperates with Siwei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to promote the development of a new coronavirus mRNA vaccine. The project has been urgently completed and filed. Johnson & Johnson announced that it will use the same technology as the company's laboratory to study Ebola virus vaccines to develop candidate vaccines for new coronaviruses. The National Institutes of Health also stated that the first phase of the National Institutes of Health ’s vaccine clinical trial may begin within three months. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Zhang Jianliyuan。

得他人Title: Ten Days in Fengcheng | Wuhan under the Photography Lens Source: Sanlian Life Weekly Photojournalist | Ladies and gentlemen Cai Xiaochuan, the train has arrived at Wuhan Station, please get off the train in order ... When the radio sounds, the car The atmosphere suddenly rose to its highest point. Everyone's eyes turned to the dark city under the night outside the car window. A trainman flew across the car. There are two people in the front who want to get off here, who else? I looked at her, and before she spoke, she understood: Do you want to go down? Why didn't you say it early? Bring the ID card! This time, the whole car was in an uproar,。

的社会bAll looked at me. Someone is talking about: Someone got off here! This is the night of January 27th, the fifth day after the closure of Wuhan, I was on the G69 train. On the day before Wuhan Station on January 27, 2020, the picture director Song Wen sent a message and asked me: Are you willing to go to Wuhan? I return in seconds: yes. Colleagues from the social department of Sanlian Life Weekly, where I work, rushed to the scene long ago. For me, this year, my parents had seen it, and the graves of my grandparents and grandparents also went to worship, basically it was nothing to worry about. I was originally prepared to do ideological work with my parents, and unexpectedly, they quickly agreed, just saying let me take good precautions。

支持可能是Protect. This is probably related to my being away from home all the year round. They have long been used to it. How to enter the already closed city of Wuhan? Reporter Wang Shan pointed in the direction to buy a train passing Beijing from Beijing to Guangzhou, which would stop in Wuhan. You will get off at that time. Before the phone hung up, Wang Shan told me to bring more masks. She said they only had disposable medical masks on their hands. With the masks and picture director Song Wen my mother gave me, I was given three protective suits, three medical masks, and three goggles. There are a lot of train people, and everyone is wrapped tightly. There are people coughing all around, the atmosphere is very dignified。

增强韩国bThere are also big-hearted families who take off their masks and feed their children to eat oranges. In order to relax, I sent a message to my friend: I went to Wuhan. They don't know what to say, only two words: take care. I dragged my luggage and stood in front of the door and waited for the door to open. After 10 seconds and 15 seconds, the door opened like a gas. A dozen people got off the train visually. The people who got out of the car did not speak, and headed down towards the exit. Others want to get on the bus. Out of the station, a man rushed into the station and was hugged by the staff. He clasped his phone, the screen was lit, and the word Wuhan was displayed on it. On the signage far away from the exit of Wuhan Station。

老年人When G69 arrived in Wuhan, the entire transportation system in Wuhan was shut down. Colleague Pan Hong and journalist Zhang Congzhi helped me contact two vehicles. A volunteer drove me on board and sent me to join another well-meaning citizen. She voluntarily provided her private car for weekly use. When the sister saw me, she first opened the trunk and handed me 2 bottles of alcohol to let me disinfect it in time, which is scarce in Wuhan. She said that the trunk didn't have time to clean up, it was all empty wine bottles, so I ran in. I dragged the tinkling wine bottles towards the reporter. Seeing a reporter is like a family reunion. Before the end of the day, we have to send a family。

The interviewee in the hospital went home, he wouldn't drive, and going out after the trip was a problem. They were talking about the current situation of Wuhan in the car. I drove just across the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. The eight lanes were empty and everyone was sighing. When I arrived at the hotel, the reporter told me that a doctor they interviewed today confirmed a lung infection, and we looked at each other silently. The Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge after the closure of the city is the Wuhan I recorded with the lens. Wuhan University Central South Hospital is located at 169 Donghu Road, Wuchang District and is a tertiary hospital. This is the first hospital I photographed. Before the serious illness number just sent in by the ambulance, I did n’t know myself as a。

bWhat role can a photo photography play? I came to shoot these things to explain, but I think if it is not possible to record them at close distance at this moment, it may also be a kind of indifference. When the busy medical staff arrived here, I put on my mask. There is a rescue room in the clinic, where patients are rescued. The grandfather looked at the rescued wife at the door. I waited for a long time at the door. The patient finally came out, inserted the breathing tube, and was pushed to the ward by the medical staff. I think she is pitiful and lucky. After all, compared with the patients waiting outside the bed, she has at least been treated and there is a silver lining in survival. Disqualified。

The family members of the masks were accompanied by their family members in front of the epidemic. I looked worried, maybe, at this time, family will make people forget the fear of the virus. I shot in the rescue room for a long time, and finally had to go out to take a breath. This environment is too suffocating. The photo can still record an atmosphere that cannot be described by words. The grandfather's big hands, old-school glasses, gray hair, what they are talking about, although we can't hear it, but the kind of anxiety permeates the air, anyone can feel To. In the hospital, the language seems to be useless, and the medical staff and family members are all talking about each other ’s difficulties, and no one can solve it.。