们特定Happy calligraphy. We can learn countless knowledge in the book. I like to read Aunt Yang Hongying's "Diary of Laughing Cats". The content of the book is humorous and humorous, which can make me understand the life of cats in happiness. Aunt writes this funny cat funny. I also like award-winning novels, such as "The Wandering Wanderer", "Charlotte's Web", "Blue Dolphin Island", etc. The book is our friend, it needs our love and cherish, students, let us get rid of these bad habits together and greet this beautiful world together. I remember it was a winter evening. My dad took me home from the English tutoring class. The wind blew along the way, and even the sun was hiding behind the thick black clouds to escape the cold. I wrapped。


活动的Wearing a scarf, wearing a mask, wrapped in cotton yi cotton cap, sitting on the back seat of the electric car with only two eyes, just want to get home early and warm. When approaching the Jingguang Road Railway Bureau guest house, my father slowed down the car and said: Zheng Zheng, you see someone lying on the road in front. I was busy looking sideways from the back. Sure enough, an old man was lying on a slow driveway that was not wide, and was struggling to get up. Perhaps because the clothing is too thick, the struggles do not seem to work. After the traffic of bicycles and electric cars slowly bypassed the old man, they all sped away. Even some people's eyes are reluctant to focus on the old man. When we pass by the old man, dad。

强烈依Dad stopped the electric car, and a passerby was saying to his companions: This year, one thing is not as good as the other. He said he rode an electric car and drove away. Dad paused for about two or three seconds, and then left slowly by cycling. I turned my head to look at the old man. Maybe I was struggling. I might have heard the pedestrian's speech just now. Dad took me out about twenty or thirty meters, and stopped the car again and said: Son, shall we help the grandpa? He needs our help! Great! I replied. Dad immediately put the electric car on the side of the road, took me to the old man's side and bent down and asked, "Can I help you, uncle?" The old man immediately reached out, but dad。

恋,并He shrank back. I took out my phone from my arms and fiddled with it a few times and said to me: Son, you come to take a video. Then Dad lifted the old man up and sat on the edge of Huachi on the roadside. The old man told us that he lived on Mazhai Street and went out to buy food. He accidentally fell. Because he was old, he could not get up, and no one dared to help him. Dad called his family on the phone and told the old man where he was and left. When I got home, I was puzzled to ask my father: Why use a mobile phone to record. Do you want to be on TV news? Dad replied with a smile: Isn't it? Helping others is the responsibility of everyone in a modern civilized society, not an obligation. But help others。

从参与The premise is to protect yourself, and letting you record is our self-protection measure. Because at present, many elderly people who have fallen over have done good deeds and have been falsely accused by the elderly. Speaking of the last sentence, Dad's expression became very serious. Although it has been more than two years in the past, I still remember the helpless expression of the old man lying on the road under the winter evening. I always remember what my father told me, ‘help those in need, protect yourself first. The simple and easy work may cause endless trouble. "Far away, don't play on the computer, write brush characters, is it useful to play computer games to write brush characters?" Dad said. I just turned on the computer。

中获得了Playing games, my dad called writing brush words, I really do not want to close. So I whispered: adults can do whatever they want, but we can't. If I can live in a world without adults, how nice! That night, I had a dream, dreaming that I came to a world without adults. When I found out that the adults were gone, I was ecstatic! Turn on the computer and play the dragon fighter that my dad wouldn't let me play. I am happy to play the dragon fighter and can't help cheering: this world is so beautiful! After playing for a while, I heard a grunt in my belly, alas, the damn belly cried out inexplicably, so I went to a bakery to buy bread to eat。

各种好Seeing the chaos in this store, a group of children were eating food gorgingly, and I went up and grabbed one. I was about to stuff it in my mouth. Unexpectedly, it was robbed and eaten by a boy about two years older than me. I was very angry. , Gave him a kick hard, but my reward was his ruthless fist, I turned my head in fright and ran, I ran aimlessly, and I heard shouts everywhere. I ran to another street and saw that many children were hungry for food. Go pick the fruit in the orchard! I do n’t know who yelled, and the children flocked to the orchard, fearing。

After climbing up the tree to pick fruit. I am not behind, climbing to the tree. Who knows I was bullied again. When I climbed halfway, I was kicked by a little beanie. I fell on four feet, and I yelled so much that I ran home crying. After returning home, I went to the balcony and saw that the doors of the large and small shops were squeezed. The older ones bullied other children. It was really annoying, but the adults were gone, no one cares about them, I think now The world is so restless. I do n’t care about him anymore. I went to play at night and went to the kitchen at night. Then I took out the leftovers and ate them a little. Looking at the other two empty seats, I remembered my father.。

9When my mother was there, a warm current flowed into my heart, and I was hungry. After eating leftovers, I looked at Yi clothing again, which was too dirty. I washed my clothes again, and groaned while washing: I do n’t usually work well, and I rarely wash clothes. My parents are here. This must not be my job. After waking up, I quickly got up and looked for my mother. When I saw my mother and father were at home, I was not afraid. I thought to myself: The world without adults is terrible. I will never yearn for a world without adults. One by one is a woman who likes rain. For a long time, I didn't understand it, and even found it ridiculous. This is probably because I hate rainy days. I really hate the rain, the cold and the cold make me tremble. Actually, the full name is Song Yi, this is still。

I only knew it after she left, and I wonder if this is really a pity. If yes, then I think it is more regrettable that she never knew my name from beginning to end. When you think about it, the encounter with Yiyi happened to be due to the rain three years ago. The little rain is faint and weak, but if there is nothing, it is very comfortable. In the drizzle, a noodle restaurant stood up against the wind. In fact, if we say that standing against the wind, it is actually far-fetched, and I can't help but smile now, but I don't know what happened to me at the time. Although the rain was not very heavy, it was an autumn rain after all, and the chill would never be reduced. Speaking in detail, my encounter with Yiyi was really an indescribable place. I met each other because of a bowl of noodles. I couldn't help laughing even when I said it myself. then。