即促进自Spreading its fists to reverse the less favorable development situation in 2019, but the sudden arrival of the epidemic disrupted the established plan. According to several catering business operators, although the entire catering industry is still showing a growth trend in 2019, it is in an economic downturn, which is caused by insufficient passenger flow and rising raw materials. , Life is even more sad. Unlike some catering companies that mentioned the problem of rising costs caused by rents and food backlogs, in Jia Guolong's view, the problems facing Sibe are mainly concentrated in the salary expenses of more than 20,000 employees. Infected。

身内部Due to the impact of the situation, some places postponed the Spring Festival holiday to February 10, but during this period, employees ’salaries still need to be paid as usual in accordance with national requirements. We now have more than 10,000 employees who can only stay in the dormitory, and almost 10,000 employees return home. The family can't come, the dormitory can't be let out, the latter has to manage the food, housing, and safety. When the employees do not start work, the company has no operating income, and when the work is resumed and the unknown number is kept, the salary is full The pressure caused by payment is indeed great. Jia Guolong calculated an account with the Caijing reporter. Xibei has a total of more than 20,000 employees, and the normal monthly salary expenditure is nearly 160 million yuan.。

以及自身与dIn three months, it would be close to 500 million yuan. Although the size of the staff is less than that of Sibe, Du Zhongbing, the founder of Banu Maodu Hotpot, is also deeply touched. He told the Caijing reporter that with the end of the year, the company's cash flow was tight due to the payment of the goods at the end of the year, the payment of employee salaries and the year-end awards. Became a pure expenditure. If there is no cash flow in a month, and only cash flow expenditure, most catering companies are difficult to carry a month. Thinking about the worse situation, at least 6 months of cash reserves are necessary to resist the risk. But for most。

自然和社会For catering companies, it is already very difficult to carry a month. Several WeChat groups in charge of several catering companies where I work have been discussing cash flow issues every day, and some even consider applying for loans through public comment, hungry or other platforms to overcome the difficulties. A person in charge of a catering company said that if the epidemic continues, the cash flow problem will become the last straw overwhelming many catering companies in 2020. Almost at the same time, under this sudden blow, self-employed individuals in the catering industry also faced difficulties in life and death. It is expected to be supported until the beginning of February in the lunar calendar.。

环境之A milk tea shop owner confessed to his buddies that the current epidemic has affected the shop. The boss introduced that the monthly salary of the aunts hired in the store was about 3,000 yuan. If they could not start work until the beginning of February in the lunar calendar, they could only fire some people. And what is the concept of 3000 yuan income for these families? Generally, it is the main source of income for the family, so once these people are dismissed, their family life will be greatly affected. If the epidemic continues to worsen, I am afraid that the milk tea shop can only close its doors. Among the many self-employed individuals recently interviewed by Caijing reporters, they have fallen into the same trap as the milk tea shop owner。

间的和3The environment is not a minority. After the shutdown, it is not uncommon to face closure, and more industries and enterprises are suffering under the influence of the epidemic. A director of a Wenzhou construction company who originally wanted to enjoy the Spring Festival holiday abroad is filled with anxiety and uneasiness at the moment. Affected by the epidemic, if the company can not start construction before the end of the first month, he will face the cost of overdue project defaults and high rents for leased equipment. There are dozens of projects in the construction company where the director is located, each project has dozens or even hundreds of people, and the total scale of workers reaches 10,000. According to its introduction, the company belongs to an industry with a long holiday, and it was usually started on the twelfth lunar month in previous years, but。

There is no expectation this year, and we can only wait for the notice, and all projects are in a state of stagnation. In his view, even if it is possible to resume work, it does not make sense, because the workers simply cannot return to Wenzhou. According to the latest arrangement for the local government to extend the holiday to February 10, even if it goes to work that day, the company has only a few people on duty. In Wenzhou, factories are basically unable to resume work, the impact is very serious. The director said that in a concrete company under his control, Hubei people accounted for 40% of the 150 drivers. These people will definitely not come back, and the site will inevitably be shut down. The loss of the project to this company due to the stop of the project is the delay of the construction period.。

2If it is to pay the overdue payment of Party A, there are still many leased equipments. Even if the construction is not started, there will be rental expenses. The extension of the construction period can also be negotiated with Party A. However, there are contracts for leased equipment, and the equipment borrowers also have costs. It is difficult to negotiate. According to the introduction of the above directors, although they belong to the construction industry, the company's executives are paid vacations. According to preliminary statistics, the rental cost of the company's leased equipment amounts to several hundred thousand yuan a day, and the cost of paid wages is also several million yuan a month. During the holidays, the company's financial accounts were all in a state of stagnation. Although this construction company with an annual revenue of several billion yuan still has a certain amount of。

The amount of money, but the loss caused by the stagnation of the project is also a big blow. Large-scale enterprises are still in great difficulty. Some small and even micro-enterprises may be like piling beans on the tip of a needle-it is more difficult. A person in charge of an e-commerce platform in Dongguan said in an interview with a Caijing reporter that in recent years, with the fierce competition in domestic e-commerce platforms, the policies within the platform have reduced the opportunities for businesses and the advertising costs are too high, which has led to a sharp decline in profit This dilemma is reflected in the 2019 financial statements. According to its disclosure, although the company's full-year sales in 2019 were nearly 120 million yuan, its net profit was only 500。

6Ten thousand yuan. We have stopped production and production for almost a month, and have no revenue, but still have to pay full labor costs, rental costs, etc. Even after the resumption of work, because our electronic products are provided by the supply chain with semi-finished products, the normal delivery of the supplier's end is expected to be until March. So we need to wait until mid-to-late March before we can have enough goods to sell. The above-mentioned person in charge bluntly stated that the enterprise must bear the pressure of capital flow in the short term. For a smooth transition, the goals of January and February must be recovered in March, but this is very difficult to achieve. If this is not possible, the first quarter is doomed to a serious loss. Some SMEs。

The person in charge of the industry admitted to the Caijing reporter in the interview that the current stage is special and definitely hopes to help the country do more things, but the enterprise is actually an innocent group under the epidemic, and withstand the pressure to protect the employees ’economic sources during the epidemic , Who will protect the losses suffered by micro-enterprises in this epidemic? If these pressures and losses are not handled properly, the company is likely to fall and eventually cause employees to lose their jobs. It's been nine deaths now, especially this year. It's really difficult. If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, many SMEs will fall in 2020. A company responsible for rural energy electric vehicle production is responsible。

It was revealed that at the end of last year, the country launched an early warning of air pollution, and enterprises have ceased production for two consecutive months. The expectation is to achieve benefit growth in 2020, but the epidemic has delayed product delivery, customers cancelled orders, and working capital was broken, which can be worse. The impact of the outbreak of financial aid has spread from the blow to the industry to more companies and even individuals. This has also attracted the attention of relevant regulatory authorities. On January 26, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Financial Services of the Banking Insurance Industry to Cope with the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Outbreaks of New Coronavirus Infections."。